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  1. Credit: Tony Fratini
  2. Area of tiled wall corresponding to the depth of the top landing.
  3. sounds like you are just trolling this thread Thomas, trying to take it off topic.
  4. Tony Fratini calculation has the depth of the top landing at 4.3'
  5. Where is Frazier in Wiegman ? is he also up against the glass, hidden in the shadows ?
  6. This was just posted by Duncan. quote: What Depth Was The TSBD Landing On November 22nd 1963? This is a Gif I made of Dan Rather opening the TSBD glass door exit /entrance, and then walking on to the steps. Unfortunately, the landing is not in view. He does however appears to take two similar length strides/footsteps from the door exit/entrance before going down on to the top step. As the average human stride/footstep, according to most information sources I have researched is approximately 31 inches, that would make the depth of the landing from the glass door to the top step be approximately 5ft and a bit. I did a test myself, and I can verify that this estimate is a reasonable calculation.
  7. I have seen a comment on one of the forums stating that the depth of the landing was (5) - feet ?
  8. WC Testimony MR. BALL -- "How tall are you?" MR. FRAZIER -- "I am 6-foot, a little bit over 6-foot."
  9. January 1964
  10. Yes, as i tried to demonstrate with my colorization,the tiled area appears to be the same depth as the top landing. As i understand it, the glass door when opened only just missed hitting the end of the hand rail, with possibly just a couple of inches to spare.
  11. Toni Frantini did some good work on the TSBD entrance and Prayer mans location, i am trying to find his old thread. there was some very good images in that post.
  12. Nice Image. Looking at the William Allen photos, the top landing looks just deep enough for two cops to be standing on it , one just behind the other.
  13. Alistair From memory i think the depth of the top landing was approx 1-metre from the end of the hand rail to the glass door. that will need to be verified. ?
  14. Jack White 35mm Wiegman slide.