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My first blush thought is that Garrison was TOTALLY DEPENDENT on Perez for his political life in New Orleans since

Perez has been called the political boss of Plaquemines Parish by several others.

That sounds unlikely or at least very surprising. Understand that Louisiana Parishes (similar to Counties in most other states) had a good deal of political autonomy and often separate party organizations. Perez made use of that to become virtual ruler of Plaquemines and Saint Bernard. New Orleans is Orleans Parish, a different entity, where Garrison's power was confined. Perez was prominent as the most vehement of segregationists, whereas Garrison was one of what was considered the reform progressives on Civil Rights, refusing to prosecute those arrested for violating local Jim Crow laws on grounds that they had been declared invalid on the Federal level.

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For anyone who might be interested, here's the former building at the downtown lake corner of Camp & Lafayette, housing Mancuso's Restaurant, Guy Bannister's office, 544 Camp, 531 Lafayette, etc. This is from the Sanborn map of New Orleans, 1909 with pasted updates to c. 1950.

post-6339-077538900 1284350263_thumb.jpg

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Camp Street by Lafayette Square, New Orleans, September 1963. The building housing Mancuso's/ Bannister's office etc is towards the left edge, to the left of the neo-classical old Post Office building.

Extracted from Historic American Building Survey photo by Dan Leyrer at Library of Congress website. Full original photo at:


post-6339-000988700 1284350578_thumb.jpg

Edited by Daniel Meyer
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Bill O'Neil wrote: Banister was not in the Service during the war, he was with the FBI. He was not in the ONI, however his friend and cohort Guy Johnson, was.


We heard this directly from Joe Oster, Banister's former partner in the Detective Agency. He told us he never heard anything about Guy being in the ONI. Said Banister wasn't in the service either, as he had already joined the FBI. Joe left Banister to form Southern Research, because he said Guy was more interested in politics (Segregation), than running a business!

-Bill O

Hi Bill,

I'm not arguing with you.

There are two Guy Johnsons in the CIA files who might be related.

Ok , I will try and go back and establish the details.

Guy Persic Johnson is the guy I am interested in. While he is dead his son is alive.

Guy P. Johnson was definately ONI, and according to Jack Martin, the guy who caused Guy Banister all sorts of consternation for connecting him to the assassination, it was Guy P. Johnson who had a copy of the "Homme Report," from the counsel to the Eastland committee which contained evidence that RFK tried to kill Castro.

Both Homme and Guy P. Johnson were stationed in the South Pacific in the 50s and worked on a CIA project together, and both were associated with Bud Festerwald at the time of the Garrison investigation.

I have a bounty out for anybody who comes up with a copy of the so-called "Homme Report," but for some reason, I don't think it will be easy to come buy, even for those who want to falsely pin the blame the assassination on RFK.


Ok , I will check on this! I can assure you that both are likely dead. My inclination is that Guy P. Johnson is our man, but I can't say for sure. I did not know there were two!

BTW, anybody that says Banister was a non - entity in the assassination.... has not done their homework!


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I've always been interested in Guy Banister because we share a hometown, Monroe, Louisiana. In fact he is buried about 300 yards from my parents and grandparents in Riverview Cemetery there. It is my understanding from talking to long time New Orleans resideents that Banister's heart attack was very suspicious, having probably been induced by a substance (sodium thiphosphate?) having been injected in his toothpaste. After all, it did occur just after Warren Commission investigators arrived in town...

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have a new little mystery here regarding Guy Banister.

I was doing some research on an entirely different aspect of the assassination and stumbled on this picture on eBay:



Curious coincidences abound…

We know Dephine is Guy Bannister’s secretary at Guy Banister and Assoc. during the time-frame of this picture. That his business partner, Joe Oster,

said he was more interested in segregation than “detecting” may be born out by the rather inflammatory signs.

The murderous red crayon suggests UPI didn’t use this photo but I searched the GOOGLE newspaper archive to see if I could find any others.

There are several photos of Delphine picketing an elementary school. All photos I found have different signs with different verbiage. I could not

find any of Delphine at City Hall and none of the signs are the same as these two but they all are anti-segregationist in nature. (Mostly having to

do with the Catholic Church’s implied threat to ex-communicate some poor misunderstood anti-segregationists.)

Moving on to perp number 2…

Fred J. Huff, age 70

Where had I heard that name? Commission Exhibit CE 2202 (Volume XXV)

Mrs. Fred C. Huff stated her Husband, now deceased, owned the property at 1242 Congress Street that Marguerite Oswald rented in NO from 1940-1941

and that Mrs. Oswald lived there with her 2 or 3 boys.

(I just want to send a big WTF? to the FBI here, you could have named the person you were interviewing instead it has to be another big mystery?)

I can find no record of anyone named Fred J Huff anywhere in the US that would be 70 in 1962 and none at all in Louisiana. There is, however, many records

for Fred C. Huff of New Orleans who may have been born in 1893 according to the 1930 Census. His wife was Theresa L Huff.

So in all probability Fred C. Huff and Fred J. Huff are one in the same.

Here’s where this gets strange… Fred C. Huff passed away in 1961. (for sure)

When I first saw this picture I really thought the guy behind Delphine might be Guy B. but when I read the UPI captions I was kind of disappointed, now I’m

not certain but the Fred does have a resemblance to Guy. Could this be why the photo was killed? And what to make of the Oswald rental?

Any ideas?

Edited by Chris Newton
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I am glad you bumped this thread. Wish Bevilacqua was still around. has anyone been successful in getting into the Mississippi state archives?

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On 10/31/2011 at 10:50 PM, Shepard G. Montgomery said:

I've always been interested in Guy Banister because we share a hometown, Monroe, Louisiana.

I wonder what the possibilities are that Guy Bannister and (later on, Colonel) George Whitmeyer knew each other.

Monroe News-Star, Monroe, LA. March 15, 1954. page 13


COMPLETES COURSE — Capt. George L. Whitmeyer, whose wife, Frances Whitmeyer, resides here at 217 Pargoud Drive, has recently completed a 17-week Associate Infantry Office Advanced Course in Fort Penning, Ga., which is given to company and field grade officers to enable them to return to their units with a more thorough understanding of their command positions. Capt. Whilmeyer. in service for 12 years, has served in Hawaii, Europe, Korea, and Japan, and been awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Combat Infantry Badge.



Steve Thomas

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