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Nathan Pool HSCA testimony

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I am reading Sean Fetter's two-volume argument for a solution to the JFK assassination. I am at this moment only two-thirds through volume 1 of 2, so will withhold comment until I complete both volumes. But one major "uh oh" moment (meaning, not good): he claims there was another person in Dealey Plaza shot in the head, apparently in the same fusillade which hit JFK and Connally, this other person also like JFK killed with a shot to the head with rear exit wound, and just like JFK, also brought to Parkland and entered Parkland about the same time JFK did.

Fetter then claims that man's dead body rather than JFK's was deceptively put in the ornate casket at Parkland that was supposed to be carrying the dead JFK, and that the actual JFK body left Parkland earlier, was secretly loaded on to the press plane at Love Field which was then flown to arrive in Maryland before the ornate casket on Air Force One arrived. That is Fetter's argument for an improvement over Lifton's argument, as to mechanism of conveyance of JFK's body to arrive earlier than what Fetter says was the decoy body of the other man in the ornate casket that everyone thought was JFK.

Fetter claims that when Jacqueline went in to Trauma Room No. 1 at Parkland to put her wedding ring on the finger of JFK, that when the sheet was pulled down so she could see the face of JFK she saw it was not JFK (but instead the face of the other man who had been shot and substituted for JFK there), and Jacqueline knew it was not her husband. However, Fetter explains, Jacqueline realizing she was surrounded by armed persons who had killed her husband and in fear for her life knew she dare not say what she knew, so pretended she did not notice (and left her wedding ring with the man she knew was not her husband) and apparently did not reveal that secret ("hey, that wasn't Jack!") into the public realm throughout the rest of her life. 

But that's not the "uh oh" reaction I mean. The "uh oh" reaction is the natural question, who is this second person shot and killed at Dealey Plaza distinct from JFK, arrived to and wheeled into Parkland distinct from JFK at close to the same time, then substituted for JFK's body?

Well ... drumroll ... after one pays $90 for the two volumes that are promised to deliver the full solution to the JFK assassination, author Fetter says he isn't going to say!

But trust him, he has devastating evidence and will reveal that identity in his NEXT book! 

For THIS book, he asks you to "trust him" that he will prove that in his next book, and then proceeds with the argument in THIS book as if that point is established (because he assures the reader it is proven beyond any shadow of doubt in his NEXT book).

I have no idea who Fetter has in mind for the identity of his second fatal shooting victim in Dealey Plaza at the time JFK was shot and killed (he does not mean Connally who was not killed). But he cites one particular claim of evidence for what he says was a switch in bodies coming out of Trauma Room No. 1 at Parkland, and that is what he says is a correct reading of the HSCA testimony of Otis Elevator employee Nathan Pool.

Fetter claims Nathan Pool, who was operating the elevator at Parkland, told HSCA that he had a good view of the hallway outside Trauma Room No. 1 through an open door, and saw JFK's body being wheeled on a stretcher with a "purple" covering on top, and that Nathan Pool did not see Jacqueline there when he saw this. Fetter argues that Jacqueline was not there because she was in another room having a cigarette, and that Pool was actually a witness to the switch in bodies, since by that time JFK was supposed to be in the ornate casket, not on a stretcher with a purple covering. The conventional story is that JFK, after last rites and being declared dead, was put into the ornate casket and then that was loaded on to Air Force One, etc.

OK, this is a critical claim of an on-the-record (documented HSCA interview) testimony from a witness (Nathan Pool) of something contradicting the official story. But, problem: I cannot find a transcript of that HSCA interview of Nathan Pool anywhere on the internet. 

Can anyone find a transcript of that HSCA interview? I wonder if Nathan Pool's testimony is being misinterpreted by Fetter. But I am unable to fact-check because I cannot locate the HSCA testimony of Nathan Pool on this point.

Thanks if anyone can assist in locating a transcript of Nathan Pool's HSCA interview! 

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Looks like it’s RIF 180-10097-10261


There’s a transcribed summary of his interview in this ROKC thread that I didn’t see on MFF: 


There’s also this folder in the Weisberg archive, but no testimony: 

http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/P Disk/Pool Nathan/

I found this thread that supposedly gives a link to Pools testimony in the Weisberg archive (scroll down, comment by “Mike”) on page 40 of a document, but the link takes me to a 3-page unrelated document. I’m on my phone though and it could be a screen/copying issue:


So it might be somewhere in the Weisberg archive, but could require some digging to find. 

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I have a chapter on Pool and others involved in this from the second volume of my unpublished work on the wounding of John Connally. I will send you a link to this via a pm shortly.


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Thank you Tom Gram, document hunter-finder extraordinaire! 

And thank you Gary Murr for the chapter! 

A trivia note: I noticed in one of Tom's links that there was some skepticism discussed whether Nathan Pool was there, but as Murr's chapter brought out, there were at least two early witness statements within 1-2 weeks of the assassination to an Otis Elevator repairman present (Landregan; Holcomb), and a third witness, Elizabeth Wright, refers to "Mr. Poll" (sic) running the elevator, i.e. Nathan Pool. Elizabeth Wright's statement was Dec 11, 1963: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1138#relPageId=218. Also, Nathan Pool later described his vehicle to Gary Murr in a distinctive manner, a pickup truck with wooden slats, and Gary Murr found photos of that vehicle at Parkland on Nov 22, 1963, where Pool said he had parked it. So that detail (of whether Nathan Pool was there) can be put to rest. 

On the question at issue, re what Nathan Pool said he saw of JFK, at one point he said he saw JFK rolled out of Trauma Rm 1 into a hallway covered with a purple covering. He did not say that was on a stretcher, or not on a stretcher. He says he did not see Jackie in that hallway when he saw that. At another point he says he saw Jackie accompany JFK on a stretcher out of Parkland. Since all other testimony of persons from that day and the days immediately after have Jackie leaving Parkland with JFK in the ornate casket, I read that as pretty clearly Nathan Pool, fifteen years later speaking for the first time, simply in error on the casket/stretcher issue, not evidence for a body-substitution at Parkland. 

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4 hours ago, Tom Gram said:

Wow! Very interesting.

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On 1/15/2024 at 8:53 PM, Denis Morissette said:

I have the audio of that interview, but the quality is so bad that’s it’s not worth posting.

I'd still like to hear it. Is there a link?

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20 hours ago, Denis Morissette said:

This is only the first part of the interview. It sounds like the recorder was under water. water.|  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yReMyYYXxYZj6sJvyOhVHG7ffsbcg2EY/view?usp=sharing

Thanks for the link!

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Q. The bullet you found was more European? 
A. Yeah, it was more round nosed than a 303 or a 30.06 or 
 anything like that. 

Interesting that Pool's description fits CE399 & doesn't fit with O.P. Wright's description of a bullet with a pointed tip that he told to Mark Lane.

I'm sure I've read that Tomlinson passed the found bullet to Wright, but Pool states Tomlinson passed the bullet to a Secret Service agent.

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Here's a link to the cleaned-up version of the first of six audio recordings that Denis Morissette posted a few weeks ago.  The sound had to be slowed down by about 26% and there were four distinct sections in the recording that each had to be processed differently (probably due to storage problems over the years).  The section where Pool describes watching JFK's body being rolled out of Trauma Room 1 on a stretcher covered with a "purple cover" occurs in the last section of the audio recording which is also the most clearly understandable.  Best wishes to all; hope I can clean up the other 5 recordings some day.  https://app.box.com/s/l7g2fn6pxzhmj52hz61qw54es0m3p62m

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