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  1. In this interview Chip Tatum discusses a pair of drugs that could be administered weeks apart to get someone to do something like an assassination in a hypnotic state. It is between the 60 min. Mark and 1:15 mark, I believe.
  2. Why not name names, Vince? I would think that if he is about to publish a book, and is so well read, he must, already, have some kind of presence in the community or in relevant social media, no?
  3. I have tried to listen to these podcasts before and, like this one, I cannot suffer the time-filling devices he uses to fill-out his show. I would like to hear a synopsis, skip to interesting sections, or press-on listening if there were some assurances that it gets better as it drags-on.
  4. Simple answer from me..... A limited hangout to protect the agency, blame Democrats for tearing themselves apart, downplaying hiss own involvement, and leaving something sellable for his son that might also serve as protection for St. John. I wold be surprised if St. John did not have some more valuable and authentic goods stashed-away, as well. On a side note...Perhaps I missed it but, our own @William Plumlee Tosh Plumlee, as well as St. John Hunt have recently stated that Hunt was on board Plumlee,s flight to Dallas on 11-22-63. I checked-in here a few times, after that story came out but I, surprisingly, did not see it here. Michael
  5. Joe, If you have not read the Furniture Mart episode in the WCR, you may find, after doing so, that there may have been a second, full, Oswald family, in the Dallas area in the fall of 63; of which Marina, the DPD LHO, or both, may not have been aware. Michael
  6. People are very different in their ability or propensity to adapt or acquire languages accents and dialects. I have been going to the same Italian-American barber, who talks too much, for 25 years. 25 years ago, I could could understand about 30% about what he was talking about. Now I can understand about 20% af what he says. He clearly has no ability (or desire, to be fair) to pick up or adapt to another language. I, for all my inability to better understand my barber after all these years, very readily pick up accents, and dialects and word usage depending on where Iive. I have discovered this ability ( or propensity.through my changes of residence throughout NY and New England, as well as during during college when I was taking a Chaucer course and found myself dreaming in Middle English. I think I am like Oswald in that sense. Anyone here (lance) who says Russian is easy or as easy to pick—up as some western Eauropean languages is being disingenuous, at best, and probably would also claims that the purported 3 shots from the TSBD were child’s play. Autism has been given such a wide range of presentations in recent years that it has become less useful to talk about in many circumstances; but I believe, in concurrence with Greg Parker, that the Dallas Police Station and NOLA interviewed LHO had a particular autistic gift for language adaptation, and this is the only thing that would recommend him for his service in the Navy and transposition into intelligence. And, barring further, solid evidence for his specific specialty as an RF radar operator/technician ( I am an RF Technician) I suspect that LHO was more of a signals-intercepts kind of guy. This would better explain any “miraculous” uptake of the Russia language than is often offered. Cheers, Michael
  7. Thanks Danny, That is very important work, IMO. Michael
  8. David Von Pein, how much money do you make by participating in the coup? Monthly? Yearly? Daily? tell us...
  9. David Von Pein...... The amount of money that you make by maintaining a website that buries our President who was killed in a Coup de ta remains a mysteryto me. Care to share? How much do you make by perpetuating the coup? Michael
  10. Lance, How do you figure that the guy, Bill Hunter, a Dallas reporter, was shot and killed, by police, in the 16 hours between the two interviews of Jack Ruby’s roommate, George Senator’s, differing Warren Commission testimonies, when George was the guy who gave that same reporter a tour of Ruby’s apartment on Sunday, the 24th of November,1963. Lance, feeling guilty, yet?
  11. Harr Harry, I am sorry, I can be of no help with that at all. Michael
  12. From my reiading of recent documents, I think it will get noone nowhere to try to find an ultimate, in fact, top dog in MC, in October of 63. There were too many offices with interests in MC, all answering to disparate offices in DC, for Win Scott to be more than a host, not a boss, for them all. I see Hunt on base through an unknown office (he had been COS a decade earlier, with William F Buckley as a subordinate); I see James McCord as an office of Security electronics specialist supervisor working with or under Hunt in 63. David Phillips arriving on the 7th of.November is another example; Scott was not his boss; just his host, in a very busy, tricky and confused situation. Hell, Anne Exeter (sp.?) is excercising executive authority with regard to the photographic operations on the consulates and embassies at that time; (again, this is my reading of documents).
  13. I came here to find this video link and noticed it was dead. I found it again and figured I would repost it. It gets real interesting and relevant at @ 29 minutes.
  14. You leave the impression that you have read the others. Did you mean to leave that impression? Did read them?
  15. The list of people in power who we have on record as saying the Warren Commission Report was a scam is considerable. Among them, Richard Nixon, whose job it was to prosecute the quilty, but demurred from doing so, was guilty by his own admission. Lance and David Von Pein are aware of this, but are bound by some perverse duty, or some unholy matrimony with Corruption and Deceit to keep providing nuggets of deception to those who may be looking for the truth.
  16. I recall when the full implications of the JFKA conspiracy hit me. It was before reading Garrisons book or seeing Stone’s movie based on that book. I was stunned. I was quaking and shuddering. For some time it was all I could think or talk about. I passed, slightly, in and out of denial. Eventually I just moved on. i can understand the denial. Thinking, caring and responsible can be ruined just by believing the truth and understanding it’s implications. For many, accepting the false tale of the WC is the only way to go on.
  17. I think we have learned that the conspirators could make almost anything stick if they wanted to do so. The confusion caused by our twin Ozzies would only help their cause as long as they were never seen in the same place together.
  18. That would have been the coffee processing place in NOLA.
  19. I always appreciate your input as well as Joe's. The two of you have a very complementary style and insight. Likewise, as Robert points out, @Brad Milch was a member whom I appreciated in much the same way. I really wish he was allowed back, although I will not inquire about this with the admins because I have used up a number of my chances here. Michael
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