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Rich DellaRosa hs died--

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I don't know him, but as each one falls, JFK becomes just a little bit more of a footnote in history. For those who remember, Lest We Forget, those who know, speak.

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Rest in peace, my friend.



I am deeply saddened by the death of Rich Dellarosa. My prayers go out to his wife Shelby and his family. At such a time the forum seems somewhat irrelevent. He was a good and decent man. He cared about many things and many people. Ultimately, that is the greatest legacy one can leave.

Doug Weldon

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This just made my heart drop

I am very glad that I got to get to know Rich and be a part of his forum as many of you have

RIP Rich

I will miss you and try my best to live up to your drive in researching the assassination

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I'm so sorry to hear this. Rich's forum, at one time, was the pride of the JFK assassination critical community. Lots of traffic and great discussions. Despite being sick for many years, Rich put a great deal of time and effort into making it a great resource for researchers.

He will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family.

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Richard Joseph DellaRosa

August 17, 1947 - March 8, 2010

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,

however improbable, must be the truth!"

-- A.C. Doyle: "A Study In Scarlet" (1887)

Rich DellaRosa

Forum Admin

I know that the membership and his immediate family will be very appreciative of your very kind words upon hearing this very sad announcement, whether in the past ensuing years you agreed or differed within the research of the assassination of JFK. with him ,he has been and is an unforgettable man,and we will all miss, his ongoing great efforts within the struggle of such,his efforts these many years have been greatly appreciated and will now be greatly missed within the community, God bless you Rich, Shelby and his family ,I cannot help but think that now he knows all the answers..it was the first question he asked St Peter at the gate.and by now has been introduced to the man he so admired JFK and has been in deep conversation with since...and has all the answers.....God Bless all and take care,,...b

''I saw JFK in a motorcade in Cleveland as a candidate and was close enough

to shake hands with him. (1960)

In 1962 just prior the Cuban Missile crisis I again saw him as he spoke in

downtown Cleveland. I was with my high school band and was there

to play Ruffles and Flourishes and Hail to the Chief. ''



Rich DellaRosa

Forum Admin

A small tribute from his main monk--

Edited by Bernice Moore
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As a charter member who was among the few invited to his forum when Rich founded it,

I am devastated. For many years his forum was my home page, which opened whenever

the computer was turned on. He did more to further research of JFK than any other entity.

He was strict and did not tolerate foolishness which detracted from the search for truth.

I hope fervently that someone on the internet (perhaps the Mary Ferrell website) will

offer to archive all the pages of research that Rich gathered. It deserves to be saved

after the forum shuts down.

Rich was a rarity, and a friend.

Fare well, friend.


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