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    CIA code name research

    Thread Post 1 This page has a Cryptonym database https://www.tpaak.com/cryptonyms
  2. Michael Clark

    CIA code name research

  3. From my reiading of recent documents, I think it will get noone nowhere to try to find an ultimate, in fact, top dog in MC, in October of 63. There were too many offices with interests in MC, all answering to disparate offices in DC, for Win Scott to be more than a host, not a boss, for them all. I see Hunt on base through an unknown office (he had been COS a decade earlier, with William F Buckley as a subordinate); I see James McCord as an office of Security electronics specialist supervisor working with or under Hunt in 63. David Phillips arriving on the 7th of.November is another example; Scott was not his boss; just his host, in a very busy, tricky and confused situation. Hell, Anne Exeter (sp.?) is excercising executive authority with regard to the photographic operations on the consulates and embassies at that time; (again, this is my reading of documents).
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    Neil Young

    Down by the River
  5. Michael Clark

    Neil Young

    Neil Young PowderFinger I copied the lyrics to this one below. This song intrigues me.... Look out, Mama,there's a white boatcomin' up the riverWith a big red beacon,and a flag,and a man on the railI think you'd better call John,'Cause it don'tlook like they're hereto deliver the mailAnd it's less than a mile awayI hope they didn't come to stayIt's got numbers on the sideand a gunAnd it's makin' big waves.Daddy's gone,my brother's out huntingin the mountainsBig John's been drinkingsince the river took Emmy-LouSo the powers that beleft me hereto do the thinkin'And I just turned twenty-twoI was wonderin' what to doAnd the closer they got,The more those feelings grew.Daddy's rifle in my handfelt reassurin'He told me,Red means run, son,numbers add up to nothin'But when the first shothit the docks I saw it comin'Raised my rifle to my eyeNever stopped to wonder why.Then I saw black,And my face splashed in the sky.Shelter me from the powderand the fingerCover me with the thoughtthat pulled the triggerThink of meas one you'd never figuredWould fade away so youngWith so much left undoneRemember me to my love,I know I'll miss her.
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    Delete. Problem with links

  7. Michael Clark

    Delete. Problem with links

  8. Michael Clark

    Strategy of tension

    I came here to find this video link and noticed it was dead. I found it again and figured I would repost it. It gets real interesting and relevant at @ 29 minutes.
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    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    You leave the impression that you have read the others. Did you mean to leave that impression? Did read them?
  10. Michael Clark

    I understand why people hate conspiracies

    The list of people in power who we have on record as saying the Warren Commission Report was a scam is considerable. Among them, Richard Nixon, whose job it was to prosecute the quilty, but demurred from doing so, was guilty by his own admission. Lance and David Von Pein are aware of this, but are bound by some perverse duty, or some unholy matrimony with Corruption and Deceit to keep providing nuggets of deception to those who may be looking for the truth.
  11. Michael Clark

    I understand why people hate conspiracies

    I recall when the full implications of the JFKA conspiracy hit me. It was before reading Garrisons book or seeing Stone’s movie based on that book. I was stunned. I was quaking and shuddering. For some time it was all I could think or talk about. I passed, slightly, in and out of denial. Eventually I just moved on. i can understand the denial. Thinking, caring and responsible can be ruined just by believing the truth and understanding it’s implications. For many, accepting the false tale of the WC is the only way to go on.
  12. Michael Clark

    "Frenchy" Kent Brouillette

    AKA "Mr. New Orleans". Nearly the same age as Oswald. He was Murdered not long ago. There is very little information on him. Has anyone seen Frenchy cross their path while looking into this case? Cheers, Michael
  13. I think we have learned that the conspirators could make almost anything stick if they wanted to do so. The confusion caused by our twin Ozzies would only help their cause as long as they were never seen in the same place together.
  14. Michael Clark

    Tippit, Oswald, and the Dobbs House

    That would have been the coffee processing place in NOLA.
  15. Michael Clark

    I was thinking of Arthur Miller today

    I always appreciate your input as well as Joe's. The two of you have a very complementary style and insight. Likewise, as Robert points out, @Brad Milch was a member whom I appreciated in much the same way. I really wish he was allowed back, although I will not inquire about this with the admins because I have used up a number of my chances here. Michael
  16. Michael Clark

    Glaze Letters

    I have not taken the time to read this fully, but it has been the subject of interest of forum lurker for the last several hours.
  17. Michael Clark

    The vanishing pool of blood

    I am wondering what Lee was referring to here. He was a good researcher. I don’t think he would have posted this if he did not have something worth pursuing.
  18. I only have a minute before my battery dies, so I'll post without comment.
  19. Michael Clark

    Ice bullets

    I don't buy Hunt's confession. He was trying to divert attention from the still-living perps and friends. He also did not want to implicate Cubans. It's ridiculous to say that there is no reason to discount his confession.
  20. Michael Clark

    The Three Failed plots to Kill Kennedy Pt 2

    There is this...
  21. Michael Clark

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Every once in a while Paul Baker shows up with the same discredited claims.
  22. Michael Clark

    The vanishing pool of blood

    I marked up a photo but I cannot post it. I can send it to someone if they will post it.
  23. Michael Clark

    Kennedy-Related Photos (From DVP's Collection)

    That's a great one. It has a Norman Rockwell Americana flavor to it.