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  1. quote: Robin, I believe Sandy Larsen agrees with me, but maybe I'm wrong. Congratulations Thomas, you have ONE PERSON WHO AGREES WITH YOU.
  2. You Haven't proven anything Thomas. As for your comment about Calvery, if you go back and read my posts you will see that i already swallowed my pride, and that i removed the Calvery identification in the Zapruder frame months ago in my image gallery. but i will not alter Hicks and Reed until you prove you are correct. Show me who else on the forums agrees with you, that the three ladies are Stella Mae Jacob, Gloria Jeanne Holt, and Sharon Simmons-Nelson Stop grandstanding Thomas, and post a more convincing theory, one that i can get behind.
  3. Looking at the tight close up of Willis 4 it makes perfect sense that Willis would be standing in the street close to the Limo when he snapped Willis 4.
  4. Willis 4 Chris i think this might be a good frame to match Willis 4 Jfk has his hand up to his face, Jackies head is turned slightly to the left, Phil Willis has his camera up to his eye, Rosemary Willis looks like she is near the opening seen in the Martin film.
  5. Waving women in Towner
  6. Bottom line, i was accused of doing something i did not do. Time for John Butler to man up and apologize. You can spin that any way you want Brad, if a person wants to post outlandish alteration theories on a forum then they should be prepared for people like myself to come along and challenge their findings.
  7. Thanks Chris Interesting information. Dale Myers frame rates I notice he also has Martin as 22.8 FPS
  8. Thanks Kathy I now expect an apology from John Butler.
  10. What the hell are you raving on about ? In 20-years of Research i have NEVER once talked about Oswald's passport ? I could care less about Oswald research or his passport. ?
  11. I just checked my Groden DVD containing the Hughes film. That version is garbage, it has multiple interlaced frames. The fact that the frames are interlaced are self evident on viewing the film, and yet you still chose to use one of the interlaced frames and post it in this forum as evidence of alteration.
  12. Go back and re-read my posts. The Groden frame is NOT authentic. it is an anomaly made from a combination of two separate Hughes frames.
  13. So John Butler instead of owning up to his dishonesty regarding the Hughes composite frame, ducks and weaves and instead shifts the blame to Groden.
  14. David As i do not believe in Zapruder film alterationi i have simply chosen to ignore your posts.