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Louis Steven Witt : Umbrella Man

John Simkin

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Guest Tom Scully
Something I thought of today, re: the bulge under DCM's white jacket.

Somewhere in all of Gerry Patrick Hemming's mixed bag of tricks, he noted that there was a guy in Dealey carrying a "broom-handled Mauser pistol," of WW I variety, prepared to empty it into the limo if all else failed.

I think Gerry said that in one of his posts on this forum, but I don't have time to search for it now.

Someone else on this thread offered info that DCM was there with a "machine gun," prepared to use it at close range in case of failure. Same guy, same gun?

For some reason, every photo I try to upload is claimed to be too large for available space, even when it says it's not. So here's a Wiki link to the Mauser c96. Mods, why does the upload feature do this? Conspiracy?



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G.P. Hemming, found by Tom Scully:

'The Connally hit was a "separate deal" and the west-end window shooter had no urgent intent at hitting either JFK, nor anybody else in the "J/Canoe" -- but if he had to complete his contract by switching the "Broom-Handle Mauser to full automatic ["spray & pray"] he would have unhesitatlingly done so !!'


I'd hate to challenge GPH on weapons capability, but the Mauser C96 (even with detatchable stock) on Connally from the west end of the TSBD? And opened up at full auto from that height? The mind rebels a bit. Thanks, Tom, my bad.

Why would it be necessary to "hit" Connally? To jumpstart a Cuba invasion?

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On ‎10‎/‎22‎/‎2009 at 11:19 PM, Don Jeffries said:

Yes, the idea of a sophisticated hit team employing a man with an umbrella as a lookout is ridiculous. However, so are many other things that the conspirators did. Planting a nearly pristine bullet, for instance. Nobody would do that, unless they wanted to draw attention to the obvious incompatability of CE399 with any real bullet on the planet. Or using such an obvious low level mobster like Ruby to silence Oswald in the midst of all those police officers. Even as a seven year old, I instantly realized how absurd that was.

I have independently arrived at the same conclusions veteran critic Vincent Salandria did- those who killed JFK constructed a purposefully sophmoric coverup, one that would instantly be discovered by the first investigators (of course, they knew that those entrusted to investigate the crime-Dallas Police, FBI, Warren Commission-were not interested in truly investigating anything). If the Umbrella Man and Babushka Lady did not exist, would it be necessary to invent them? At any rate, Steven Witt clearly wasn't TUM, and his comical testimony and preposterous Neville Chamberlain explanation only reinforce my point; no one would come up with a rationale like that. If the conspirators were truly interested in absolutely suppressing this stuff, they would have come up with a much more believable tale for him. As to why they'd do this, I can only guess that they wanted to wave it metaphorically in the face of the American people- "Yeah, we did it. So what?"

Whoever TUM was, he was never identified at the time by those whose job it was to do so. Much like the mysterious Babushka Lady (even if she was Beverly Oliver, and many of us have our doubts about that), he vanished into the mists of time immediately afterwards, to be christened with a colorful name and speculated about endlessly for several years. TUM and the Babushka Lady are two of the best examples I can think of that prove how bogus even the initial investigation was. One look at the Zapruder film- which they had in hand that evening- should have led them to search for the lady in the funny scarf who can be seen filming the shooting from a very close and crucial vantage point. They also should have noticed the umbrella, that is so conspicuous when JFK goes behind the Stemmons Freeway sign, and tried to identify and question the person who was holding it up on a clear and sunny day. The fact is there was never any effort to locate either of these important witnesses. No honest investigation would overlook obvious things like that.

I'm truly amazed that any researcher accepts Witt's ridiculous story.

Well said.  As this subject has been discussed before.

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I hate to dive into this stuff, but heregoes.

Years befor my interest in the JFK case I imagined a need for simultaneous fire on a single target or multiple targets. I always thought that some agency must have developed such a capability and that it must just be still a well kept secret. I imagine that this need arose, in part, out of the need to neutralize a hostage situation.

Imagine if you will, several guns being trained on a target and triggers activated, but not fired, when the shooter is ready. Imagine that these guns are communicating with each other, and the gun only fires when all triggers are activated.

I have mused, over the years, that TUM perhaps was working such a system.

while not a hostage situation, a system in use in Dealy plaza would have been able to reduce the perceived number of, and confuse the direction from which multiple shots were fired. This system would also give the controller the final say as to when and if the shots were to be delivered.

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Umbrella man was real. He was there in the pictures and film.  He was an anomaly in a crowd of admirers gathered to witness the president's passing.  Why?  A distraction?  A signal?  I don't know, I don't think he was Witt from what I've read.  His actions are deliberate for some purpose.

Like Mr. Jeffries says why was he not investigated at the time?  Because the Warren Omission (SS,FBI,CIA) ignored him.  Then the HSCA was presented with Witt, who had trouble opening an umbrella.  I've got five of them.  All of them you just push up or push the button.  None have ever malfunctioned.  

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On 10/8/2009 at 6:58 PM, Denis Pointing said:

Hi Jim, UM "calmly sat down on the curb" or sat down in a state of shock? I guess we'll never really know will we? And IMO if UM was part of the plot he would never have sat down to have a chat, he would have got away from the scene as quickly and discreetly as possible. One question Jim, do you not think a signaler would have found a more discreet way to signal? Waving an umbrella around in the air has always seemed a little too flamboyant to me, for some one who wouldn't want to draw attention to themselves.


Unlike the subtlety of blowing the president of the United States' head off in broad daylight in a major city before hundreds of witnesses?

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On 10/10/2009 at 10:16 AM, Brian O Connor said:


For me, the Umbrella man is / might be signalling to someone inside the limo; either Kellermann or Greer, both of whom have the President fixed in their rear view mirrors and either of whom may be waiting for the signal to fire a weapon concealed within the car itself. (see photos of limo parked at Parkland and reflection from Greer’s rear view mirror showing Presidents seating position. Also, Kellerman`s fixation throughout the shooting with his side door, rear view mirror

Looking at photos of the car taken in the Whitehouse garage later that night, there is a picture showing the side panelling drape or covering embossed with the Presidential creast ***, hanging open on the Presidents side door. This is where I believe the weapon could have been hidden.

From the pictures of the interior of the car and the configuration of the Connelly jump seats, it is possible to reconstruct the sequence in which the photos were taken. The sequence shows that at some stage before the car had been cleaned and evidence destroyed, the side panelling or drapes were opened, indicating to me that something was being sought and possibly removed from the interior of the door. Confirmation that someone had at least looked there is seen from the later photos in the sequence showing that the panelling/drape has been replaced in its original position.

*** Dark blue broadcloth lap robes with gray plush lining and hand-embroidered presidential seals in special door pockets

I thought a bullet struck the rear view mirror from the front and turned it around.

Kathy C

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