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  1. I tried to find the stand alone film of the Capitol riots that the Democrats presented today. But I couldn't find one. If this isn't cued. Advance it to 1:49:24, and the film sequence begins,
  2. Can there be any doubt that Lou Dobbs, is-was the most shameless kiss ass in the history of North Korea?!
  3. Whoa! How about these 2 guys defending Trump in the second impeachment.: first this guy Bruce Castor:" He is most famous for his unapologetic defense of his decision in 2005 not to prosecute Bill Cosby after a Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her." Which was eventually prosecuted and produced a conviction. Then on the other hand, this David Schoen an Alabama-based civil rights and criminal defense lawyer, and "among his many cases, he played a significant role in a class-action lawsuit that challenged Alabama’s foster care system and led to improvements, and he represented the Ku Klux Klan in successfully challenging a law that forbade them from marching while wearing hoods and without paying a fee." "Nine days before Mr. Epstein’s death, Mr. Schoen had met with him for hours to discuss taking over his case. Based on Mr. Epstein’s demeanor and excitement about new legal strategies, and citing the nature of his injuries, Mr. Schoen said he did not think he had killed himself." https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/08/us/politics/david-schoen-bruce-castor-trump.html?campaign_id=140&emc=edit_ib_20210208&instance_id=26896&nl=impeachment-briefing&regi_id=61798350&segment_id=51250&te=1&user_id=48552702f942aacb0810b9de5ca41c55
  4. Wow, if you're right, that's pretty good Ty.! I immediately thought Hoover and Elway. I think all of us have a local treasure trove of great local sports calls by our favorite local announcers. One such announcer in the SF Bay Area was Lon Simmons who, announced both the Giants and 49ers when I was growing and into middle age. unfortunately it seems like they resynced this call a second behind. But you get the picture of the urgency and surprise with a Steve Young run.
  5. Well I got my first jab today. It was pretty quick. I drove in, was given a questionnaire I filled out in 2 minutes. Went into a high school gym , submitted my questionnaire and got my shot in 5 minutes! Just about everyone there, from the people stopping you in your car to get in the parking lot, to the registrants, to the people giving you the jabs were women! They were like angels! After, they have you wait 15 minutes in the gym to see if you have any adverse reactions. There were about 40 people waiting in folding chairs like me that told me they were probably serving about 40 people every 15 minutes. I don't get a flu shot every year. But I did this year because they recommended it with covid. And there was less muscle soreness with this (the moderna vaccine) than there was with my flu shot, which was almost none. I went out and took a half hour hike afterwards. When I was waiting to leave another very intelligent nice lady was also waiting in a spaced chair socially distanced from me. We started talking and the subject came around to covid, the vaccine and then Robert Kennedy Jrs. covid position and she told me the Kennedy family broke with RFK Jr. in a op piece where they praised him for all the good work he's done on the environment but criticize his position on vaccines. I looked it up and found it. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/05/08/robert-kennedy-jr-measles-vaccines-226798
  6. Kirk said:But there were a number of coals on the fire and RFK did politically have to deal with own ambitions as well, so it being exposed before RFK's death is somewhat understandable, Again, Chris you don't read very carefully. But OK, So you believe the excuse given that RFK's silence was about the Civil Rights movement? That sounds like a family excuse, a sort of a political BS, "walk and chew gum" rationalization. RFK lived another 4 years after the passing of the Civil Rlghts Act and that and the Warren Commission Report were done by Sept. 64. If RFK had any doubts about the findings, he never made a public statement and the public never knew. I think it's more likely, what I said,several things on the fire and subsequent ambitions. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. So you think the family's silence for 50 years was justified? I think it's the single biggest opportunity that was flubbed for keeping the JFKA in the public's mind.
  7. Excellent article given us by Doug and has said many things I didn't know about Cavanaugh. I had forgotten Cavanaugh was instrumental in the Ken Starr line of interrogation Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But Cavanaugh himself interned under a judge Alex Kosinski who himself had his own website, with a personal stash of pornographic images charitably described as “unusual.” That story would not break for two more years, but, given dirty-minded Kozinski’s penchant for showing the contents of said porn stash to his female clerks and his externs, Just like Clarence Thomas! Cavanaugh was not on Trump's list he first submitted for SC justice to fill Anthony Kennedy's vacating spot. But Trump and Anthony Kennedy were good friends, and Kennedy's son Justin headed the real estate division of the scumball Deutsche Bank and Trump was an important client, at a time when no one else would lend to Trump! Justin was also a guy guy Trump had known socially for years, they even were with each other at the U.S. Open! So it's quite possible, Kennedy himself later told Trump he wanted Cavanaugh to succeed him. Cavanugh was also involved with the stonewalling of Merrick Garland’s nomination in 2016. He's just a total political party animal!, and the Federalist Society heavily recommended him. People don't know but "The Federalist Society has mainstreamed ideas that were once considered intellectual outliers: that most of the New Deal and administrative state are unconstitutional, that corporations have free speech and free religion rights, that women and LGBT people are not “protected classes” under constitutional law, and that there is no right to privacy implied by the due process clause of the Constitution (i.e., banning abortion, contraception, and gay marriage are entirely constitutional). Two decades ago, hardly anyone in the legal academy took these ideas seriously. Now, they are litmus tests for conservative judges." IMO, This is a very good part 1 in 5! The Federalist Society has mainstreamed ideas that were once considered intellectual outliers: that most of the New Deal and administrative state are unconstitutional, that corporations have free speech and free religion rights, that women and LGBT people are not “protected classes” under constitutional law, and that there is no right to privacy implied by the due process clause of the Constitution (i.e., banning abortion, contraception, and gay marriage are entirely constitutional). Two decades ago, hardly anyone in the legal academy took these ideas seriously. Now, they are litmus tests for conservative judges.
  8. The country was in shock looking for answers Vince. They would have gone wherever AG Bobby would have taken them. RFK Jr.s interpretation that raising their voices and questioning the findings of the WC was a distraction from the Civil Rights movement hardly seems adequate. But there were a number of coals on the fire and RFK did politically have to deal with own ambitions as well, so it being exposed before RFK's death is somewhat understandable, but the silence of the Kennedy family for generations (and Teddy ) given what we're now presented, was a serious abdication of public duty. They were the powerful voices that particularly the first generations of those raising questions of the Warren Report were counting on. Now a clip with quotes, 50 years later, is way to little, way too late.
  9. That's pretty insightful Richard. I've thought of that, everything becomes like National All Star Wrestling from our childhood. They really want to believe it, but deep inside they know it's fake. Richard said: Unfortunately I think many in the Trump world look at him and see someone expressing their deeply felt loss of hope and position and see what they think is a successful man who feels like they do. That, to me is why the follow him like little sheep. and similarly, the sad thing is, too many of his followers, it doesn't matter if he's a total fraud. He's 'smart' enough to live like a billionaire even if he doesn't have a cent to his name. Many would all imitate him and let the rest of the world burn if they could. ****** Ron, I think you better be careful about flipping off those Trumpie trucksters. It's not exactly the same, but you don't want to have happen to you what happened in real life to Jan Berry! You should of heard the whine from my screamin' machine, dude!
  10. Navalny's statement to Putin after sentencing: The reason why it all happened is one man’s hatred and fear — one man hiding in a bunker. I mortally offended him by surviving an attempt at my life he ordered. … I mortally offended him by surviving, thanks to good people, thanks to pilots and doctors. And then I committed an even more serious offense: I didn’t go into hiding, didn’t start living under protection in a smaller bunker I could afford. Then something truly terrifying happened … I participated in the investigation of my own poisoning, and we showed and proved, that it was Putin who, using Russia’s Federal Security Service, exercised this attempted murder. … And that’s driving this thieving little man in his bunker out of his mind. The fact that it all came to light. There’s no popularity ratings. No massive support. There’s none of that. Because it turns out that dealing with a political opponent who has no access to television and no political party merely requires trying to kill him with a chemical weapon. So, of course, he’s losing his mind over this. Because everyone was convinced that he’s just a petty bureaucrat who was accidentally appointed to his position. He’s never participated in any debates or campaigned in an election. Murder is the only way he knows how to fight. … He’ll go down in history as nothing but a poisoner. We all remember Alexander the Liberator [Alexander II] and Yaroslav the Wise [Yaroslav I]. Well, now we’ll have Vladimir the Poisoner of Underpants — that’s how he will go down in history. … I’m standing here, guarded by the police, and the National Guard is out there with half of Moscow cordoned off. All this because that small man in a bunker is losing his mind. He’s losing his mind because we proved and demonstrated that he isn’t buried in geopolitics; he’s busy holding meetings where he decides how to steal opponents’ underpants and smear them with chemical weapons. ***** Dramatic stuff, the entire text is here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/03/opinion/navalny-putin-speech.html
  11. Biden pulls U.S. out of the civil war in Yemen https://www.huffpost.com/entry/joe-biden-pulls-support-yemen-war_n_601c253ac5b6179453d6d14f
  12. I was waiting to hear something other than stories about how painfully slow the covid vaccine rollout is in California, then an hour ago, I got notified online, filled out the application and I'm getting my first jab this weekend!
  13. Yow! it looks like the Dems are playing hardball and asking Trump to testify on Monday, a day before the impeachment trial starts! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-impeachment/house-impeachment-managers-ask-trump-to-testify-under-oath-next-week-idUSKBN2A42J0
  14. Even Newsmax has had their fill of the "My Pillow" guy. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/pillow-guy-mike-lindell-newsmax-interview_n_6019d41ec5b684e5709dd2fa?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAJDWYzXegvsneEuAyKh-E5F9hno4rnyakUr-Ur9EI3yAOb738SodkSQ2UQjaMg0jYsCTyVCGlB075M7VcJ2DVUqGHqCGP03izRyOMm_AjOX6jUahxLNPvQrc_LdvP7UwTHzzh5p7rYJ2pcpclo-IMQ8B2Q7kKHHQIkp-ArbGX4sm
  15. I'm now seeing the struggles that the Dem congress people had to go through during the Capital Riots. Some at first weren't directed anywhere. AOC was hiding in Congressman Katie Porters bathroom,and she gave AOC tennis shoes in case she would have to run. In any Impeachment trial worth it's a salt, they have to reconstruct what happened , get intelligence people's testimony to verify the timelines, show every relevant bit of film evidence. If that one Capitol Cop redirected the mob,they have to show how close Mike Pence was to being seen or apprehended. Then you bring Pence to the witness stand, verify through Mike Pence;s testimony that he has built his political career as a man who professes love of his family, God, and Mother Country. Then you verify that his family was with him. Ask him if he heard the mob, Were you frightened for the welfare of your family? If he downplays it, show film of the mob chanting to hang Pence., Don;t spare any drama and make Pence search his soul, on National TV. What did you feel like when you and your family could hear the angry mob down the hall? Did you fear for your family? You bring Congress women to testify as to their fears. Unfortunately I wonder If AOC's just too divisive a figure to the right, but unfortunately through Fox, even the center. But there are other women including Republican women. This isn't even to mention the Trump meeting on Jan.5th. To really investigate that right, and to effectively use the testimony of the victims which were the the members of Congress themselves, (now that's real life drama!) as well as the various police forces. You just need more time. The Democrats should hold on. They shouldn't spill all their beans in a hastily constructed trial. I think they gather evidence, lay low, get their witnesses ready and orchestrate it to maximum effect. Wow! I've only seen snippets of this. AOC tonight accounting her experience during the Capitol Riots.
  16. Jim Di said" IMO, the American republic ended in November of 1963! Oh , I see, Hence your new twitter handle: Jimmy die 1963!! Very, Very clever Jim!! Very good marketing! So 50's white America was great for very young Jim. Just to give you a radically different viewpoint, Jim. I personally don't think America became real at all until after the JFKA. We agree that the real enemy at that time was the MIC. It seemed like when I first got here, I was amazed that was actually still the prevalent idea, perpetuated by Jim's rhetoric of "bureaucratic memory" . But the regime had long since changed for the last 40 years. It's become a world multi national corporate regime. ***. This is what I mean when I say Jim never provides any balance. So the conversations strays to who is the worst President. All the points made, IMO are good. Matt says: "Trump killed more Americans than any war has, and then tried to end the Republic. It is laughable to think any other President has been worse than that.' So W, writes a balanced piece to Matt, acknowledging the horrendous loss of human life under Nixon , LBJ, and GW. But saying "I believe that Trump is the most habitually dishonest, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, and administratively inept POTUS in history". which I completely agree with. Jim counters by not once mentioning Trump, and only supporting W's arguments and regurgitating his own arguments as to the great loss of life in SE Asia, and pays a little paltry token to Matt, who made the prescient point of all that if Trump is allowed to incite a Civil War, WE DON"T HAVE SH-T, and the entire world suffers! Of course that would matter little to Jim. Jim's been orphaned by the Republic since 1963! heh
  17. Ron , I see the articles just talking about the Lincoln Project piece on Kevin Mc Carthy, but doesn't have the link. Here's the link.
  18. Well Benjamin,that was a total rehash,complete with "won't settle worst President ever", Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley", and "good riddance". And actually we did get the book recommendation, only yesterday. Are you sure we can't interest you one last time in "identity politics?"
  19. Good Post W! I agree S.T., you do need time to consider how good a President was, and the historians generally agree with you. This topic has been discussed here and even though I'm not as well versed in it to look into their methodology, I find it interesting. When I was in High School the 2 Presidential failures were Grant and Harding and Buchanan was in the the near failing category. At the time Truman was the more recent President rising in esteem, and James Polk was historic Dark horse who made good and was in the near great category with Andrew Jackson. The consensus among historians at the time was that expansion and annexation was part of the U.S. "manifest destiny" and they pretty much didn't care how many of the native peoples or black slaves they had to squash or subjugate to achieve it. That's no longer much in vogue now. S.T. I am curious as to what you think will bolster the consensus about Trump in the future? I think Trump's most significant contribution will be that he was the first President to recognize the China economic threat, which will only get greater and if you have kids, does threaten future generations IMO. It's hard for me to imagine anything else. If we are eventually able to have Universal Health Care in some form. Obama's Presidency will be hailed as the President who got the ball rolling, as well as successfully guiding us out of the Great Recession. I'm not that keen about that, because that could be all out the window, if another economic disaster of that magnitude happens this decade. But if not, I think the prevailing attitude would be "All's well that ends well", which seems to be the Historian recurring theme.
  20. I like your stream of lines, Benjamin and I'm largely in agreement, but that could be deceiving.. Benjamin:Trump's follies just do not match the horrors of LBJ-Nixon, or even Bush Jr. So if Trump continues polarizing the nation in public office exile, and it foments a U.S. Civil War, would that be enough to get him out of the "small potatoes" category? Or would you argue that that was going to happen anyway? That same argument could probably be made for LBJ and Nixon as you could argue they were just part of a grand bureaucratic locomotive that was inevitably heading toward a SE Asia War, and they had little choice about it, because JFK wasn't going for it and look what happened to him? So the unnecessary loss of life and destruction is a chief criterion in determining a poor, in this case Presidency? I'd agree it's important. We have such a existential clash going on right now between people who have determined that saving as many lives as possible is desirable in a pandemic, by strongly scaling down an economy, even given the obvious trade offs of unemployment, stagnant lives and all the accompanying exacerbated problems, and then on the other side, those who say that the major priority is economic well being for a greater number of people at some considerable expense of lives. Benjamin said: What is happening to Americans today is a corporatist-elite agenda, an undeclared economic assault on the nation's middle class, whatever your race or sex. Smedley Butler's take on foreign policy only needs updating, not revision. OK, I'd agree. Benjamin said: Cliff said:Because he was a sociopathic wanna-be dictator whose narcissism was only matched by his incompetence. I agree with Cliff here, there is no mystery why the financials elites wanted him out, and it's for the reasons Cliff said. I think a big myth about Trump that sustains to this day was that Trump was an anti elitist. Yes he wouldn't be asked for dinner by the Rothschilds, but that ultimately means nothing. Though it's never a monolithic consensus, and some had their doubts, many of which were largely to come true, the U.S. and international markets loved Trump! They loved the lower taxes and his regulatory regime. They loved his anti government stance, and how he fueled it with anti government "deep state" conspiracies, and pulled in the very people they have been plotting successfully the last 40 years to dispossess. Because they really want to shut down the "administrative state' , make the government much smaller and run largely by private interests. In a time where confidence in government and institutions is at an all time low, Trump made the government even more ineffectual. To his followers , he's dismantling the "Deep State", but in reality he's purged the government of many very able career civil servants. Trump exposed a certain myth about the government deep state. Most of that is sort of steeped in the JFK era, when the U.S.controlled half the world's resources after World War ll and Government was expanding beyond itself with greater and greater budgets and it attracted very capable people who competed with each other and were able to amass a great deal of power. Things are much more bureaucratic now. Government jobs aren't near as desirable. There will always be skepticism about the DOD, the intelligence agencies, the DOJ, Homeland Security and government overreach into citizen's lives. But dismantling the SEC, regulatory agencies, the EPA, the Department of the interior,Labor, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Transportation and Veterans Affairs that Trump has done was really like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. and the overall effects of that could last a long time. Any thoughts, anyone? P.S. Oh S.T., you know what they say about U.S. J.B. presidents always preceding a Civil War, right?
  21. Unfortunately, it looks like the Democrats are just going to rush through this thing and fail for a second time, when new evidence could be coming in after it's finished. If there's an eventual goal of prohibiting Trump from running again, I don't know what the hurry is. They've got a few years, but realistically it should be done this year. They could just postpone the start, lie low, continue with their legislative agenda, and let the DOJ investigation take it's course, and then proceed, and continue to let Vance and the New York courts and whatever other state courts prosecute Trump.
  22. Of course a link to her article wouldn't hurt Jim. Jim says, Neither do I think he is the worst president in history. Anyone who thinks that does not realize how bad some of the American presidents really were. That's funny Cliff, I remember back in 2018, I speculated that Trump could be the most corrupt President in U.S. History, and Jim scoffed at that with his characteristic high school snippiness, and said something to the effect. "I shouldn't even spend time talking to you, I mean with Nixon and Murray Chotiner?", Trump's scale of international corruption makes Nixon look like a choir boy, Carl Bernstein even said it. I'd be curious, having some more direct exposure, what Doug thinks of that comparison. Yes Caitlain Johnston, the self described "utopian prepper" that Jim has posted at least 4 or 5 links of articles over the years from Consortium News. That Jim is awakening from his false illusions about Caitlan Johnston, is probably a good thing. She like Jim, would disavow being a Trumpie, yet could never bring herself to really expose Trump, but sort of passed him off as sort of a minor annoyance. That her sense of denial is like any other Trump Republican should hardly be a surprise. Though there were parts of every article I could agree with,often I could see she was operating under a major fallacy.. It was those links and several others I found on the site that convinced me that although CN had been quite good over a number of years, that since Robert Parry's passing, that almost anyone could put an article in Consortium News now.
  23. That is funny W! If Trump did steal vaccine to sell to the Russians, At first I think there would be a hush then this same group of Republicans Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mc Carthy, Rubio,Lindsey Graham,MC Connell would say Trump's behavior was awful. Then they'd wait a few days until the shock wore down , and then say, "On came on, now, this hardly rises to the level of impeachment, besides he's out of office!" Just like they did with the Capitol riots. Chris, I assumed as it turned out by Dave's response, correctly that Dave thought Rand Paul was younger than he thought. I'm not sure I agree with you about 70 being a good age, I think it's getting up there. 60's is ok, but IMO those guys have lost their marbles. In the U.S.,they often "balance the ticket". an example would be Biden picking Harris, who is Black. Asian and 22 years younger. Pence/Paul would be totally white corn belt. That could probably pull in Texas, but they'd have to do more to get Florida, and they need both of them.
  24. Hey, do you think if we found out that all this missing covid vaccine was actually stolen by Trump and sold to the Russians through the black market. Do you think there would be any greater chance of the Republicans convicting Trump? I wouldn't bet on it!
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