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  1. Agreed W. Ken Starr has always been one of these slimeballs who has used religion and a credo of the dominancy of the male, to defend sexist, misogynist policies. As to Cavanaugh, I looked and there is only one justice in U.S. Supreme Court history who has been impeached and that was in 1804! It's that sort of reluctance to admit that our much ballyhooed Democratic form of government is capable of making mistakes that virtually assures Cavanaugh will never have to worry about being impeached and Trump won't end up doing any prison time, even though many countries have had former heads of states successfully prosecuted for high crimes. https://www.salon.com/2021/07/21/ken-starr-a-pedophiles-best-friend_partner/
  2. I told you '' admittedly' the source is just Wikipedia. I don't make any claims that I'm sufficiently moved to really research this guy. But of course neither have you, W.. All you're doing is copy and pasting the forward. Ok we have some of his resume. I'm not sure wikipedia makes make up phony articles whole cloth, you can usually see the areas where critics skew interpretations and of course there's always quoting out of context, but what he has published and his party affiliations are a matter of public record. He undoubtedly had a Kopp Verlag blog. If you're really serious about researching this.W. 1)Find out if he wrote that "Barack Obama ordered the burning of bibles and any other things he said about Obama and let's make a judgment. 2.Ulfkotte was involved in the far right Pro Germany Citizens' Movement. obviously that sounds ominous by itself! But are they really far right? They do say one of their battle cries was against the "creeping Islamisation" of Germany". Get some idea of the stands they took on relevant political issues of the day. You've heavily endorsed this guy, give me some context on the world and the political climate he lived in. 3. They say the party aligned with a far right Belgian party, It worked with them to organise an anti-Islamic 9/11 anniversary march in Brussels Wow W.! I think you'd have something to say about that! Aren't you a 9/11 truther and don't believe Islamists were involved in that at all?? I know you'd probably like to counsel Ufkotte about his misplaced hostility, but of course he's dead. Anyway check into that. At the least, they associate him with newspapers and political parties that are definitely very German right wing. Which as I said, always has sort of an ominous connotation to me. Check into the Obama allegations, his party associations, the anti islamic 9/11 anniversary march and whatever relevant stuff you can pick up, or of course, choose not to. Good Luck!
  3. Hmm...So Ron, do you read a lot of right wing German literature? Here's what I'm reading about Ufkotte. Ok, Admittedly it's from Wikipedia. It sound like he's German neo N-z-.! It sounds like at the very least, he's got a weird axe to grind! Did you research this guy at all W?. claiming on his Kopp Verlag blog that Barack Obama ordered the burning of bibles,[10]that African sportsmen would "slaughter whites" if allowed into Germany,[11] or that Muslims were waging "fecal jihad" against Europe.[12] Ulfkotte was involved in the far right Pro Germany Citizens' Movement.[13] In June 2007, he signed the anti-Islam organisation Bundesverband der Bürgerbewegungen (BDB)'s "Wertheimer Appell" against the "creeping Islamisation" of Germany.[13] The BDB merged with Ulfkotte's Pax Europa[14] organisation to form Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, but Ulfkotte left this in 2008 after an internal dispute.[13] Pax Europa was affiliated to the anti-Muslim Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) alliance and approached the far-right Belgian party Vlaams Belang (VB) for their assistance.[15] It worked with them to organise an anti-Islamic 9/11 anniversary march in Brussels in 2007, but mayor Freddy Thielemans refused to license it and it was eventually cancelled, leading to a split between Ulfkotte and SIOE.[15]n
  4. First off W., to be clear I just asked for evidence. You didn't read W. I didn't duck that at all, In fact, I gave you credit as being the only person who came up with any hard evidence at all. And you mentioned your surprise that there is no other evidence.. And I explained how I look at it. Kirk "The only person who came up with any real evidence was W. and that was 5 years ago in Germany. Not even on our soil. But at least it's some evidence, an article. I think it could be true. But to be clear, I don't blindly accept everything I read. You can put as much faith in that as you want. " I don' blindly accept everything I read. Anybody can write an article or a book, W. that doesn't automatically confer legitimacy. I even remember when you first came out with this, maybe a year ago and I read it.. You can call this a major story. If you want to do more research or read a book about it, if there is one, go ahead. As I say you can put as much faith in this story as you want. But don't ask everybody to accept it as some religious tenet. You ultimately choose to put as much faith in whatever story you choose. Ultimately, Why is your heartfelt backing of this story any more valid than Dennis's heartfelt backing of the anti vax doctor in Lytton B.C.? *** P.S. W. wrote That's sort of like ignoring William Colby's Church Committee testimony and Carl Bernstein's Rolling Stone article while discussing Operation Mockingbird. W. That was 50 years ago. Nobody's disputing that the CIA was actively involved in covering up the JFKA for 30 years after the assassination! ********* In studying the JFKA. I've seen a lot of holes in research.There are a number of witnesses over the years that have come to be accepted as credible. Authors can boast about the number footnotes in a book. and of course, footnotes are good, but of course, you are just handing down one account from someone to someone else. But along this long chain of hand me downs in a 55 year old story, there are other matters, for example, you're really just accepting one researchers claim that a certain witness is credible in an interview they may have made 40 years ago.. That researcher may be believing or discrediting witnesses because they don't fit into their grand thesis. Sometimes I just wonder who was this person being interviewed, and would I see this person as credible, if i interviewed him? I think there could be a lot of such characters. Now because of Newman's work. All the Antonio Veciana claims could be B.S. There were a lot of authors using his alleged claims for many years! Possibly I don't need to believe and I just have a higher standard of proof.
  5. Fox News is starting to fold on their anti vax message, probably in fear of lawsuits! Sean Hannity after 8 months is finally pleading with his viewers to get the vaccine! I could only find this "Breakfast show" , which I've never seen before, with the actual Hannity clip starting around 1:22.
  6. Jeff: I would say the "secret veto" of your last paragraph already took place just ahead of Super Tuesday last year. Po-ho! Super Tuesday! Are we going to go through that again?. Yes the all powerful CIA stole all the New England votes which were in a satchel in a public bathroom, with Hunter Biden's laptop, and changed most of the votes from Bernie to Biden. They even made Biden an overwhelming victor in Massachusetts ahead of their own native son Elizabeth Warren. Of course we in the west didn't flinch in our preference for Bernie. It's just that old guard in the northeast got cold feet. I hate to toot my horn Jeff, but I've had quite a run of political predictions including picking 49 out of 50 states her in the Presidential election. (missed on Georgia) A major part of the art of prognostication is having a clear idea what is going on in the present. I actually told you and others in a thread a week before that after Super Tuesday that Dukakis and Klobuchar would lose and throw their delegates to Biden, and Warren would drop out. So I caught hold of the "secret veto' Jeff. Does that make me CIA? The one thing I got wrong was Dukakis and Klobuchar dropped out just before Super Tuesday. What really went on is the party went up to Buttigieg and Klobuchar and said ,"We can all see through our polling that neither of you are going to win, why not just do what you're going to do on Wednesday now to head off Bernie." .If Biden had gone up to Buttigieg and Klo and lead them in his direction.I would have given Biden kudos for taking charge. That's called 'politics' in our country a little more free wheeling and spontaneous system than yours but the political systems reflects the country. Kirk; A major part of the art prognostication is having a clear idea what is going on in the present. I did ask , do you really think an editor from on high (or a liaison from the CIA) is telling them what to write? The crummy reviews of Stones has nothing to do with the CIA influencing the reviewers. Read what I wrote. Stone's seen as a controversial figure and some people just don't like his politics. It may seem unfair, but it happens all the time. If you get out of your bubble and meet people who are agnostic about the jfka, you'll hear a lot of mixed reviews about Stone, with even some people who are really into movies and his movies. It doesn't mean they're influenced by the CIA. All these reactions can be explained logically. The CIA won that media battle 30 years ago, not that it's by any means hopeless. I challenged any one here to show me that the CIA is directly involved in any media influence now. Benjamin, who brought the whole topic up responded by saying. Benjamin: It is impossible to know how extensive CIA, or other military intel, grooming of the media is today. But judging from results.... but judging from results??? We've seen your judgment Ben. with all your "fine minds" of Trump supporters. No thanks, Any idiot by now should be able to see an attempted fascist takeover, and we'd prefer to hold on to our republic. 'Translated: The CIA/military intel does have a presence and is so omnipotent and so completely dominating everything we read and see and so expert at covering their tracks. It's impossible to ever know any thing about the terrible things they're doing. That's really just a wimpy excuse for really not having any facts. It's a corporate owned media. Do they really need the CIA? Then Jeff, you come up with Super Tuesday. The only person who came up with any real evidence was W. and that was 5 years ago in Germany. Not even on our soil. But at least it's some evidence, an article. I think it could be true. But to be clear, I don't blindly accept everything I read. You can put as much faith in that as you want. Oliver Stone: ‘There’s still a presence out there reminding people not to speak about JFK’s killing’ Usually I just say things once, but this bears repeating. This is just Stone paranoid crap. The CIA is not fearful at all of us. If they are so dominant in our lives. ("They know when we've been sleeping, they know when we're awake.") Do you really think anything in those files are going to link them to the murder of JFK? Are you crazy? You see the contradiction? I'm going to scoop all you guys and you Jeff.. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service are about to break a big international spy case and are about to reveal that Canadian rapper Drake is really a CIA agent. Kind a makes sense doesn't it? ******** Hope you're not too old to appreciate the humor of that joke Jeff.. And about Trudeau just making small talk, Jeff. Just trying to pry that Canadian out a little bit. You can see by the content, I'm hardly doting on him, like some others..
  7. Obviously Trump and Pence had a symbiotic relationship not built at all on mutual trust. Even if it's found out that Trump directed the order to remove Pence from the capitol, he can always say it was done for Pence's safety. We've seen from Pence's previous statements about 1/6 up to now, that he'll probably just say because he is presiding over the certification of the election, he didn't think it's right that he should leave the capitol, and just leave it that. The whole situation is very intriguing. We can only hope other shoes drop. Otherwise it's another frustrating JFKA moment of "why can't you see what's obviously going on" while there's not 100% positive proof.
  8. Well I certainly concur with you about Latin America Jeff. As far as secret veto power? Maybe you're right? It's useless We're completely f--k--!. and so are our kids. But in the United States we're not even near getting a consensus to put anything on a ballot. Polling shows over and over, Most people here don't vote in their interest. 74 million people voted for Trump though he's not in the majority in any major polling topics except he had an edge over Biden on the economy. It's not just the government Jeff. Just because we're the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the history of the world, don't overestimate us! I know you don't. We don't need a highly evolved deep state to be able to repress us. We offer almost no opposition. As far as true oppressors, the elites, we aid them. With most of these people storming the capitol, there's absolutely no personal interest in these guys voting Republican.. In this tragic death of Ashli Babbitt who was killed at the riots trying to break in a door in the capitol. She actually obtained a credit card at 44% annual interest to finance her trip to Washington. Just another unwitting victim turned reluctant corporate shill. Have any of these people ever heard of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? These are truly anti elite candidates that have actually campaigned in their interest! And the people that get elected. For example, Senator Ted Cruz's has got a self righteous, sanctimonious, smarmy sort of corn pone style, and does nothing in the Senate but piss people of both parties off, and yet he's gets re elected. Texas also has an attorney general no less, whose been under indictment for 5 years and gets reelected. How can they get re elected?, because Texans really eat this sh-t up! They say thing may be changing. We'll see. They have a congressman Louie Gohmert, (another mask adverse covid denier who caught covid) who actually asked the chief deputy of the Forest Service if we could alter the path of the earth's orbit around the sun to effect climate change! Of course he's just a congressman, but some elected officials in the U.S. you just wouldn't believe. They have a governor whose whose a threatening slave driver. Ok, It's not fair to just pick on some elected officials in Texas. I'm only beating up on them because it's so easy. But we and now have all of these representatives from many states just straight faced lying in knots and retracting their first statements about 1/6 Capitol riots just to please Trump. Also of course the U.S. defense state and war machine is a scourge throughout the world and a major topic of agreement here. It would seem that the MICs all powerful, but there's really a lot of public complicity. There are whole cities with economies that live on defense, mostly in red states where the federal defense appropriations are a higher percentage of their smaller economies. The American people aren't as peacenik as you and I Jeff. That doesn't even fall in the category of "implementing the public will" because cutting defense is not a high priority." Because Americans don't vote in their interests and those people are easily diverted into "culture wars." I would say the Democrats have to get in touch with their inner " Deep state national security state" side that Benjamin's talking about and ruthlessly rip the assh-le out of the filibuster and push their voting rights bill, greatly expand a national health plan, push for more environmental legislation and pay for it by soaking the mega rich, and force your 'secret veto', and see what happens.. We've seen the Republicans ruthlessly use their narrow majorities to push their Supreme Court judges and tax cuts to the wealthy. They'd just be responding in kind. Obviously I'm not holding my breathe! ******** Jeff, I'd be curious what you think about this. Trudeau's shut down by pig Bolsenaro of Brazil no less, at the G 20! This is from some "Get the business edge with better body language" guy. It could happen to anyone, Trudeau makes a friendly handshake gesture just as Bolso is greeted from the other side. This guy totally sacks him! I think Trudeau is just being a "polite Canadian' Trudeau IGNORED AGAIN At G20 - Social Coach Tells What He SHOULD HAVE Done
  9. That's more realistic Robert. We're doing kind of movie review mania here. And many of the reviews aren't worth bringing here, much less having their own thread. Still it's fun to compare, Imo. I'm sorry W. but I think this tendency to pass this off as "operation mocking bird" is really just folly. , Paul said: "Mockingbird assets were (are) simply individuals who will write a slanted story on CIA request". i think the operative word is "were". I don't see the CIA getting directly involved in propaganda behind the release of "Through the looking glass." Or at least, the overall effect is negllgible. They've pretty much sewed this up 30 years ago. And as for Hollywood and the media and their reviews. Does anybody here really think that any of these reviewers are being dictated by the mighty editors on high on what to write? I think that just B.S. It has nothing to do with some monolithic industry wide viewpoint Hollywood is selling. Those notions lead to a lot of irrational fears and aren't productive at all. It's simply been institutionalized. The great majority of people now living were born after the JFKA. Of the people born before the assassination 1963, an even greater minority were not even at intelligible age to have any idea what was really going on in 11/63. In successive generations, they were brought up with parents where the JFKA was a distant memory and later were brought up with parents who weren't even born by that time. They were brought up with teachers in grade school and later in college who had largely either forgotten about it, or have accepted all the precepts of the WC. Oliver Stone: ‘There’s still a presence out there reminding people not to speak about JFK’s killing’ This sort of Stone self dramatization is great at getting people's blood running and rallying the troops and I know Jim has followed right in suit for years with this type of rally cry. Personally I think it's more b.s. for the masses, though I'm sure they believe it.. To me Stone's always been a bit of a drama queen. But still I very much respect him. Hey people are complex for chrissake! I don't even think Stone would quarrel about his penchant to dramatize. It would be hard not to. He's taken a lot of guff. But among modern day mainstream journalists, Nobody has any real "fear" of discussing he JFKA But, for the vast majority, as an investigative piece either they've been totally snowed by their upbringing, their parents, their early schooling,and the interpretation their college journalism professors have given them, or they're somewhat agnostic and it's just a rabbit hole, and the chances of any real investigative journalistic success to them are bleak and after all, it was 60 years ago! Blah blah My advice to JFKA researchers to advance the cause is to realize that you really have to win is a war of ideas. For once and for all, get over the fact that people could actually disagree with you and stop villainizing them. Drop all the whiny victimization and go out on an equal footing, stick to the facts and get your point across to everyday people, or as they use to say in my generation "cut you hair and get out there". This advice will largely be ignored because there's such a temptation among some JFKA researchers to martyrdom. I might end this on an encouraging note. It does seem that more people are accepting that the WR is very flawed, and more people are questioning that LHO was a lone gunman, and that is progress! P.S. Benjamin, as to the "unholy alliance among captured and aligned media, coprolitic political parties, the national security state and multinationals.' Yes I agree, but I think you have to make more distinctions. The political parties change, witness the Republican party with Trump, and all the instruments of government you've listed can change if an informed electorate elected the right people. The process I tried to delineate was an organic movement over time of the everyday people becoming less informed and abdicating their responsibilities, though to be clear, I am in sympathy. When you subtract the government agencies you've listed the only thing remaining are the multi nationals and their ownership of the media. It's not even an alliance anymore. Nobody needs to lift a finger now at some new movie about an historic incident 50 years ago. I think it's important to realize that the people who are conspiring against us don't even meet and don't even conspire, they just naturally think alike.
  10. Can you believe this picture of flooding of in the Netherlands? It looks like some porn I've seen.
  11. Almost a last ditch Reichstag moment from Trump in his departure. We can only thank god he had the ineptitude of filthy rich person who had never really been tested in his life. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jul/14/donald-trump-reichstag-moment-general-mark-milley-book
  12. Benjamin:As stated, there are many fair and fine minds in all political camps, from Trumpers to Donkettes. Oh, "many fair and fine mind Trumpers?" Well Benjamin, unless it's expat "Ninja Johnny" at your local Thai dive bar. Can we can assume those are your current online associations? Would you kindly gives us the websites you frequent so we can browse and see what your standard is for "a fair and fine mind."? ***** Benjamin: But I am hardly the first to note that institutions can first become rotten and then ossify. To become coprolite. You certainly aren't. Oh good, so you know you're nothing exceptional? Then why do you keep starting threads and saying the same things over and over again and try to talk to us like we're 3rd graders? And then at least with me avoid direct questions with this super polite, amiable, veneer crap? What are you trying so hard to convince us of? You're no spring chicken. Hey neither am I. Why does it matter so greatly to you? Do you envision yourself as a modern day Castro descending from the Thai jungles but to foment a white backlash movement? Ha ha! Seriously, what do you want, Benjamin?
  13. John Foster?--- Kind of a big mistake! It's nice to see critics who have at least a bedding in the research material. It's pleasant though. Obviously Jim knows more about the machinations of getting it to the U.S. But I'm pretty confident, we'll all be able to see it by Fall.
  14. Benjamin; So identity politics is now just another useful bludgeon in the hands of Deep State. If you are hip, you don't believe these old white guys Hmmm. Uh.... Are you by any chance old and white?. Ok, Then let's join in the struggle to preserve Benjamin's identity from these slings and arrows! My God! Stop the bludgeoning! Stop the bludgeoning! BLM! BLM! Benjamin's life matters! Benjamin's life matters too! ***** I can see for you this "tragically hip.' As Matt said, that is quite an extrapolation from one line of one guy's review. Do you always respond so defensively to matters about racial identity? To each his own. I'm not that much into ''identity politics.''
  15. Richard said: Sorry for being an asshole. I wouldn't beat myself up too bad, Richard. I don't particularly like Whoopi either. But I have no idea what a good choice would be. Joy Behar?----- OK , more ethnic?...Joy Reid? heh heh Actually the one time I watched a segment on The view", Stone was the guest, plugging "Untold history". I agree, I like the Frontline narrator, who also did some Dos Equis "Most interesting man" spots. His name is Will Lyman. One guy I've been impressed with who seems to get a lot of voice overs for movies these days is this guy, who is currently doing an ad on a first run movie. I don't know his name, but when the title sticks with you 6 years later. You know he's good! He's on the just the last few seconds of this trailer. Girl on the train https://fb.watch/v/6cGIpkhF7/
  16. Yes, I've read a couple of books on Einstein. And although he comes up with some stunning quips, I've never heard him in quite such in depth eloquence.
  17. Yeah Pete, My son sent me that this morning. This guy waits 40 years to come out with a book saying Peter Lawford confesses that Bobby poisoned Marilyn Monroe. Hyeahh! Apparently this last photo taken of John Lennon and Paul Mac Cartney together was also taken at Peter Lawford's Malibu house by May Pang in 1974. Lennon rented the house from Lawford in his "Lost summer" in L.A. or whatever you call it.
  18. W: Of course, the end result of his machinations was the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Great Society legislation. He did good. Yep, all the above! Who can figure out why?, but a confident opportunist with a sense of history that he knew from the very beginning what he and MLK would be remembered for. W: As I said above, I would file this one under, "God works in strange ways." Amen! Some people talk, and some people do. Sometimes I shudder to think what LBJ may have done! Complex times require complex people. Today everybody is so f--k--- binary!
  19. Well Joe, I know you like that Madeleine Brown, May Newman and the Murchison meeting, but of course Madeleine Brown also said Jack Ruby was there! There is quite a disagreement about LBJ. Some think he was in on the plot to kill JFK, some think he was the mastermind. But there's no doubt, he was part of a massive government coverup and by some private accounts was personally a despicable human being. My outlook is certainly not going to win praise from the LBJ was "in it up to his neck crowd". But I tend to agree with Matt. I think JFK was completely different than RFK in his ideas about arousing enmity with his ideological foes that he had to have a working relationship with. When LBJ became President , he saw a unique opportunity as the previous head of the Senate and as a southerner to carry through JFK's civil rights legislation, and was probably more successful than JFK could have been because JFK really wasn't much of a politician , though he was getting better. LBJ was envious of the JFK Ivy leaguers that he kept in his cabinet after the assassination, and despite his corruption had sort of a teachers idealization of social progress, and a socialite wife to match. When he first met MLK after the assassination he told him that "You and I are going to do great things together." He was an opportunist and he saw his unique historic opportunity, and realized he was going to make his party give up the South for a long while. . I think a very sober, but accurate evaluation of JFK was made by Oliver Stone in the "Untold History of the United States" that JFK had "potential". It may have been "good potential". And I'd accept that too. He didn't say that JFK was "great" or going to knock the cover off the ball. Anyway, I liked his depiction. We can talk about his aspirations in foreign policy. He definitely was in a place to be able to get out of Vietnam, and we know in hindsight, that would have been his crown achievement, but of course nobody knew that at the time because the disastrous Vietnam War hadn't played out. So he wouldn't have had any political capital because of that. As far as aspirations being taken to fruition. Hell, Bill Clinton had great aspirations to give our nation health care at a time when it would have been a lot cheaper, but he couldn't accomplish that. I tend to think JFK's second term wouldn't have been as successful as I don't think any president could have successfully weathered the 60's. There was just too much change. JFK would have had no more control over the race riots of the 60's than LBJ did. That was a train that was going to happen and no amount of "JFK charisma" was going to stop it IMO. Still I think JFK could have been remembered for hastening the end of the Cold War, which was no small achievement!. So we would have started the post cold war era sooner and we'd be further along on this economic cycle. I'm not sure how good that would be for us now, I guess that depends on how bright you think the future is, but it was the right thing to do -damn it! heh heh
  20. Actually I live here so I have a more comprehensive understanding. So you're interested in the Democrats evil ties to Liz Cheney? I'm more interested in your ties to Fox news. You've wheeled out Tucker Carlson for guidance on an occasion or 2. Benjamin said"There is some culture-war stuff, and some race stuff", You do sound more nuanced now. When you first came here, you came off as a blazing Fox cultural warrior who was obsessed with his disgust for "identity politics", stating it over and over again."I hate identity politics." Which told me this guy watches a lot of Fox culture warrior stuff or similar online sources. To demystify this for you Benjamin. When people get over their thin skinnedness, All these demarcations can be explained in terms of interest groups. The Democrats have a loose coalition of groups, the international elites and business class people and then there's a coalition of "identity" minority groups vying for their civil rights that you're upset about, Blacks, Native Americans, Asians LGBTQ. But I would think since you have "a lot of sympathy for the marginalized, the outcasts, the misfits, the estranged, the lost, the embittered.", you'd sympathize. But apparently that's just for disaffected whites? Among the other groups that are in the Democratic interest groups are the environmentalist groups and consumer protection groups. Do you have any sympathy for them? Then on the other end of the ledger, you have the Republicans who, like the Democrats favor the international global elitists and business class people, and the majority of the Defense industry, though not exclusively,and the Religious right. That's pretty much it. That's their coalition., To some of us, it's sort of arbitrary to insist that racial, ethnic, gender injustice is somehow second tier, and the religious right isn't?. The" identity politics" card is really just a buzzword phrase that Fox news and Breitbart and other right wing groups have seized upon to appeal to white people who are concerned about losing their majority status. It's a disguised race card. At the time, my feeling was upon hearing of your disdain was, if he falls for this primary stuff, he'll pretty much fall for anything. JMO. Is there some unfairness in the way all these interest groups try to seize their agenda?, yes. But your fervent adoption of the fox message that pits white disenfranchised against the minority disenfranchised is just music to the elites ears. Anything to get the attention off them. After all, there is a class of people who have strongholds on both sides of the Republican Democrat ledger! To strongly adopt the "I hate identity politics" banner is just another bandwagon to corporate shilldom. You came off completely misdirected. At least that was my opinion. I know, we have different viewpoints, and that's ok! 😀 *****
  21. There's a lot of stuff here. Let me just start with 2 areas that I've gathered from reading your posts that you've seemed most obsessed about. But now I see you and W. are talking about Sicknick,. So I'll start with that in in this post.. Benjamin: We have already been through the whole debunked Brian Sicknick story. This Brian Sicknick again. I know you have quite a sense of mission about this, Benjamin. I think the general reaction on this forum was to not to jump to conclusions about the riots other than a general disgust that these misdirected losers seized our capital and a greater astonishment that that was allowed to happen. I never saw one mention of Sicknick's death here until you mentioned it the next dozen times. I had no resistance to the fact that you were pointing it out that there were still unanswered questions. I guess your overall message is that " pervasive and censored media', was trying to misinform us. I tend to think that's BS. It was probably another case of a profusion of information all at once, and different witness testimony and people jumping to conclusions to come out with a story , and like all such stories, it was eventually ferreted out and exposed. In the final analysis, isn't it going to be known if Sicknick was hit with a fire extinguisher or not? Are you aware of the existence of the film where a protestor hurls a fire extinguisher at the standing cops heads, below, and actually hits 2 of them in the head? You can access it if you're so inclined. There was confusion at first, and some thought Sicknick was one of the cops. It's probably that simple, no media conspiracy. But while we're on the topic of media conspiracies, as you might know 6 people died! It was actually a few months after the riots that they determined that a woman was trampled by the rioters. They literally killed their own! Was the fact that it took months to find that out really as a result of a Trump coverup media conspiracy? heh heh In the final analysis, I don't know what your point is to keep driving home. You're not actually asserting Sicknick died of natural causes, are you? What does it matter if Sicknick died directly from blunt force trauma or stress trauma as result of weathering the riots? He still died defending his country and doing his job. How well do you think you'd hold up to this, being beaten by clubs and flag poles, Benjamin? These are some big dudes. This ain't Chiang Mai! I'm tired of hearing about Trump and his corruption! ( move his hands over his ears) I'M NOT LISTENING, I'M NOT LISTENING, I'M NOT LISTENING. Glen Greenwald 2016-21
  22. Dennis said:As far as Kirk's outburst is concerned, I do not watch corporate media, As for the rest of your assumptions of my views based on a zero hedge article link, thanks for the chuckle. Sorry for the" outburst" Dennis.It probably just felt like an outburst. I haven't been accused of an outburst since grade school. heh heh! But this is your assertion, and if you out yourself as believing sources with no credibility, you will be taken to task. Dennis said: I do not watch corporate media, Tucker included, but from the little I have seen (clips etc) he at least will have some decent people on and not be afraid to make fun of the Warren Report for instance. Oh yeah?, just as your heartfelt assertion that the FBI is behind the Jan 6th riots? Again, maybe you've seen so precious little about it, you shouldn't even comment, but that's your choice. But check out this real "decent" Tucker clip. Tucker is a hard core "Oswald is a commie" and all attempts to make him a right wing figure is just the left trying to take the blame away from themselves. A word to those who've been waiting for years for a 24 hour cable conspiracy channel who have now gleefully settled for Tucker Carlson and have dream athletic aspirations to be considered to carry Carlson's weighty douche bag, I should let you know that years ago, when Tucker was young, his father, after months of carousing at exclusive tennis and country clubs, picked up the heiress to the Swanson TV Dinner fortune, and despite Carlson's meanderings of populism, that every once in a while can actually make him sound like AOC, Beware! It's all a plot to draw audience because as he's seen from Trump , he can pretty much say anything now and his mindless audience will never hold him to what he says or subject him to any performance standard. Fortunately he does have a long track record as he's shown here a few years back. He's scoffing at the idea that he could be any kind of spokesman for the everyday person. "The one thing you learn when you grow up in a castle, and look across the moat every day at the hungry peasants out in the village is that you don't want to stoke envy among the proletariat." Tucker Carlson 2008, on tape below. Over and over again I see people getting sucked in to this Fox douche illuminati or on alternative media. I keep trying to free you from your existence within the mouths of the all encompassing "government deep state" to direct your energy to the people who are really controlling you as well as your government, the corporate elites, who are laughing at your misdirection. Shut out your temptations to utter helplessness, stop getting sucked in to their deliciously spooky rhetoric and free yourself from your current state of "corporate shill". Similarly in this new Trump tax fraud investigation. I assume to the shills it will be. President Trump and his tax cuts to the rich, a true revolutionary. When will they just leave him alone?----------1 The wicked "government deep state" who have sabotaged everything I've ever tried to accomplish in my life.---0 Near the end , we can see what he ended up learning from another shill favorite, Bill O'Reilly and eventually incorporated it into his act. "Well,.. we all know Trump isn't cool so, .....can we just not talk about it? "Matt Taibbi 2016-21
  23. Thank you Andrew, some good stuff here. It was probably Newman reading a typo, as he said Churchill mentioned an "Iron Curtain" descending over Europe in May 45. The actual date is March 46. VE day was in May 45, and some time elapsed after VE day for Churchill to make that valuation.in Europe. But one passing fact I found interesting was to find "Alan Dulles found out that navy officer Richard Nixon had been out in charge of captured poopoo documents revealing Dulles was a traitor. Dulles financed Nixon's first race for office in exchange for burying the documents." This is the first I've heard of Nixon being part of any Naval Intelligence, much less being privy to any N-zi documents involving Dulles..He started out in the Navy as a lieutenant junior grade in 1942 and eventually went out into the other main venue, the South Pacific, Perhaps it could have been here, from the Naval History and Heritage Command. "From December through March 1945, he served at the Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, Washington, D.C. In March, his next assignment was as the Bureau of Aeronautics Contracting Officer for Terminations in the Office of the Bureau of Aeronautics General Representative, Eastern District, headquartered in New York." Still it does seem a bit unclear how he was privy to such information about Dulles. Nixon left the service in 46. It is true that Nixon initially answered an ad from Prescott Bush (not Alan Dulles)to first get into politics and it was Bush who did finance his first political campaign.
  24. To give you an interesting story of Dylan's evolution in trying to translate his vision to professional musicians (the Band) and his conversion to electric music and the resulting conflict with the folk purists, we have an interview with Robbie Robertson. But if that isn't enough. Robertson, accounts meeting Jack Ruby in Fort Worth! It starts around 15:00, where he accounts a very weird gig!
  25. Wow!, Dennis, so it wasn't Antifa after all? it looks like they're going to take a page from those liberals, and make the rioters play the "victim" card! So you've finally outed for Tucker Carlson, Dennis? and his source, Zero Hedge????, I'm happy you're not shocked. Zero Hedge tries to e mail me all the time. You love that gold bug stuff. They were established in 2009,by a Bulgarian trader whose father was super pro Russian who uses the pseudonym Tyler Durden. What a surprise! And they have missed the 12 year bull market with their perma bear outlook, and on top of that weren't smart enough to have foreseen the crypto craze, and that was supposed to be right up their hard monetarist alley. Ok anyway, good impartial sources! I looked back at them to refresh my memory and a website staffer who quit Zero Hedge recited the reason. : "I can't be a 24-hour cheerleader for Hezbollah, Moscow, Tehran, Beijing, and Trump anymore. It's wrong. Period. I know it gets you views now, but it will kill your brand over the long run. This isn't a revolution. It's a joke." Lokey told Bloomberg that he was pressured to frame issues in a way he felt was "disingenuous," summarizing its political stances as "Russia=good. Obama=idiot. Bashar al-Assad=benevolent leader. John Kerry=dunce. Vladimir Putin=greatest leader in the history of statecraft."
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