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  1. What’s the name of his FB group? If he’s trying to pull this off I’d like to see the other crap he pushes.
  2. Great episode Bart. I agree I like the format of this show. I’ve been listening to their individual podcasts for a few years. Always interesting stuff on there.
  3. That is weird how they couldn’t figure out how he got to and from work everyday. Even if he walked the two miles everyday I’d imagine he’d be seen by multiple people also on their way to work at the same time. I doubt he took the bus because as you stated nobody ever came forward saying they seen him. I take the bus myself into the city for work and I see the same people every single day, morning and night. At least one of them would have come foward and said they rode with him if he was taking a bus. I’ve always thought that Frazier had more involvement than he let on and believe he was Oswald’s ride to work everyday. The police trying to make him confess to being involved in the assassination would only make him distance himself from Oswald as much as possible. I don’t blame him for staying quiet all these years but do hope he comes foward if he knows more before it’s too late.
  4. I can’t even begin to imagine a president taking a ride through McKeesport today.
  5. Was Invision able to tell you when and on what sub forum the bot was introduced?
  6. Listened to it earlier today. Even though it didn’t get into the assassination itself I thought it was one of his better episodes. I liked that he let go and really told you what he thought.
  7. Didn’t realize it was that easy. I never really looked into it
  8. I’d like to see how her books sell compared to other pro conspiracy books.
  9. Is there a way to put a limit on how many times a guest can view the forum before they have to sign up to continue using it. For example some online newspapers give you access to read five articles before you have to make an account or you cannot read anymore. If possible I think that would be a better option than blocking guests altogether.
  10. What was the podcast? I’d like to listen to it.
  11. I seen you posted that on the ROKC forum. I hope one of the guys over there made that to be funny and Trine Day isn’t using Stone to promote their books.
  12. When you go into a sub forum there should be a sort by option above and to the right of all the links
  13. That seems like people are using a search engine to find a music video and they’re finding a link to here. Wonder how often that happens across the entire site?
  14. Thanks for sharing this. Haven’t seen this in a few years but it’s a great series. Anyone else interested in hearing Mr. McBride speak I’d also recommend the episode of the Night Fright podcast featuring him.
  15. Thanks Larry. Like I said I was listening while at work and haven’t had a chance to go back and listen again. What I said earlier is what I thought was said in the podcast. Thank you for clearing that up.
  16. I listened to that episode at work the other day but was busy and couldn’t pay attention as much as I would have liked. When talking about the boat they used did Doug say that David Morales was trying to locate it the the day of or the day after the assassination? I thought Doug theorized that the mission was faked and those guys were a part of the hit team in Dallas. Just from the time between the trip to Cuba and the assassination it seems like a big stretch. On the other hand faking the deaths of these guys and hiding them out with the promise of more money than they could imagine doesn’t seem out of the question.
  17. Came up all black on my phone so I checked on my laptop and then my desktop. Took me a bit to realize the site wasn’t messed up lol.
  18. It seems to be working now. Still a little slow loading but not like earlier today.
  19. The person on the right looks a bit stockier to me. Might just be the quality of the pic but I definitely think it’s a different person.
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