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  1. It does not. Been there. James even acknowledged that at one point.
  2. I’m not sure what sacked means. It’s just a fun word to use. He has been put on 2PPD, which, from my observations, means he can’t post at all. For example, Jim Harwood is on 2PPD, and we haven’t heard from him since. I have wondered what the 2PPD thing is really all about. I have speculated that it averages your allowed post count with the number of days you have been a member. If so, with his low post count, 118, he would be able to post at 236 days of membership. Again, just speculating. It’s a strange forum function.
  3. Rich has been sacked. His avatar now reads two posts per day. I have never seen a 2PPDer post, at all.
  4. That whole Amazon thing is interesting to me and I don’t pay close attention but I have a personal perspective on it. If anyone has heard of the Nxivm scandal, it is part of this connection. This story canters on the Capital District, Albany, NY area. My girlfriend pointed out a guy who was walking with a woman and she mentioned that he was involved in some scandal, and mentioned Nexivm. It was a year or so before I heard of it again, so I looked it up. I researched the guy and it turns out that he ran a company in this area, some 25 years ago, called Consumer Buy Line, or something like that. It was eventually closed down as a ponzu scheme. In 1993, just out of college, I injured my leg and needed some temporary work where I could sit down while my leg healed. I worked for Consumer Buy Line as a temp, stuffing envelopes. It was quite an operation, reaching many people, all over the country with a huge array of products. It, as I said, was shut down, but I was always skeptical of the legal action. But, what do I know, or, what did I know. 2 years later comes windows 95 and the internet, as people now know it. If Consumer Buy Line was not shut down, it would have been Amazon, I have little doubt. The Neivum thing seems just as strange to me, but what do I know.
  5. Well, their is the academic study of religion; really a study of art and literary criticism. I know I invited you before but you passed on the offer, but the synoptic problem, the Gospel of Thomas, the Q document and the Oxyrhynchus papyri are fascinating lines of inquiry. You can find my lonely post in the Religion section. But, before you go... Care for a potato chip, or two?
  6. Agreed, but we can’t be regarded as preaching to the choir if we welcome those who are not in agreement with us.
  7. Well, Lance, you are, along with Tracy Parnell and DVP, the most appreciated LNers I have seen on the forum. Of course, I don’t appreciate the ridicule that all, except perhaps Tracy, being with them. DVP was let go for good reason, IMO. But it was ultimately his choice. You got into an ego battle with Jim and you want James to shut the door for you, because you can’t manage to walk away on your own. I think Jim gets out-of-hand, sometimes, but it is only to those most worthy, so you can take it as a compliment. I do wish that Jim could control himself however. Please stick around. I think you know the truth but cannot now express or face it. I think there is hope for you. I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. Like LNers CTers think that LNers lack courage or harbor a great fear of the truth.
  8. From my reading of documents, and no books, the NOLA mob was, by agreement, a secondary mob outfit with responsibilities, not privileges, in the maintenance of Dallas. The Los Angeles mob seems to be overlooked, often, in this story. David Yaras is a principle connection between Florida and Los Angeles and seemed to be managing a lot of action in Dallas. I think the Los Angeles mob played the biggest, primary mafia connection to the assassination, via connections to Fla. with NOLA carrying the pot and taking the heat. To be sure, I don’t think the mob dunnit, even if the shooters were mobsters. The conspiracy was was wider, like the assassination of Caesar. It would make some sense if the triangulators themselves were acting on faith that the others were in place, without having a clue as to who they were.
  9. Welcome to new member Tyler. Tyler built an interesting animation for the assassination sequence. A link is in his bio:
  10. Deleted. I did not represent myself or the membership well here..
  11. Searching “educationforum storm drain” yields:
  12. Why would you cite a TV show in reference to what Garrison thought of Bannister, instead of citing Garrison?
  13. IMO, skip the books. Search, read and share the documents.
  14. @Bart Kamp I am sharing these finds with the Mary Ferrell site and crediting you for the find. They make note of, and credit for the share. I just wanted you to know that you can be credited for the share by sending these to them:
  15. Bart Kamp shared the following: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eOYiw3cMzte8HB70Jh5xbBAhB5R_Pv5u/view Sharing as Adobe Document Cloud Doc for testing. Please let me know how this works. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A659a852b-b91d-4df2-8bb1-b7c3405631ed AMPAL-1 Alias: Joe Anderson AMPAL-2 Not in MFF AMPAL-3 Not in MFF Alias: Gordon R Hawlott
  16. Thanks Bart, Is “Idle Warriors” available online?
  17. While we’re at it, What do members believe that is on YouTube, Wikipedia or Facebook?
  18. I posted a method for saving and sharing PDF’s using the Adobe document cloud, without needing or using an account. It’s in this thread:
  19. Hi Sandy, perhaps you would consider changing the name of this thread to “Forum Tips and Tricks” or something else that is generic with regard to general assistance. Cheers Mike
  20. Share a document from Adobe cloud with no account. I am using an IPad. I saved one of Bart’s PDF’s to the iPad Books app. I saved that PDF from Books to the Adobe Reader app (free). Open the Adobe Reader PDF. Click share (box with up arrow). Click “Get Link”. Click “Copy Link”. An IPad options window will open. Click “Copy”. You can now paste a link that will open that document from the Adobe cloud, with no account. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A29263e3b-6fd5-463b-ab94-f6aeeeedca98
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