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  1. Bruno describes about a 4 foot halo that is taller & lasts longer in frames than what we see online.
  2. It would be nice to see the film that Dino Brugioni saw that describes the halo of debris exiting the skull.Not only is there some hanky panky going on,but I believe that a shot to the back of the head was also removed prior to the head snap.
  3. I can remember trying to go there in the past month,and I can assure you that I did not type in the URL.So,I must have gotten there from a link without a redirect.
  4. In a September 15, 2007, New York Times article written by Michael Wilson, Mr. O’Donnell’s family said “his claims to fame – made in television, newspaper and radio interviews, as well as on his own amateurish Web site – were not out of greed or fraud, but the confused statements of an ailing man in his last years. The only thing stolen, his widow and one of his sons said, was the soundness of his memory. While he was not formally diagnosed with a mental illness, he clearly became senile, his family said.”
  5. It seems that you are correct Micah.Your response made me research the claim further.I was able to locate the following on the web. “Mr. O’Donnell further volunteered that he was asked to show Jacqueline Kennedy the Zapruder film in a private screening with a few weeks of the assassination; his recollection of the timing was uncertain. He said no one was present except Jacqueline Kennedy and him, and that the screening was held at the USIA [United States Information Agency] screening room at the USIA building at 1776 Pennsylvania Avenue. He said that when he asked her why she tried to escape from the limousine, she told him she was not trying to escape, but rather was trying to pick up pieces of the President’s head from the top of the car’s trunk lid, so that his head could be put back together. He said that following her viewing of the head shot sequence in the film, Jacqueline Kennedy told him in a very forceful way, ‘I don’t ever want to see that again,’ which he said that he interpreted as an order to alter the film so as to remove the offending images of the head shot – namely, a halo of debris around the President’s head. He told us he knows it was wrong, but he removed about 10 feet of film from the Zapruder film. After Mr. O’Donnell was asked what format the film was, he stated it was 16mm film; when asked if he was sure that it was 16mm film, he said that yes, it was 16mm film. When asked to estimate how many frames he removed, he simply repeated that he removed ‘about 10 feet of film.’ He said he has not seen the Zapruder film since that time. When he was asked whether he altered a copy of the film or the original, he said, ‘I had the original.’ “[Call Report, Joe O’Donnell, Telephone Interview by Jeremy Gunn, 02/28/97, p.2]
  6. I was fortunate to find my volumes of Doug`s books that I had stored for quite a long period of time.I had only read one volume (5) & then I recently started reading volume two.I noticed that on page 287 of volume two that,Joe O`Donnell mentions that he was asked to show Jackie the Zapruder film.And after that,Jackie had commented that she don`t ever want to see that again.He goes on to say that he removed about 10 feet of the Zapruder film (namely the halo of debris) He states that it was a 16mm that he removed it from.So,I`m wondering what copy it was that he showed Jackie & where is it at this time? Would anybody like to comment about any portion that I just mentioned? Here we have someone that actually admitted to altering a Zapruder film.
  7. Remember that Kellerman stated that a flurry of shots came in just from the time that he was on the phone with Lawson.
  8. 1) JFK`s back 2) JFK`s Throat 3) Back of JFK`s head 4) Shot in right temple 5) Connally`s shoulder/back 6) Connally`s wrist) 7) Stemmon`s sign 8) Concrete curb 9) Limo floor pan 10) Chrome strip near mirror 11) Found in grass 12) Connally`s leg
  9. I`m not asking for facts or actual evidence.If it`s provided ....even better. I`ve had debates on other forums the was not JFK assassination related. I`m asking you to tell me how many bullets/shots you think were fired that day. Not just at JFK,but Governor Connally also. Feel free to just post the number. I`m thinking about 9 or more.
  10. Interesting. Only having a two day trial seems short,but it`s better than nothing.
  11. Forum member Tosh Plumlee said that the dark complected man you`re talking about,flew out of Redbird airport with him after the assassination.He has also mentioned how his abort teams walkie talkies were not operating correctly that day.
  12. It would be hard for me to not believe that some of the contributions came from Carlos Marcello & Santos Trafficante Maybe even throw in a tad bit of Sam Giancana.
  13. It will be interesting reading about what Tosh has to say.I can remember him & GPH going back and forth on here. I`m curious if he mentions if "Gator" was part of the Abort Team. Gator is AKA the Dark Complected Man. Thanks for the info Doug.
  14. Pat, I had a debate on another forum (not related to JFK BTW) about the back of the head photographs.It was my opinion that when confronted that a Forensic Panel concluded that the photograph was not tampered with...I stated that the forgers could have taken a picture of a picture,which the tampering would not be evident.I still stand by this assessment.
  15. " And, just for the record, I certainly do not believe that Humes performed any surgery --i.e., pre-autopsy surgery--on the president's head." David,I find this quote very interesting.After all ...it was Robinson who is quoted as saying "that`s what the "Dr`s" did." By process of elimination...that leaves Boswell.
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