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Life and Death of JFK

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I have been a history teacher (students aged 11 to 18) for 25 years. I have been interested in JFK ever since I began studying contemporary American history in the early 1960s.

I run the Assassination of JFK website. It is an organic project and at the moment there are biographies of 286 people involved in the case: Major Figures (38), Important Witnesses (60), Investigators (92) and Possible Conspirators (96).


My areas of expertise include: the political career of JFK, the political consequences of his death and the people involved in the events surrounding the assassination of JFK.

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Martin Shackelford

B.A. in History, University of Michigan 1969, some graduate work.

Student of the JFK assassination since 1973. Numerous articles on the subject, as well as contributions to a number of books, including volumes by Ian McFarlane, Harrison Livingstone and Michael Benson.

Special focus is the photographic evidence, but I try to keep up with a general overall knowledge of the case as well.

Extensive collection of the films and photos taken on November 22, 1963, as well as related films and images.

Have attended quite a few JFK conferences, presenting at some of them.

Have worked since 1999 with the witness Judyth Baker.

Some television appearances regarding the case, including a 90-minute talk show in Lansing, Michigan.

Occasional slide lectures and presentations on the case, high school and college, and assisting students with JFK-related projects.

Have updated lists of JFK websites, JFK-related DVDs, etc., as well as an index to the unindexed Robert Groden book, The Killing of a President, among other reference materials.

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Antti Hynonen

I was inspired by Oliver Stone's movie "JFK" in 1991, ever since I've been interested in the assassination of JFK. Out of mere interest, I have researched the issue as a hobby for just less than two years, focusing on witness statements including a lot of the Warren Commission material (and it's many flaws). My goal has been to keep up-to-date on new developments and theories and to participate in discussions when appropriate. I have particularly enjoyed the discussions on this site and John Simkin's Spartacus.schoolnet site, which is probably the best web-site on the issue.

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Dixie Dea

I live in the U.S, actually in California. I have attended West Hills College and studies at the Univ of Utah, as well as many special courses of study in the field of Behavioral Science....specifically in the area of Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Recovery. However, I eventually became more involved in the Administrative areas. I no longer work and count myself as retired. Although, I do have a little business, that I work at home sometimes.

The biggest portion of my time is with my JFK Research studies. I have been interested and involved in JFK Research for many years practically since the day JFK was assassinated. Although, I didn't actually think about anything like a conspiracy, until the day Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. I don't actually know the reason, but I just didn't seem to believe the explanations we were given. Perhaps at the time, this had more to do with intuition then anything else though.

I did begin reading all the information I could find, although I did have a hard time finding anything, living in a small town for many years. In addition, a lot of what I read did not indicate a conspiracy and it just didn't sound convincing to me. Mostly I just kept it in my own mind, that I believed there might have been conspiracy and cover-up. I just kept wanting to find out more!

By now, I have been able to read many JFK related books..I have also attended several JFK Anniversary Conferences in Dallas. In addition, I am a member of several JFK Research Forums. I don't have an area of JFK Research that I have specialized. I just seem to go with whatever area interests me. Whatever area I want to pursue in research, that's what I do! I very much enjoy discussing and shariing information with other researchers or those who may be interested.


(Ms) Dixie M. Dea

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Greg Parker

I live in Darwin, Australia and have been doing independent research on the assassination since 2000.

In that time, I have provided research for an upcoming biography on Jim Garrison, and had other research presented at the Pittsburgh symposium in 2003.

Reconstructing Oswald's movements immediately before, during and after the assassination from first day witness statements show that a) he was not on the 6th floor when the shooting started B) the famous scene of drinking a coke in a second floor lunchroom and being confronted by a gun-toting cop and the superintendent never happened and c) the cop (Baker) probably did encounter a potential suspect, but it was on the 4th floor.

Oswald's early years, his time in Dallas and New Orleans after returning from the USSR, his family, and Jack Ruby and his connections to deep politics, are other areas of interest.

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Allan Eaglesham

A native of Rutherglen, Scotland, living in Ithaca, NY, I've published articles on the "sniper's nest," possible alteration of the Zapruder film, photographic evidence of the presence of CIA/Mafia figures in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, and the "mysterious death" of US Navy Lieutenant Commander William Pitzer. An editor by trade, I am helping William Law prepare for publication a book of interviews of people involved in events at the Bethesda Naval Hospital on the evening of the Kennedy assassination. I manage the Web-site of JFK Deep Politics Quartely, the JFK-research journal run by Walt Brown. More info is available at


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Alas, I can remember where I was when the news of JFK's death came through - Cub Scouts! It was the only time I saw my parents really interested in politics. Since then I have kept an open mind on a man who seemed to offer so much. Ironically, the current democrat candidate has the same initials.

Though I am an economist I write on current issues and have collected quite a large collection of interviews with people on the topic of Kennedy and his supposed legacy.

John Birchall


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Hi Folks,

My name is Ryan Crowe, I have really found interest in the JFK assassination after a friend pointed out the shooting scenerio to me.I looked into the scenerio of what the WC said Oswald achieved and through fellow shooters and myself realized it couldnt be done that way.

I have been shooting high power rifle comps for 14 years, I have learned alot from shooting along side of Military and Police Snipers and have trained/coached under them as well, I also teach private handgun lessons.

I have studied and continue to study the ballistics of handgun and rifles and there capabilities.

I have also studied military firearms which is my biggest hobby,the firearms which I have studied range from WW1 to present,one rifle that I enjoy shooting in High Power comp at 600 meters is the M1 Garand.The rifle I use for Long range comps beyong 600 meters is a custom built Rem 700 in .308 caliber.

I have been asked in what some say is my experties in firearms to either desribe certain firearms in photos related to people who might be involved in the assassination to there capabilities, Basically all shooting aspects of the assassination.

My main reason in being here is to describe to the non shooter the shooting aspect of the assassination,I will try my best in helping anyone who might have a question or questions.

Thank you,

Ryan Crowe

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I am Jack White of Fort Worth, Texas. I live just 25 miles from Dealey Plaza, the scene of the crime.

I have studied the assassination intensively since 1963. I developed a slide presentation which I showed to many groups in the 60s and 70s. In the 70s, the HSCA enlisted me as a photographic consultant, and I testified before the committee regarding the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle and the backyard photos. I wanted to testify about the identity of Lee Harvey Oswald, but was prohibited.

As a professional artist and photographer since 1950, my main interest in the murder evidence was and is in the area of the photographs, both still and movies. After many years of study, I have concluded that much of the photo record has been tampered with or altered. I have more than 500 books, 100 videos, hundreds of magazines, and 20 file boxes of clippings on the case. I have produced several videotapes including FAKE, THE SEARCH FOR LEE HARVEY OSWALD, and THE GREAT ZAPRUDER FILM HOAX. My research has been published in The 3rd/4th Decade, The Continuing Inquiry, Coverups, ASSASSINATION SCIENCE, MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA and THE GREAT ZAPRUDER FILM HOAX.

I assisted with and appeared in Nigel Turner's THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY, and was a consultant to Oliver Stone in the production of JFK. I have appeared in several documentaries, including Russian and Japanese, and have assisted numerous authors of JFK books, particularly Jim Marrs, Robert Cutler, Robert Groden, and Tony Summers. For more than 2 years, I assisted Penn Jones with publication of THE CONTINUING INQUIRY. I have made presentations at numerous JFK symposiums such as ASK, COPA, JFK LANCER and The Gallery Symposium, The University of Pittsburgh Conference, and the Duluth Zapruder Conference.

I believe that the coup was engineered by Lyndon Johnson, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, and Richard Nixon with the assistance of the military, the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA, and certain intelligence agents including David Atlee Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, Lucien Conein, and Ed Lansdale, plus certain police, Cubans, mafiosi, and assorted others. I believe "Lee Harvey Oswald" was a name used by the CIA for two men involved in a false defector program, and that one of these men was later manipulated by Phillips into being blamed as the assassin. "LHO" was unwittingly involved in the plot and falsely named the lone nut killer. I believe that the real Oswald is alive today, and living persons know his whereabouts (Robert Oswald, Marina Oswald, Ruth Paine, Michael Paine, E. Howard Hunt, and others).

My specific areas of expertise are the backyard photos, the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle and ballistics, Lee Harvey Oswald (both of them) and LHO photos, the Zapruder Film and related subjects, the mystery people of Dealey Plaza (umbrellaman, Cuban, blackdogman, etc.), as well as all the photos of Dealey Plaza. My specialty is photoanalysis, which I have done for more than 40 years. My chief interest is explaining the mystery of the case to the younger generation... to equip them to carry on the search for truth and justice.

I will be glad to answer SHORT SPECIFIC questions. Please, no GENERAL questions requiring essay answers, like who were the shooters, where were they, and how many shots were fired, or please explain why JFK was killed. I would prefer questions related to photography and my areas of expertise.

Jack White :o

Edited by Jack White
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Hi There:

My name is Bernice Moore, I live in Ontario, Canada.

I have been a student of the J.F.K.Assassination since it's occurrence...

I am interested in all theories, all new and past research and all photographic material.... I have an on going study pertaining to Marilyn Sitzman..

Do your own research, make your own decisions,and as they say, do you own critical thinking..

Thanks for your time... ;)

Edited by John Simkin
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I am Chris Newton of Lake Worth, Florida, USA.

I became really interested in the JFK conspiracy while investigating my grandfather's role in the intelligence agencies of the 40's and 50's. His circle of friends and aquaintances continualy brought me back to the assassination in my research.

I have ten years military experience in Combat Arms where my primary job was to help develop gunnery standards for the M1 Abrams Tank. I've also been a Infantry Squad Leader and a NBC NCO. My work with Tank simulators sparked an interest in computers and I've been a computer analyst ever since. Most recently, I had a seven year stint with Motorola's Personal Messaging Sector as an Operations Systems Analyst.

Like Ryan Crowe, I bring 35 years of marksmanship training, military planning and a healthy dose of common sense to the table.

And like Jack White, if I can help inspire another generation to search the truth then I'll feel my mission has been accomplished.

The Truth Will Set You Free

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My name is David Healy - I reside in both Northern California and Southern Nevada, (Reno - Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas respectively)

My interest in this case goes back to 1963. (I was stationed with the USArmy in the Republic of South Vietnam when JFK was assassinated)

My specific focus, regarding this research endeavour, is JFK assassination motion film "evidence", primarily the Zapruder film.

Contrary to many that "do film/photo research regarding this subject, I make NO claim that the film or films are altered! WAS it possible to alter the Zapruder film, as in: was the time; personnel; equipment; optical film printing techniques and know-how available in late 1963 and '64? Of course it was. It was available 25 years before that. In certain forms, 80+ years before THAT!

With all the noise that's generated here and other places on the internet regarding this subject, it's little wonder that other's are starting to give the film alteration thesis room to grow.

The question has ALWAYS been, ** IF ** the film is altered - WHY, and if so, WHAT is being covered up.

Questions regarding techniques of possible Zapruder film alteration, or Zapruder film specifc questions covered in the book HOAX? Attempts will be made to answer any and ALL questions posed by readers that aren't addressed on Dr. John Costella's website or Dr. Jim Fetzer's websites.

I sincerely appreciate John Simkin's effort in bringing the JFK assassination to this fine 'teaching' forum.

David Healy

Reno, Nv. - Lake Tahoe, Calif.


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My name is Marcel Dehaeseleer, I'm living in Belgium.

The reading of my modest biography will help you to know my position within the Research Community.

If I can help you, do not hesitate to contact me, I always answer the serious mails (sometimes it takes some days).

In general, I often post messages on Rich DellaRosa's Forum: JFKResearch. Nevertheless, I appreciate very much the work, efforts and seriousness of John Simkin regarding JFK.

And to finish, I must be honest and warn you that I have a great admiration for Mister Jack White. You must be aware than Jack is right on many points related to the images forgeries. I trust him! Therefore, I published this Tribute to Jack White!

Best regards from Belgium...

Marcel Dehaeseleer

Contact: copweb@skynet.be

Some lines extracted from its Biography available to: http://users.skynet.be/copweb/jfk/mdbio-en.htm

Marcel Dehaeseleer Homepage: http://users.skynet.be/copweb/jfk/

...For a long time Marcel believed that the Zapruder film was original and free from any alteration. A few dying articles which refer to that firm belief can still be found on the World Wide Web (in some newsgroups). Lately, a whole chapter of author Caroline Lebeau's new book goes over some allegations regarding this issue of authenticity to which he hardly believes any longer. Marcel likes to introduce himself as an Independent Researcher, for he never stops swinging between both sides; on the one hand, those who follow the conclusions reached by the Warren Commission, and on the other hand the proponents of a large-scale conspiracy involving the highest realms of the US government.

His opinion is the following:there is some truth on both sides, which makes it hard to take sides. To decide definitively upon one or the other would be to show deliberately a lack of objectivity and by the same token would mean to deprive oneself of some of the pieces of news, true or false, fresh pieces of news popping up every day...

Among others Marcel Dehaeseleer deplores the restricted vision which is generally shared by the majority of French-speaking Europeans. Oliver Stone's movie JFK is the main reference for most of them. That film, which incidentally is excellent, is not exhaustive and lays out the facts superficially. Let's give credit to Stone for having tried to change things and succeeding in doing it. In the end, Stone managed his affairs with great courage. Running the risk of being totally discredited, he still faced up to things and gave the public a cult movie which is at the root of some Independent Researchers' vocations...

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As a student at Columbia, I became one of the youth leaders of the Socialist Party. After a year at the London School of Economics, returned to USA and shifted to the Communist Party. In 1933, given a medium level policy job in a New Deal agency. Sucked into a so-called nuclear cell of government officials supposedly destined to rise rapidly, I found secret membership in this cell while a US official duplicitous, and resolved my personal problem by resigning from government. (The cell at the time I left it merely read propaganda and talked; later its members would be drawn into espionage and one of them, Alger Hiss, would go to prison for perjury). Years of newspaper reporting and writing, mainly in Latin America, followed.

In 1939, Hitler and Stalin signed a pact that would precipitate World War 2. I left the Communist Party and rejoined the US Government to head Latin American research for Federal Reserve Board, later to serve in Board of Economic Warfare, then 2 years in a combat infantry division, then work on US grants and loans to the postwar world. Resigned from government for a second time around 1947 because the questionnaires in the Truman loyalty program would have unearthed my red past and forced me to engage in the distasteful task of testifying against former CP associates.

From 1947 on I wrote books and articles and earned a living from investments. I shifted from the Democratic to the Republican Party. My interest in Cuba made me write a book, Red Star Over Cuba, which blamed Castro's rise to power in part on covert State Department support of his cause, engineered by a clique of officials whose loyalties seemed questionable. Since the book sold about a quarter of a million copies, including Spanish, Portuguese and German language editions, it brought me into the world of Cuban anti-Castro exiles.

My attitude toward JFK was largely shaped by his Latin American policies and was highly critical. I agreed with my Cuban friends that the US Government had a moral obligation toward the force of Cuban volunteers that invaded Cuba and sought to liberate the island, that it had pledged them military support. JFK's last minute decision to abort the planned air strike that the small invading force needed for survival and/or orderly withdrawal and to leave people we had sent into battle stranded was dishonorable and unworthy of the United States. After the debacle of the invasion, which we now know would probably have failed anyhow, JFK's people advanced the slogan "Fidelismo without Fidel", in short an endorsement of the dictator's domestic policies. At the same time, the White House was pushing its Alliance for Progress, which sought to impose some US social measures on Latin countries which did not want them, and which helped cause a massive flight of domestic capital from the area and encouraged left-wing upheavals in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. I felt that Kennedy was a great charmer and master of rhetoric, but that unsound ideas proliferated like rabbits in the brains of those people who made policy decisions on Latin America for him. The tragedy of his assassination made such negative judgments seem petty and trivial.

Last year I published by autobiography, Encounters With Communism.

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