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Hugh G. Aynesworth and the Assassination of JFK

John Simkin

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Glad there was no video of that because Hugh's nose would be growing about a foot long.

Who was paying Hugh when he was in New Orleans on the Clay Shaw case against Garrison? He was there month after month for years on end. If he was working as a journalist then where are his columns?

There are none.

How could he have promised all those people jobs, including a position in the CIA if he was not connected with the Agency?

How could he have traveled so often to interview Garrison's witnesses, sometimes before Garrison did?

Now he says he does not recall who J Walton Moore was?

LOL :stupid

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On ‎2‎/‎2‎/‎2008 at 8:36 PM, Nathaniel Heidenheimer said:

James DiEugenio's article The Obstruction of Garrison does not exactly make Ayneswroth seem like a truth-seeking reporter.

* he accuses Hugh of sharing details of about Ferrie's early life Clay Shaw's defense lawyer Ed Wegmann. These details would have been unavailable from

Aynesworth's New Orleans vantage point, suggesting that he was "a 'cutout' for either the FBI of CIA into Shaw's defense

* DiEugenio writes that "Aynesworth's contact at CIA is the same man who was supposedly the handler of George de Mohrenschildt, ad the man who kept an

eye on any revival of intrest in Garrison in the mid '70s, J. Walton Moore.

* Moore reports on the possibility of "Hugh grant Aynesworth Making Trip To Cuba" in a report dated 10 Oct 1963. The report said that Aynesworth

told Moore that he had applied for a visa for Cuba "approximately a year ago. He heard nothing for eleven months and then in early Septemeber of

1963 he received a call from the Czech Embassy in Washington D.C> asking him if he was still interested in going. He replied that he ws and asked

if his application was going to receive favorable consideration. The Czech embasy rep. would only reply that it was being considered"

* DiEugenio writes: "There are stong suggestions in his reports to Newsweek as to just how far the ties go. In a 2/24/67 report on David Ferrie,

Aynesworth describes Ferrie's ordination into the Old catholic Church of North America. He then adds parenthetically, 'We're trying to protect our own

in this group and would appreciate your not using the church's name.' Note the use of hte posessive pronoun 'our own' This clearly denotes that

Aynesworth knew this strange religious sect was being used by the CIA as a front organization as other sources, like Banister associate Thomas Beckham

have confirmed. In another report deated 3/3/67, Aynesworth writes that the CIA attempted to get former nazi intelligence officer turned CIA

mercenary Otto Skorzeny in on a Castro kidnapping polt in 1963. The fact that this gem has never been revealed, even in the 1967 Inspector

General Report, shows just how conncected Aynesworth was" (p. 27, The Assassinations.)

These reports to Newsweek were not for publication.

FINE TIME FOR A TRIP TO CUBA! Does this suggest that Cuban intel. may have known of Ayesworth's intelligence connections?


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5 hours ago, B. A. Copeland said:

That is absolutely disgusting. The Press Club of Dallas and Aynesworth should be ashamed of themselves.

Well, Dallas has been well Oiled since the 50's.  It was the chosen place ultimately, for multiple reasons.  Including people like Hugh. 


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Did Aynesworth ever say or infer or even hint that he bedded Marina Oswald before she married Kenneth Porter?

I read about this claim a few times over the years...but was never sure if it was simply gossip.

If Aynesworth did bed Marina, that would have been extremely unethical.

If he bragged about it later to others ... outrageously shameful.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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On ‎3‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 7:46 PM, Bart Kamp said:

Aynesworth suggesting several ways for an article on the assassination.

His phone number in the 60's.

An article by him on the Garrison investigation.

And a detailed piece on Ruby while in the slammer and his death.


"This site says... image cannot be loaded...".

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