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  1. No,they couldn't win. They're both sort of old. They will be 65 and 62. The only factor that's hard to a gauge is how will Trump wear when he's out of office without a real megaphone? There are some of his supporters who will support no one else but Trump. It is good question though. Who would succeed Trump?
  2. This thread has hit Page no. 400 !!! I wonder if this is a forum record. This will forever be a time capsule on this period preceding the 2020 election! I checked and only 20 pages ago, did we double what I believe was the previous record at least since I've been here, and that is the "Mark Zaid" thread initially started by Jim as a commentary about his suspicions of an overly zealous impeachment prosecution of President Trump, citing Zaid's skepticism about re opening an investigation into I believe the RFK assassination. But Jim later had comments that he had perhaps joined our forces against Trump. So, so much for that. Anyway, Congratulations to all who have posted! As to the fact no award can be can be completely unblemished, Unfortunately, even after 2 months of Wheeler's absence, it was only until recently that Steve Thomas had become the contributor with the most posts. Yes a sizable amount of our content was Wheeler's zombie spamming. But there were a lot of quality posts as well. ****** I don't know what Mitch Mac Connell's plan was to finger Trump for the Capitol Insurrection, and then just back down today. I suppose he just wanted to be the 67th vote. You'd think he'd have some incentive after his losing his post, but I'm sure as always, he's calculated in his cynical transparency, that for this second in time, it is the most prudent thing he can do to regain his role as majority leader in 2022, as there's nothing else in life that matters to him. ******* Now I'm just going to indulge. Yes I'm sure Gary Gaetz is a foremost proponent of the School Lunch Programs. Hyeahh, and Ted Cruz , supposedly this foremost proponent of "free market innovation". Yeah right!
  3. Oh I get it Jim, it's just an invite. Sorry to get political. Of course I understand for you why not go wherever you're invited? But it looks like this guy Jason is sort of a Banon , "dismantle the administrative state type guy". He proposes to "join up with us libertarians to restore a system based on free-markets, private property, voluntary charity, and a limited-government republic. That’s the way to a healthy, peaceful, prosperous, harmonious, and free society". Ok, I'd like to see how he would handle the economic displacement from the current pandemic, or if his answer to that would have been to do less than Trump and aim for herd immunity with probably twice the deaths we now suffer? He seems like he's for healthy world trade so we can hardly call him an anti globalist, which is fine with me but where I think we can all agree is that he is more against US. interventionism, but there a lot more to it than that. I definitely agree with him in that I'm against GW's push to privatize Social Security, particularly given that only 4 years later we were to witness a great stock market crash and the Great Recession, which of course would have been an apocryphal disaster! But his problem with privatizing Social Security is that it was just a piecemeal change to appease Libertarians which seems to indicate he has bigger plans, and what else would that be but to eliminate Social Security altogether? I love how he wraps up in a very cute phrase "the welfare -warfare state", like they're one and the same, or at least they sort of follow each other. Of course anyone who hears can't help but agree. Who likes "welfare and warfare"? Just letting you know! ****** Interesting story Greg!
  4. Wow. it appears if this doesn't convict Trump, then we have to accept nothing will. Trump in the last weekend tried to oust the acting AG Rosen, to install this Jeffrey Clarke to invalidate the Georgia election results but all the heads of DOJ would have resigned so Trump backed off. So there was some cause for the Trump fanatics to believe the inauguration day "storm". That Trump would have taken control, invoke martial law and hold on to power. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/politics/trump-doj-attorney-plan-replace-acting-ag-false-election-claims/index.html
  5. I noticed Fox News lead their broadcast yesterday with antifa rather than the changeover of power, emphasizing how the left can't control itself, even though just 2 weeks ago, the Trumpies overthrew the Capitol. At this juncture it's so counterproductive. Most people just need a rest and to reflect.
  6. Unfortunately It's a hard time for Q anon supporters, who believed that Trump would use the military yesterday at the last minute and initiate the "storm". They could swear Trump was dog whistling them to that effect. It could have been so awesome! Now the hard core Neo Fascist, White Supremacy groups are swooping in online to convert the Q Anons. https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2021-01-20/inauguration-sows-doubt-among-qanon-conspiracy-theorists
  7. Arnold getting covid vaccine. Follow me, if you want to live!
  8. .Doug, I was going to ask you in your "Profiles on Spartacus Thread", you talk of the Tom Huston and his Huston Plan which Nixon at least partially implemented, which sounded rather ominous,"The Huston Plan gave new domestic and international powers to the intelligence community, including break-ins, domestic surveillance, and surreptitious entries. It remains classified "Top Secret' I was going to ask you at the time if you knew which parts were implemented. So Huston is the originator of a plan that greatly increased surveillance on both foreign subjects and our own citizens. Yet now here he sounds like the ultimate Libertarian , actually threatening to leave Facebook and Twitter though he admittedly doesn't use them much because I assume he's upset at the action they've taken against Trump and Parler and this "Jihad against Conservatives "to go to of all places Putin's Russia. You see the contradiction. Can you straighten me out on where this guys at?
  9. Right on Cliff, It's not over yet. Now we have to deal with Jim's wacko conspiracy theories! Sounds like a Harris Navalny- Putin nightmare!! heh heh heh heh heh
  10. Really Andrew, If Trump just issued a pardon and Biden just accepted Trump's pardon, and just pulled out and conceded now. Maybe we could just go on with our lives!! I still believe it's possible! But the way it is now. No way can I accept this!
  11. This is a pretty good article about how an Obama supporter turned Trumpie and died of a heart attack at the Capitol Riots. https://www.propublica.org/article/the-radicalization-of-kevin-greeson
  12. Mac Connell's talking tougher. The real issue with him is how much power does he have to preserve the future Republican brand by purging Trump? In the house he'd have little sway because they're 2/3 Trump in favor of the recount.. But in the Senate only 14%of the Republicans favored the recount.
  13. Yeah, didn't you hear Dave? the mods killed him. Paradoxically, both him and Spector will always be geniuses, in their own mind!
  14. Right on Dave!, actually I hate any thread with Wheeler's name on it, though I take it that was a sincere post election reconciliation gesture to Wheeler, by Cliff that events have shown was never truly accepted by Wheeler. Jeff's fine but what is he going to give us, Canadian Mountie Punk? We know he wasn't well. We've heard the stories for years. That's why they put him away. The first one with Specter's "Wall of Sound" the Crystals "Uptown". where they successfully rhyme "tenement" with "pay much rent". Still the great string arrangements with a little piccicado! I love these women! And this is a less produced version. and a bit flawed. I just wish I could combine the first version with this old film of Harlem.
  15. You are starting to hear about these Trump cult stories from family members and neighbors. It's not exactly the same,as this guy has been a right winger before Trump. Paul Gosar, Congressman from Arizona is being investigated as an inside man in the Capitol riots, along with Andy Biggs and Mo Brooks. Their connection is to Ali Alexander who claims to be the first one to conceive of the Jan. 6th, "Stop the Steal" Capitol Protests. Some interesting background about Gosar. His re election was opposed in campaign ads from 6 of his siblings! , who in this ad highlighted in this piece, all look like pretty cool people! Now his siblings are accusing their brother of Treason, they say he has "blood on his hands" and are lobbying Congress for an investigation. Here his brother makes the case for the investigation. He also says in the past, his brother Paul was a white supremecist, an Obama birther, and accuses George Soros of being a N-z- sympathizer. Same old stuff.
  16. It's turned out just as I said, total protective overkill! Washington is an armed camp with 25,000 troops, more than they ever had in Baghdad!, some sleeping on the Capitol floor! These Trumpies are certainly crazy, but anybody would have to be Jonestown , suicidal crazy to take on Washington this weekend, or even the day of Biden's inauguration. It could easily be a total non event. But that doesn't preclude separate acts of terrorism. If they were really cunning they might be refocusing on State Capitols. I notice Newsome here in California has called out 1000 National Guardsman. *** Despite our Q Anon Shaman Bullhorns guy's afadavit, the DOJ has come out and said that there is no direct evidence of kill/capture teams in the Capitol riot so far. https://www.npr.org/sections/insurrection-at-the-capitol/2021/01/15/957201436/u-s-says-rioters-at-capitol-aimed-to-capture-and-assassinate-elected-officials But then, there is another Newsweek article about an FBI witness who say the Proud Boys intended to kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. Apparently there's a conflict in public statements between the FBI and DOJ. https://www.newsweek.com/proud-boys-intended-kill-mike-pence-nancy-pelosi-fbi-witness-says-1562062 Fox News is bashing AOC for alluding to a threatening incident she can't disclose when she was in sequestration. I don't think they are going to be able to prove Trump had a direct hand in anything outside of inciting a riot on the Capitol, (which you'd think would be enough, right?) So the way it will stand, unless Mac Connell has the influence to persuade other Senators under the banner to continue the present Republican Party. There's certainly not enough time to do a proper investigation that would prove complicity and conceivably turn 17 Republican Senators to convict, strip Trump of privileges and ensure he'll never run again, investigate the inside influences, politicians, police influences throughout the country, and find whoever else is complicit. I don't know exactly how it works, Maybe the House could withhold the articles, focus on the Covid relief, let the DOJ and this Pelosi appointment Honore do their ongoing investigation, and give their results to Congress. And they can act then. Don't want to impeach a third time, out of office! JMO
  17. Wapo said; They've now determined by piecing together the timeline that Pence came within one minute of being killed, and even less time if the group that swore to kill him recognized him down a hall! This because these uninformed morons actually believed Pence had the power to throw the election to Trump because Trump told them so! https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/15/dc-capitol-rioters-nearly-reached-vice-president-mike-pence.html
  18. Yet another insurrectionist who lives with his mother. And took this picture with Rudy Giuliani.
  19. Agreed Dave, Queen mattress sized flags are where it's at! They tried a bunch of wimpy little flags and what happened? They lost the election!
  20. Democrat: GOP colleagues say they're 'afraid for their lives' if they vote to impeach Trump Since Trumpies have insiders that can give away the phone numbers and the addresses of their Congressman. And it's easy to leave a threatening phone call, and get away with it. Why in the world wouldn't they ? These Republicans have confessed they've been threatened, for their lives. I understand but some of these pricks are the ones most likely to ask soldiers to go in harms way. At a certain point, people have to show courage in their lives. To vote in any other reason but their conscience is BS! They're elected to lead us! But this brings up something interesting. I found out something I didn't know. A vote to convict in the Senate needs 2/3 vote of those that are present! Meaning if 20 Republicans didn't show up, for whatever reason, a 2/3rds majority would require only 54 votes!, which the pro impeachment forces already have! If 10 Republican Senators didn't show up, the 2/3 majority would require 60 votes. Given Mac Connell seems ready if the wind is blowing in his direction, getting 5 more Republicans is not beyond the realm of possibility at all! https://thehill.com/homenews/house/534034-democrat-gop-colleagues-say-theyre-afraid-for-their-lives-if-they-vote-to
  21. The Washington Post reports "Stop the Steal" Ali Alexander, a right-wing activist that has repeated President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of widespread election fraud, said in a since-deleted video on Periscope that Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama, and Paul A. Gosar of Arizona helped organize the Jan. 6 event during Congress’ vote to certify the Electoral College votes in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. "We four schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting,” Alexander said, adding that they planned to “change the hearts and the minds of Republicans who were in that body, hearing our loud roar from outside.” https://www.syracuse.com/us-news/2021/01/ali-alexander-says-3-gop-lawmakers-helped-stop-the-steal-protest-that-turned-into-capitol-riot.html
  22. Mitch Mac Connell has said he thinks Trump has committed impeachable crimes and welcomes impeachment to purge the party of Trump! But hasn't said whether he's going to vote to convict in the Senate. Likely he's going to release Republican Senators to vote their conscience, but of course do they have any? But he could know something more damaging and be trying to get out in front of it! Meanwhile 3rd ranking Republican Liz Cheney says she's voting to impeach. The equation has become, do they really need Trump anymore? For any of their separate aspirations to become President,.has Trump become a liability, more than a help? It's true they could just wed themselves to Trump again in 2024, and hope to pick up Trump's base. But do they really want to take that chance...again? https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/12/politics/mcconnell-impeachment-trump-capitol-riot/index.html Sheldon Adelson, the biggest Republican funder over years, and a huge Trump supporter has died at 87.
  23. How about some Darwin Awards. This first one's a bit of reading but says it well. For the anti vaxxer- Faucci did it conspiracy people. Seeing their everyday selves....... I see why they did it!
  24. The cries of "Hang Pence"was a direct response to a Trump tweet (below)as they breached the Capitol. Trump took the action to put Pence's life in danger and yet Pence can't bring himself to denounce Trump? Pelosi phones Pence to ask him about invoking the 25th amendment, and he puts her on hold for 20 minutes, and never ends up answering! Just a frozen little coward! And Trump has been punishing Pence, giving him the cold shoulder and not speaking to him until today. Oh! poor Mikey! Just as Ted Cruz eventually ended up kissing Trump's ass after he insulted his wife. I would have thought that would be enough for Texan voters to think "Dem's fighting words" but apparently not. They ended up re electing him. Trump tweet; "Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!" President Trump wrote at 2:24 p.m., as the pro-Trump mob was breaching the building. Trump tweeted angrily about Mike Pence while the vice president was being attacked at the Capitol Building, and then gave him the silent treatment for several days https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-refused-to-talk-to-pence-after-siege-said-he-had-no-courage-2021-1
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