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  1. Wapo said; They've now determined by piecing together the timeline that Pence came within one minute of being killed, and even less time if the group that swore to kill him recognized him down a hall! This because these uninformed morons actually believed Pence had the power to throw the election to Trump because Trump told them so! https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/15/dc-capitol-rioters-nearly-reached-vice-president-mike-pence.html
  2. Yet another insurrectionist who lives with his mother. And took this picture with Rudy Giuliani.
  3. Agreed Dave, Queen mattress sized flags are where it's at! They tried a bunch of wimpy little flags and what happened? They lost the election!
  4. Democrat: GOP colleagues say they're 'afraid for their lives' if they vote to impeach Trump Since Trumpies have insiders that can give away the phone numbers and the addresses of their Congressman. And it's easy to leave a threatening phone call, and get away with it. Why in the world wouldn't they ? These Republicans have confessed they've been threatened, for their lives. I understand but some of these pricks are the ones most likely to ask soldiers to go in harms way. At a certain point, people have to show courage in their lives. To vote in any other reason but their conscience is BS! They're elected to lead us! But this brings up something interesting. I found out something I didn't know. A vote to convict in the Senate needs 2/3 vote of those that are present! Meaning if 20 Republicans didn't show up, for whatever reason, a 2/3rds majority would require only 54 votes!, which the pro impeachment forces already have! If 10 Republican Senators didn't show up, the 2/3 majority would require 60 votes. Given Mac Connell seems ready if the wind is blowing in his direction, getting 5 more Republicans is not beyond the realm of possibility at all! https://thehill.com/homenews/house/534034-democrat-gop-colleagues-say-theyre-afraid-for-their-lives-if-they-vote-to
  5. The Washington Post reports "Stop the Steal" Ali Alexander, a right-wing activist that has repeated President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of widespread election fraud, said in a since-deleted video on Periscope that Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama, and Paul A. Gosar of Arizona helped organize the Jan. 6 event during Congress’ vote to certify the Electoral College votes in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. "We four schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting,” Alexander said, adding that they planned to “change the hearts and the minds of Republicans who were in that body, hearing our loud roar from outside.” https://www.syracuse.com/us-news/2021/01/ali-alexander-says-3-gop-lawmakers-helped-stop-the-steal-protest-that-turned-into-capitol-riot.html
  6. Mitch Mac Connell has said he thinks Trump has committed impeachable crimes and welcomes impeachment to purge the party of Trump! But hasn't said whether he's going to vote to convict in the Senate. Likely he's going to release Republican Senators to vote their conscience, but of course do they have any? But he could know something more damaging and be trying to get out in front of it! Meanwhile 3rd ranking Republican Liz Cheney says she's voting to impeach. The equation has become, do they really need Trump anymore? For any of their separate aspirations to become President,.has Trump become a liability, more than a help? It's true they could just wed themselves to Trump again in 2024, and hope to pick up Trump's base. But do they really want to take that chance...again? https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/12/politics/mcconnell-impeachment-trump-capitol-riot/index.html Sheldon Adelson, the biggest Republican funder over years, and a huge Trump supporter has died at 87.
  7. How about some Darwin Awards. This first one's a bit of reading but says it well. For the anti vaxxer- Faucci did it conspiracy people. Seeing their everyday selves....... I see why they did it!
  8. The cries of "Hang Pence"was a direct response to a Trump tweet (below)as they breached the Capitol. Trump took the action to put Pence's life in danger and yet Pence can't bring himself to denounce Trump? Pelosi phones Pence to ask him about invoking the 25th amendment, and he puts her on hold for 20 minutes, and never ends up answering! Just a frozen little coward! And Trump has been punishing Pence, giving him the cold shoulder and not speaking to him until today. Oh! poor Mikey! Just as Ted Cruz eventually ended up kissing Trump's ass after he insulted his wife. I would have thought that would be enough for Texan voters to think "Dem's fighting words" but apparently not. They ended up re electing him. Trump tweet; "Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!" President Trump wrote at 2:24 p.m., as the pro-Trump mob was breaching the building. Trump tweeted angrily about Mike Pence while the vice president was being attacked at the Capitol Building, and then gave him the silent treatment for several days https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-refused-to-talk-to-pence-after-siege-said-he-had-no-courage-2021-1
  9. Apparently they still can invoke the 25th amendment. Pence has reversed himself and says he's now "open' to it.. "Open?" He has to be the one initiating it! I guess he's spent so long being a spineless kiss butt, he's asking somebody to give him a push start. I won't assume he's reflective enough to have lost confidence in his ability to lead anything after the disastrous results of leading the Coronavirus Task Force. But at least that would show he's learned something. Any hope of someday advancing to the Presidency is pretty much finished because with mainstream of the Republican Party he's tied to Trump like a poison, and with the Trump base, he's now a contemptible figure. Since I assume Congress can't just pass a law outlawing Trump running for President in the future. They would have to make a legal case. It would be nice to have a solution that holds Trump legally accountable, and ensures he can't run in the future. I think what Pelosi is considering is impeaching him a second time and holding on to that judgment and not submitting it to the Senate, where there isn't enough votes now to get the 2/3, and hope the events of the next week and into the next couple of months that the Republicans Senators see that Trump's political cache lessens, and now more reps can stick their necks out and vote to convict. That conviction would enable Congress to prosecute him and ban him. In the meantime, Biden should downplay his direct involvement ,(as he's used that to assert that unlike Trump and Barr, he's for an independent judiciary), and initiate his relief agenda.
  10. Paul said:Helicopters, what sounded to him like explosions, etc. Don’t fool yourself. There have been noisy Trump supporters outside the Capitol for a month. Helicopters indicate the state. I would hope Newsome is preparing Paul. If he has higher aspirations, he better not blow it this time after attending that dinner in Napa! ****** One thing that bothers me. Did Antifa name themselves "antifa?" If they did , it was a mistake. I really hate that name, with the "i" making the long "e" sound as in Spanish. It makes a typical Fox viewer think It's some Third World Leftist Guerrilla movement! Every time they're mentioned, It should be called what it is, naming the people they're against. ANTI FASCISTS!
  11. I would say they are more apt to be red state capitols Steve. As far as Washington, now that there's no element of surprise. And the Federal government will now in their protective instincts engage in their usual emergency overkill. I don't think the Trumpies, are going to get very far. But it will be a gauge at how fanatically crazy this group is, or if they were basically just cowards who seized the moment. But this doesn't preclude isolated acts of terrorism with explosives, bombs, possible snipers with automatic weapons. **** As Joe said, now the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express News have now called for Ted Cruz's resignation. Cruz should be embarrassing for Texans. It's disheartening that that sort of smug, self righteous , sanctimonious corn pone actually plays as well in Texas as it does in Alabama and Mississippi, that they actually re elected the guy. i guess the California equivalent would probably be Kevin Mc Carthy. ****** Maybe our best shot is to convince Phil Mickelson that it's his patriotic duty to give Trump free golf lessons for the next 10 days. Maybe he'll forget to pardon himself! heh!
  12. I notice Fox News is already covering up and minimizing this insurrection,and telling their minions how to digest it. Including Tucker Carlson. What pisses me off about Tucker Carlson is this phony "everyman" thing he's doing on his show to pull in disenfranchised Trumpies. He's wealthy, he's also married into wealth. He attacks all the standard wealthy icons, while acting like he's an every day guy, who "For god sake. can't we just get the government out of our lives, all they want to do is oppress and tax us!" Well here it is! A guest on his show, a dutch historian Rutger Bregman calls him and his other Fox hosts on it. Carlson has no real defense, and resorts to name calling. Bregman dares Carlson to air the segment, which he never does!
  13. I've heard this too Dave! When the Congress was sequestered, Minority whip Steny Hoyer phoned Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland for him to activate the National Guard Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, said Thursday that he tried to deploy his state's National Guard to assist in Washington, DC, but was thwarted. Hogan said he was "repeatedly" told he lacked the authorization to deploy the troops, The Washington Post reported. According to The New York Times, the decision to authorize National Guard deployments ultimately came from Vice President Mike Pence, marking an apparent break with the chain in command *******So Pence , who was also sequestered eventually overrode the chain in commend. Nobody's pieced it together but in the news conference where Hogan reveals this, he then immediately turns around and asks for Trump's resignation!. So we have a collaborating confirmation of this. We'll see where it goes. o https://news.yahoo.com/maryland-governor-tried-deploy-national-002546744.html
  14. I've heard the Elaine Chao, resignation is not active until the 11th. Apparently Pence has said he's not going for the 25th amendment. But I suppose he could change his mind. The 25th would be preferable, because you could effectively de activate Trump from performing any additional doomsday deeds., and Pence would be the acting President. Technically you don't have a Democrat majority in the Senate, until Georgia certifies the Senate elections which is due anytime between the 15th and the 22nd, which is of course too late.But they could do all the groundwork on it and force the Republicans to take one last public stand on the Trump Presidency.
  15. Can anybody really be surprised about this?, much less shocked. Obviously this Koo Koo Koup should never been able to get inside the Capitol. Now they're feeling their oats. The Capitol resistance was sort of emblematic to the passive response to Trump over the last 4 years. Either people were politically afraid of him or just didn't show any backbone. Even now,in Congress, the strongest condemnation comes from Mitt Romney which is relatively tame. The Democrats just never can motivate themselves to mete out punishment. Joe Biden wants to be Gerald Ford and heal the nation. But the Republican are not going to bear the brunt of the blame. So nothing's truly going to get resolved. I'd say prosecute everybody who entered to varying degrees of the law including strong jail time. And don't spare Donald Trump any prosecution, for anything, or any of his partners in crime. If you can't do anything else, ostracize Hawley , Cruz and the others. Draw out the resistance and quash them. Accept whatever consequences. but my guess is healing will come in time. and it will happen quicker than when we recovered from the 60's. If we ever did! heh heh I remember we were wondering what might happen on the 200th anniversary July 4th, 1976, because there were rumors that the left in exile (was it the Weather Underground?) was going to plan a big terrorist event. When that didn't happen. It pretty much told me the left resistance was over.
  16. Richard , I would have thought that Loeffler's term expired on the 3rd? like everyone else, though I may be wrong. I'm always checking out the local state response and this must be quite a pleasant surprise for you Richard. Didn't you say after the election that a sweep in Georgia didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of happening? I was a skeptic myself. So it looks like with the Democrat sweep, all my pre elections predictions have come through! Just as our prediction, Joe that Biden would win by 7 million votes!. Though, at one point, I had my doubts on that that would come through.. As far as the state by state Presidential electoral college results, I got 49 out of 50, and my one miss is Georgia. Congratulations Georgia! I'm watching the certification and it looks so far like Pence is playing it straight to the constitution. Then up came Arizona and some yahoo from Arizona filed a protest. So now as a formality, both chambers of Congress retire to debate for 2 hours, when it will be overturned and they will proceed with the vote count. So it could be 5 states that Trump has challenged where they will go into chamber for 2 hours each.! It would be interesting to see the private chamber sessions. What real debate could go on? They never alleged election fraud and every allegation was overturned in court. Mitch Mac Connell is chastising his Republic traitors as well he should. Now he's finally acting conciliatory, now that he's leaving his post! I'm sure he'll get a lot of praise for that, and it is better than nothing. But he's been complicit now for years at allowing Trump to get out of control.
  17. Yow! Almost dead heat in Georgia! Looks like the Democrats got one Senate seat and probably both! Warnock looks like a winner with up by 35,000 vote lead and right now Ossoff is behind by only 1200 votes to Purdue 2,189, 000 to 2,188,000 with the remaining votes skewing to the Democrats! They are saying that 98% of the vote is counted but that is contradicted in an interview with Lt.Governor Raffensperger, who says there are still 200,000 votes that are still to be counted, which would indicate only 95% of the vote is now counted. He seems like he thinks he's in more trouble and trying to spin the results to look the most hopeful for the Republicans. But until all the votes are counted , it's still up for grabs in the Purdue Osoff race. You can use the cursor to check out the vote totals in all the Georgia counties, though they did make it kind of stupidly awkward. The remaining votes in red counties don't amount to near as much as the blue counties. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/georgia-senate-runoff-election-results-2021/story?id=74588101
  18. Ticket to Ride?, Highway 61? I see the Zevon song as being sort of folky, which there was definitely a merging going on. There were different motifs emerging between the "a' and "b" or bridge parts of the song as in the Zevon song. I have no idea if Zevon even played the guitar on the track, much less if it was an epiphone casino. With "Hey little girl,to me a little more rock than folk. But it does have the electric 12 string. i've always liked that sound , as I have 2 acoustic Martins 12's and one electric 12 string. Cliff I confess I'm a bit of a snob. Though I like the Dead Boys. I would choose the clean , crisp sound for the heavy strumming lead in"Hey Little girl" rather than the dirty sound the Dead Boys choose, because I could hear my chops better, and define the rhythm better. Obviously just a different creative choice.
  19. I always felt 1966 was at the edge of an abyss. this is the first recording of Warren Zevon at 19 with Violet Santangelo. Zevon's Father incidentally was a bookie for LA mobster Mickey Cohen and best man at his first wedding. Then a bay area band, The Syndicate of Sound.
  20. Jeff, I'm sure if FDR was alive,(bless his soul) he would say that the day the NYT released that article was "A day that will live in infamy". heh heh! Since the whole focus on your piece is that this was the 4th anniversary of the dreaded NYT article. We'll keep that date on our 2021 calendars for the end of this year, and expect to hear from you then. After all it will be the 5th anniversary!! I love how you turned Dulles statement around on me. But it's you whose out of touch with the common guy. If you interviewed 100 Americans. Do you think one person could site that that NYT times article was the start of the Trump Russia allegation? The extent that most Trump supporters know about that is just a disparaging comment about "Russiagate" from Fox News, and that's pretty much good enough for them. They could tell you no details about that whatsoever! Besides there's been an impeachment trial and world pandemic since.Why are you so obsessed with this? Sorry you've chosen to ignore that you're really defending a chronic offender, and I assume you assert that somehow the Russia allegation is the one exception. And sorry to upset your narrative. But let me tell you what I think is a much better example of how the country was polarized. It was the massive demonstrations around the country against Trump in the first days after the election. A lot of people who voted for Trump thought. "Gee these people are just not going to give Trump a chance." And to an extent, given that we didn't know that Trump the President might be different than Trump the campaigner. They had a point. However, I do have sympathy for the ones who demonstrated, because there will always be those sour grapes in a country that has a voting system where the candidate that wins the most votes doesn't win the election, and the Democrats have already been through that recently, and it resulted in the disastrous Bush Presidency. As it turned out they were right and Trump was the same divisive character as a President that he was, as a campaigner. But if he had gone down the middle with both parties. If he had for example worked with the Democrats about strengthening the ACA,he would have been praised as the "outsider who made Washington function again". Instead he opposed it for no other reason than to try to undue everything Obama had accomplished, and pretty much walked in lock step Mitch Mac Connell during his whole term. And now you see the results.
  21. If we haven't gone through this ad nauseum. Every 2 months you bring this up again, Jeff. So it's still in your craw. But to me, It's a complete lack of thoroughness and lack of reticence in your thinking that makes you unable to see how each of these subsequent events like yesterday's event of Trump trying to pressure the Georgia Lt.Governor to illegally commit election fraud, that diminishes your argument. But it's not just this, it's been a series of incidents how the President used the power of his presidency to withhold arms to the Ukraine in exchange for uncovering dirt on his political opponent and how according to Josh Bolton in his book, he did the very same thing offering President Xi special favors to uncover some dirt on Biden, Even though Trump has been at the forefront of depicting the Chinese as an economic threat. Every one of these subsequent events diminishes your argument about Trump's innocence with Russia, and you can't even see it. I'm not even mentioning this massive computer hack, because they don't seem 100% per cent sure but I'm sure you think it's another Russian hoax. It's obvious there's nothing he won't stoop to to pursue his own interest. What would be any different about Russia than in the case of Zelensky, ? Or of Xi? What would be any different than in yesterday's case of Raffensperger? Solely because he's dealing with Vladimir Putin who is so upstanding to be party to such corruption? You'll have a hard time convincing any of us of that. Donald Trump Jr. said, “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia,” he added. It would seem only the most financially illiterate people would actually scoff at a narrative that after continually plunging himself further in debt, Trump would either 1) use his Presidency as money grubbing whore to pay off his debts, which he has or 2) seek loans in nefarious places with nefarious people such as Russian oligarchs. Yet somehow that scenario is not the least plausible to you! And the fact that you could feel so much vindication at an investigation that refused to go into Trumps finances at all show you must not be that vigorous in your thinking,or you're just trying to fool yourself. Jeff said: ,I would say much of the rancour and partisan division currently enveloping the USA can be tracked back to the publication and broad endorsement of that highly dubious document. Certainly your rancor Jeff, I don't know what qualifies you to speculate at all about that. Of course first off, you're not an American but even so, that's sort of an argument is among those people who read. Which most people don't. If the people who disparage "Russiagate" like yourself have lost their objectivity, and are stubborn and unable to be convinced by the subsequent Trump actions, I have no patience or sympathy for them. And if they take action or are politicians who are party to subvert our Democracy, however much you have the luxury of seeing it as a merely political positioning ploy,they should accept the consequences. It's like you're a lawyer defending a guy from charges of rape whose a 3 time rapist and you decided your best line of defense is to scoff at any inference your client could possibly be a rapist.
  22. Right Steve. How's that for election fraud? The Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger records a call from the President telling him to find 11, 780 votes! You're right we definitely need that kind of courage from the Republicans Richard! The thing that concerns me is what will stop the Republican bogus election fraud allegation from gaining even more momentum on Wednesday if the Democrats should decisively sweep the Georgia election on Tuesday and effectively take the Senate? They would then have absolutely nothing to lose!
  23. Interesting, Doug, You've come up with some very thought provoking things lately. How did you come to know and work with Bannister and what specifically was the work involving organized crime? Do you personally have any insights into Bannister that we haven't heard?
  24. Excellent Dave! I wonder if those Dulles, Bissell interviews were in 1965? Those scum were pretty crafty! Good to see Eugene Mc Carthy! So John Chancellor, it was made by NBC news, but it didn't really identify itself. Did it? Though it gives a "warning" at the beginning, that it was made available to the U.S. government. But I assume it was aired. I like the filmer's name Grant Wolfkill!
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