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Charles Brandt on the Hoffa killing and JFK assassination

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23 minutes ago, John Kozlowski said:

Never seen this Hoffa doc but that YouTube channel has some good stuff on it. A lot of it is about African American street gangs and drugs but there are some interesting videos on there.

It's not the real Irishman background doc, but is worth seeing for documenting the milieu.  Sidebar discussion: Teamsters Union and drug importation.

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An unfortunate blind item found on Crazy Days and Nights, the notorious Hollywood blind item site that is so frequently right, and so frequently indicts Hollywood sexual harassment and pedophilia (which are not what this is item is about):

Blind Item #4

This long-delayed film directed by an aging permanent A list director will finally premiere in about two months.  Three aging A-list actors are featured in starring roles.  This group is so far past their prime, that even the concept of a big-budget film in this genre today would be laughable.  That is, to everyone except the streaming giant.  Yet another colossal waste of money, but the streaming service has already sent signals out that they will spare no expense, legal or not, to try and buy as many awards as possible, for this white elephant of a film.
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Is there, or was there ever, any even halfway credible corroboration as to the validity of Sheeran's enemy soldier killing claims during Sheeran's time in combat in Europe during WW II?

You would think that someone who served alongside Sheeran at any time may have actually seen Sheeran personally killing enemy soldiers at least a few times since Sheeran claims to have killed so many.

Did Brandt ever try to find someone in Sheeran's military combat service time who could have verified his numerous killing claims, even if to a lesser degree but still some?

I feel this is an important point in determining Sheeran's credibility in his later claims of kills in his older adult life. 

If Sheeran killed as many enemy combatants in WWII as he claimed and in cold blooded, point blank shots to the head or body manner, it would lend some believability imo, to his explanation of his conditioned propensity for and openness to accepting killing assignments in civilian life.

I grew up with a parental generation that included active participants in WWII battle combat.

One of my parent's best friends was a fellow who landed at Normandy and who saw live combat in the weeks that followed.

He was just an enlisted man grade infantry soldier but he fired and faced real bullets and even captured a few German soldiers. Apparently he killed a few also.

You would not think of this humble, honest, easy going, working class loyal family man as someone who murdered others in his young adult life. Yet, he did.

If Sheeran's ruthless and even bragged about war killing record is verifiably true, It would be logically difficult "not" to believe that Sheeran would be the type of person who could kill others on orders from high level organized criminal big shots in his later adult civilian life and to do so without the normal hesitation and guilt that most others would feel.

Sheeran definitely seemed as hard ass tough as other well known mob muscle men at that time such as David Yaras and Barney Baker who were also connected to Jimmy Hoffa.

Heck, even little funky strip joint owning Jack Ruby was willing to "hit" someone, even in broad daylight and surrounded by dozens of armed police and right in their own building!


Seth Kantor, who recently joined the ... Information Act, Kantor began to look for the answers to the Jack ... Robert "Barney" Baker was paroled from Sandstone ...
Could Frank Sheeran have killed 25 or more people without hardly anyone but a very, very small and select group of individuals knowing of these deeds? Of course.
Whoever blasted multiple bullet rounds into Sam Giancana's head and mouth right inside Giancanna's own home, whoever cut up Johnny Roselli and sent him on a sea ride, whoever murdered Dorothy Kilgallen, or Henry Marshall and countless others, these killers were never identified and if anyone knew who they really were, they never came forward and told the authorities and mass media who they were.
Sheeran's true civilian killing record could have easily been kept under wraps based on these other true realities of killers and their never being identified.
What would be a shame would be Sheeran's making up the parts of his story which concern interactions with known suspects in the JFK assassination.
I wonder how Scorsese will handle this part of Sheeran's death bed confession as related by author Charles Brandt?



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