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I appreciate your welcome and am glad to consider anyone's reasonable ideas on the matter. I'm happy we agree on many points.

Concerning Carlos Bringuier's possible deceptions, I do not doubt he would manufacture whatever answer benefited his cause. I believe his dedication to revenge for his brother's capture and Castro's fall would lead him to nearly anything to succeed.

As for the my question regarding Oswald's alleged commitment to Communism leading to the act, I was trying to offer the often heard accusation and dispel it with Oswald's inconstant Marxist support.

I agree Oswald's lack of feasible practice would support either of us.

As for your contentions regarding additional help to Oswald I find that possible. I support a limited conspiracy is feasible based on substantial evidence, so we agree it would take more than one person based on most evidence in the Walker shooting.

Marina I still remain skeptical of based on the corroboration of contending sources from each side. However, I do find is reasonable that she repeated the information Oswald or intent officials may have repeatedly offered.

Again we agree that the Walker case does not prove that he fired at President Kennedy. I did not neglect it but tried to concentrate on the faulty Walker claims.If the Walker story is a rumor crafted to further implicate Oswald with incomplete and circumstantial evidence it should be exposed in my view.

I disagree about the inconclusive ballistics and forensic evidence. Unknown fingerprints and unmatched bullets do not infer guilt. Each a primary legal evidence.

If you have links to the evidence supporting the DeMorenschildt contention about planting the story I would appreciate it. I appreciate any links to new evidence to review.

The important flaw in the Commission method in my view is the lower legal standards. They only had prove preponderance of evidence. In my view it was the best official guess based on what evidence they would accept. Not all the evidence, nor the hundreds of thousands of suppressed files released after most involved were gone. To prove Oswald's guilt requires operating beyond a reasonable doubt, and the higher standards would not be conducive to the official case.


Concerning Carlos Bringuier, it seems to me that DRE and INCA were cooperating through the CIA, most likely David Atlee Phillips (DAP), to develop any way to harrass Fidel Castro, or possibly assassinate him.

Since DAP's unpublished bio-novel claims some responsibility for Lee Harvey Oswald in this regard, including the Mexico City incident, I am moved to include DAP someplace in Guy Banister's operation in NOLA. I won't place DAP at the top of that pyramid, however, without more data.

Banister was the top of the NOLA pyramid. Clay Shaw merely provided money, as he was a millionaire. David Ferrie provided fanatical energy, and he spoke Spanish fluently, making it easier to deal with the Cuban Exile mercenaries and volunteers.

Carlos Bringuier (DRE) and Ed Butler (INCA) were happy to work with Guy Banister, their "gringo" patron, who had so many connections for material benefits in Louisiana, including a training camp near Lake Pontchartrain, and lots of weapons, ammunition, cash, food supplies for soldiers, and so on. CIA supported Guy Banister here and there, but Banister's main money source was probably Carlos Marcello, the mob boss (who also owned the land for the Lake Pontchartrain training camp).

The weapons for the training camp came from donations (or from burglaries like the Schlumberg burglary). Donations were delivered by couriers like Loran Hall, Larry Howard and William Seymour, who also supplied the Florida Raiders like Interpen, La Sambra, and so many others. The John Birch Society was a favored supplier, because so many of its members were doctors and dentists who had easy access to drugs -- a vital supply for battle wounds (but also a risk for some like Hall and Hemming who would later be busted for drug trafficking).

In any case, Carlos Bringuier accepted Guy Banister's plan to "sheep-dip" Oswald as a fake officer of a fake FPCC in NOLA (probably with DAP's participation) to sneak Oswald into Cuba using a phony dossier of "Communist credentials."

This was Carlos Bringuier's purpose in cooperating with Oswald in the staged street fight, the radio show and the TV show. Ed Butler and DAP were involved in the media aspect.

I still cannot say for sure if Guy Banister (who was secretly working with Ex-General Edwin Walker) told DAP about his larger plans to murder JFK and use Oswald as a patsy.

For now I will say that Carlos Bringuier was ignorant of the JFK plot; as were DAP and Ed Butler. David Ferrie was not ignorant of the plot, nor were the other Americans underneath Guy Banister.

As for my source for the DeMorenschildt SOURCE of the Oswald/Walker story, it is Dick Russell's book, TMWKTM/1992 which says DeMohrenschildt told Mr. and Mrs. Voshinin on Easter Sunday, and she called the FBI right away. Walker says he heard from "official sources" and "within days" of the shooting that Oswald was "in custody but released," which could mean, they knew who he was, but wouldn't prosecute him. This fed Walker's paranoia for the rest of his life.

As for the Warren Commission, it called all the right witnesses, but did not ask all the right questions. Hoover's "Lone Shooter" myth was never to be broken, no matter what the cost. Tampering with evidence and witnesses was all allowed, in order to maintain the "Lone Shooter" illusion.

There was no cross-examination, ever. Allen Dulles told his secretary Jaques Zwart that "all the information is in the Warren Commission testimony," but one must learn to read by "hair-splitting," so to speak.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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Oswald being not a Walker shooter but a go-along on the shooting (the "second man") would be consistent with his investigatory role as an intelligence services operative. It would become part of the sheep-dipping of Oswald as leftist freak/lone nut, and may have been used to blackmail Oswald during the remainder of his life. Oswald's role as "go-along"-slash-investigator would also be consistent with reasons a former defector would come to work on Friday, November 22, among a nest of conspirators, risking and inheriting an ultimate culpability on top of the Walker shooting involvement.

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Oswald being not a Walker shooter but a go-along on the shooting (the "second man") would be consistent with his investigatory role as an intelligence services operative. It would become part of the sheep-dipping of Oswald as leftist freak/lone nut, and may have been used to blackmail Oswald during the remainder of his life. Oswald's role as "go-along"-slash-investigator would also be consistent with reasons a former defector would come to work on Friday, November 22, among a nest of conspirators, risking and inheriting an ultimate culpability on top of the Walker shooting involvement.

Yes, David, that is all plausible given the evidence presented -- but it is certainly not the only possible interpretation of the events. I myself interpret the events somewhat differently.

Two people were involved in the shooting; there was at least one car involved -- according to eye-witnesses of the shooting aftermath itself. Two men in a car had "cased" the Walker property just days before, according to a police report filed by Robert Allen Surrey who kept his Dallas office inside Edwin Walker's home at 4011 Turtle Creek Blvd.

I accept Marina's testimony that all these photographs of Walker's home found in Mrs. Paine's garage were authentic photographs taken by Lee Harvey Oswald. The notion that he was a "Lone Shooter" however, or that he traveled by foot, is incorrect -- part of the "Lone Shooter" mythology of Hoover.

However, Lee Oswald (probably) did lie to Marina, and he did tell Marina that he always acted alone. (This lie fed the Hoover myth, but Marina didn't know it was a lie.) Oswald never told Marina any of his clandestine political business, or about any of his associates. Oswald took a night class in typing or some such, in order to have a ready excuse to be away from Marina at night -- yet it is fairly clear that he was absent from classes as well.

People with whom Oswald worked at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall (JCS) have far more information about Oswald than they were invited by the WC to reveal. They knew, for example, that Oswald was using company equipment to make his own private photographs and fake ID cards. He made his "Alek Hidel" ID card there. He almost certainly made all of the Fake Backyard Photos himself there at JCS, too, and I feel certain that one or more persons who worked at JCS knew this -- and even gave some of the evidence to the DPD (which they had in their possession).

It was precisely because Oswald made all those fakes himself (for plausible deniability) that he could say with confidence to the DPD, "Those photos are fakes, and I can prove it."

The bottom line, however, is that Oswald was never alone during that period -- and we do know his associates: George De Mohrenschildt was first in line -- then Volkmar Schmidt, then Michael Paine, and a few others. They were all educated, upper-middle class, yuppie and all-too-liberal engineers in Dallas. An elite minority in Dallas. Oswald didn't want to be an engineer -- but he was envious of their success, evidently. He would surpass them in his imagination, by being a super-spy.

It seems to me Oswald wanted a job with the CIA so bad that he could taste it. It was this same driving ambition that led him to play the Patsy for a conspiracy larger than he imagined. However, he never really had a full-time job with the CIA -- he did only part-time, peanuts paying side-jobs for them. He was a potential Agent, but not a real Agent -- because Oswald kept messing up. (I suspect that the Walker shooting was only one reason that the CIA chose to pass over Oswald for employment.)

So -- who drove Oswald to Edwin Walker's home in Oak Lawn in order to take photographs, and also to take that pot-shot at Walker?

Not Volkmar Schmidt. Not George De Mohrenschildt. They talked big but they were too comfortable to ever act on their big, liberal talk. Probably not Michael Paine; also too comfortable. Dick Russell opined that it might have been Robbie Schmidt, who actually lived there with Edwin Walker, but was actually sent by his brother, Larrie Schmidt, to spy on Walker to try to subsume American Eagle Publishing underneath the CUSA umbrella (as CUSA had already taken the NIC and the YAF). Russell, however, also opined that it might have been Larrie Schmidt himself. But why would a rightist try to shoot a rightist? I don't buy it.

Gerry Patrick Hemming opined that Walker staged the whole shooting -- just to get pity from the public. I don't buy that, either. IMHO, the shooting was real, and it was inspired by DeMohrenschildt, Volkmar Schmidt (no relation to Larrie), and Michael Paine.

I don't know who drove Oswald to the Walker home to take that pot-shot. But whoever it was, I sincerely doubt that Oswald was spying on him -- they were together in their bitter hatred for Edwin Walker -- the racist Ex-General, who had only three months before the shooting been acquitted by a Mississippi Grand Jury for his role in the deadly Ole Miss riots.

That was precisely what had enraged DeMohrenschildt, Schmidt and Paine so much.

Oswald wanted to please them -- and also to get one-up on them. Oswald acted on their big talk -- they were only talkers -- Oswald was a man of action. That was the purpose of the Walker shooting, it seems to me. My evidence is the matching testimony of DeMohrenschildt (I'm a Patsy! I'm a Patsy!, 1978) and Volkmar Schmidt (PBS Frontline Video).

Also, I don't think that Walker planned the shooting -- I think it caught him by surprise -- frightened him -- and also caused him to SNAP. It was at this moment that Edwin Walker chose to become personally involved in the murder of JFK -- he was certain that JFK and RFK had sent Oswald to his home, and were trying to kill him. (We know this from his personal papers.)

Now -- why did Lee Harvey Oswald move to NOLA only a few days after the Walker shooting? The answer is given, IMHO, in the associates of Oswald in NOLA, and in his immediate project with them. His associates begin with David Ferrie, his old-time Cadet leader, and extended to his boss, Guy Banister, and their associates. The project was a Fake FPCC.

The reason that Oswald went to NOLA was to create a Fake FPCC. This was done with the help of Carlos Bringuier and Ed Butler (as well as DAP, Banister, Ferrie, Shaw, Crisman and Martin). Oswald would take these Fake Street Credentials with him to Mexico City. Therefore, this was all planned back in April.

So my answer is -- Oswald went to NOLA because he was invited there by David Ferrie -- who offered him a job with the CIA if he would play ball in this plot to kill Fidel Castro. Oswald jumped at the chance. He went to work right away in NOLA to create a Fake FPCC (with Guy Banister's address stamped right on the flyers, which were purchased with CIA money).

What Oswald DIDN'T know was that Guy Banister was a close, personal friend of Edwin Walker -- both were Minutemen; both were JBS leaders; both were political candidates for the far-right, and both had many friends in NOLA.

What Oswald DIDN'T know was that Edwin Walker had PLANNED the entire NOLA experience for young Oswald. Oswald would THINK he was going to kill Fidel Castro (and if that worked out, then great), but that wasn't expected to work out. What was expected was that at the end of the NOLA period, Lee Harvey Oswald would be totally FRAMED as a Castro-loving COMMUNIST.

That false perception of Oswald persists down to this very day -- despite the very best efforts of NOLA District Attorney Jim Garrison.

I do agree with you on some points, David. The Walker shooting was later exploited to paint Oswald as a COMMUNIST. The Walker shooting was also used to BLACKMAIL Oswald to keep playing ball with Guy Banister, no matter how rough things became (according to Ron Lewis).

As for the "Lone Shooter" myth, that was not born until one hour after Oswald was arrested (per David Wrone), and it was only dumb luck that Marina's story about Oswald (based on the lies that Oswald had told her for years) accidentally matched the "Lone Shooter" mythology 100%. It was dumb luck in favor of J. Edgar Hoover.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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Before the Holiday Break I told y'all that Doug Campbell's podcast, his "22 November Network" was going to interview me on the topic of Edwin Walker and the murder of JFK.

I return from vacation to find that he's already posted two of the three podcasts. Here are the URL addresses for each:



When the third is published, sometime in early January, I'll also include that URL on this thread.


--Paul Trejo

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Dear EF Readers,

Doug Campbell's third "22 November Network" interview of me regarding Ex-General Edwin Walker is now available at this URL:


This is the third in a series of three.

To go along with this interview series, I've also published a new eBook on Smashwords, namely, my 2012 paper written under the guidance of U.T. Austin historian H.W. Brands, on Ex-General Edwin Walker.

The title is: "A Brief History of Ex-General Edwin Walker."

I published it in three parts (99 cents each). Part One has passed review by the Smashwords committee. Parts Two and Three are still pending review.

NOTE: If you've already read the eBook, "Harry Dean's Confessions: I Might Have Killed JFK," then you can skip Part Three, because I already incorporated most of that material in my conclusion of "Harry Dean's Confessions."

BY THE WAY, I also want to welcome Doug Campbell as perhaps our newest member of the Education Forum.


Best regards,

--Paul Trejo, MA

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Thanks Steven. Do you know anything more about the story mentioned in this radio show about a group of assassins being trained to kill Edwin Walker?

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Thanks Steven. Do you know anything more about the story mentioned in this radio show about a group of assassins being trained to kill Edwin Walker?

Just all my research JFK, elites and readings of the Trejo hypothesis. Paul if this datum is true (why would anyone make up this story ?)

then the Terjo hypothesis is thus 180 degees off.. Walker Is a Patsy - as I have asserted in this thread many times. Walker is manipulated and believes that he was target of Kennedy clan (per Trejo) and he, Walker, did the deed (per Trejo), ((Which he (and Walker's Sad Sack shooting team)) did not.


Dallas Patsy List


  • French Intell (I have thread/post on this)


  • Oswald
  • Walker


Sad Sack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Sad Sack is an American fictional comic strip and comic book character

created by Sgt. George Baker during World War II. Set in the United States Army,


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In volumes one and two of the Warren Commission Hearings, we find the testimony of James Herbert Martin, dated Thu27Feb1964. James Herbert Martin acted as business manager of Marina Oswald. Originally her landlord after the JFK murder, he persuaded Marina Oswald as well as Robert Oswald to sign a business contract with him, to promote her story in TV and movies.

The Warren Commission thought that Marina might have told him something different than she had testified earlier in February, 1964. She didn't, and the testimony is rather boring and long, except near the end of the questioning by Rankin, Redlich and Dulles, James Martin did relay an interesting episode about Ex-General Edwin Walker, starting on page 21 of volume two. I think it is interesting enough to reproduce the excerpt here:

--------------- BEGIN EXCERPT OF WARREN COMMISSION VOLUME TWO PAGES 21-22 ------------------

Mr. REDLICH. I understand that you have had a conversation with an aid of General Walker concerning the General Walker incident. Would you tell the Commission about that?

Mr. MARTIN. They contacted us-

Mr. REDLICH. Who is "they"?

Mr. MARTIN. General Walker's aide, Mr. "Moore or Morse," a tall, thin gentleman, about 55 or 60, and wanted actually an interview with Marina which we didn't think was necessary. They came out to John Thorne's office and we sat and talked. They were of the opinion - what they were trying to do was find out who else was involved this was right after the announcement was made in the paper about Lee Oswald shooting at Walker. They were trying to find out who else was involved because General Walker is still in fear of his life.

Mr. DULLES. This was some time before the 22nd.

Mr. MARTIN. No, it was after.

Mr. DULLES. After November 22?

Mr. MARTIN. Yes, sir. This was after the announcement was made in the paper that...

Mr. DULLES. Oh, yes.

Mr. MARTIN. ...that Lee Oswald had attacked him.

Mr. DULLES. The actual attack was in April. This was after the newspaper announcement.

Mr. MARTIN. Yes.

The CHAIRMAN. After the newspaper announcements that Lee had tried to kill him which was after the assassination?

Mr. MARTIN. That is correct.

Mr. Dulles. Yes.

Mr. MARTIN. And they just wanted verification actually that, or to try to get verification as to how many people were involved, and we told them that there was just one person involved.

Mr. REDLICH. At the time did you ask Marina about this?

Mr. MARTIN. Yes.

Mr. REDLICH. And this is what she told you?

Mr. MARTIN. Yes.

Mr. DULLES. The persons involved in the Walker incident?

Mr. MARTIN. Yes. She said that Lee did it alone without any help. There was no one with him.

Mr. REDLICH. Mr. Martin, I have at this time no further questions other than those which may be suggested by a perusal of the records which you have forwarded to this Commission.

--------------- END EXCERPT OF WARREN COMMISSION VOLUME TWO PAGES 21-22 ------------------

James Martin wasn't certain about the name of the contact who represented Edwin Walker, but thought his name was Moore or Morse. One of Edwin Walker's lawyers during that period (along with Clyde Watts) was Robert Morris, a notorious right-winger who won Walker's acquittal from a Grand Jury for his role in the Ole Miss riots of 1962. Perhaps that was the man.

in any case, the item of interest here is the REASON that Morris and Walker tried to contact Marina Oswald regarding Lee Oswald's alleged shooting of Edwin Walker back in April 1963. Evidently Edwin Walker was "in fear for his life" because he was certain that there were *two* shooters at him on 10 April 1963, and yet Marina had reported to the FBI that there was only *one*, namely, Lee Oswald.

Well -- that is the information that Marina had, because that is exactly what Lee Oswald told her (according to her testimony). She couldn't report more than she was told by Lee Oswald, obviously, because she wasn't there at the shooting herself.

In any case -- what is important for history is that Edwin Walker is AGAIN showing his obsession over the 10 April 1963 shooting -- an obsession we find in his personal papers (UT Austin) for the rest of his life. This topic arises multiple times in the Warren Commission Hearings. One of those times involves the testimony of Warren A. Reynolds. That will be the topic of my next post.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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Mr. Trejo, I'm willing to help. As you know, I have several leads, video interviews and telephonic interviews with members of former JBS members in Dallas. If you'd like to share some names and addresses of people for me to interview, I will gladly do it. I too think Edwin Walker had much to do with the JFK assassination.

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Walker always denied Oswald shot at him with the Mannlicher Carcanno.

Yet Oswald was set up to take the fall. Walker could have but didn't participate in the set up.

If Walker was behind the assassination, how do we square this with his refusal to implicate Oswald?

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Sorry I don't pop in on this site very often anymore but it pleases me to see that this topic still seems to generate interest. Walker is interesting! And Walker is in many ways, I believe, a key to the assassination story but not for the reasons that so may people seem to speculate on.

For example everyone wants to focus on Walker's Right Wing political activities while Oswald seems to have focused on Walker because he believed that Walker was the leader of a very bad organization that did not want to see peace between the Soviet Union and the United States. In addition, the failure of the Paris Summit in May of 1960 was very much on Oswald's mind in the period between the assassination attempt on Walker and the assassination of President Kennedy as Oswald's Spring Hill College speech clearly suggests. Nobody "planted" or "created" the speech Oswald gave to this group of Masters level students. The information we have about this speech comes from the notes of a student who attended it. Oswald's contrary position on Walker from being a Right Wing segregationist to instead being the leader of an organization that did not want peace between the Soviet Union and the United States puts a cog in any theory that connects Oswald to Walker in any other manner. In my opinion we must consider what would drive Oswald to believe this about Walker if we are to find any true connection between these two important characters in the assassination story.

Several points to consider.

When Oswald defected to the Soviet Union the passenger lists for his trip from London to Helsinki were never presented to the Warren Commission although they would have been available at the time. This does lead one to speculate on who could have been traveling on a plane with Oswald. My research has shown that Edwin Walker was traveling to Augsburg, Germany at this same time. The problem with this is that Oswald went North and East from London while Walker went South and East. I have done a great deal of research on this subject and have shown that Oswald could have traveled from London to Frankfort or from London to Hamburg, Germany on the same day that he arrived in Helsinki. If Oswald did go first to Germany, as he told his Marine buddy Delgado he was going to do, Oswald still could have then made the connection to the plane that began the day in Frankfort traveled to Hamburg then Stockholm and then arrived in Helsinki in time for Oswald to check into the Torni Hotel when he did in fact check in.

For Walker to get to Augsburg he would have had to travel to either Frankfurt or Hamburg.

When Oswald arrived in Helsinki he converted in US currency to Soviet Intourist vouchers prior to applying for a visa to enter the Soviet Union. We found during the HSCA the US Ambassador to Helsinki had sent this "top secrete" information on how to get a visa into the Soviet Union to the State Department one day prior to Oswald's arrival in Helsinki.

IF......yes a big IF......

it was Walker who provided this information to Oswald.....it would be very easy to understand why, after the U-2 incident doomed the Paris Summit, Oswald could believe Walker was the leader of a very bad organization that did not want to see peace between the two countries. It would also explain Oswald's statement that the reason he was being arrested was because he went to the Soviet Union.....and that he was a patsy.

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When Oswald defected to the Soviet Union the passenger lists for his trip from London to Helsinki were never presented to the Warren Commission although they would have been available at the time.



Were the passenger lists requested by the Warren Commission?

--Tommy :sun

PS According to your theory, did Walker tell Oswald how to get into Russia quickly because Walker needed him to do something in Russia within a couple of days, or did he tell Oswald how to get into Russia easily (without Moscow's approval) for some inside-Russia project in the future?

BTW, ... The CIA allegedly lost track of Oswald-look-alike and fellow false defector Robert E. Webster's whereabouts in Russia on September 10, 1959, just six days before Oswald, cutting short his documented plans to visit Cuba on his way to Europe, bought a ticket for passage on a freighter to Le Harve, France. While Oswald was in Helsinki the weekend of October 10, the CIA was led to believe (or said it was) that Webster was in a Moscow hospital for unexplained reasons. Webster eventually "resurfaced" in Moscow (and renounced his citizenship) on October 17, 1959, just one day after look-alike Oswald got there.


But Webster wasn't in a Russian hospital while Oswald was in Helsinki. In actuality, as pointed out in the HSCA's Defector Study, Webster was told by the Russians on October 9 that he could become a Russian citizen, given a party by them on October 10, and flown to Leningrad on October 11 to apply for work at Leningrad Scientific Research Institute, Polymerized Plastics where he worked with his girlfriend (a suspected KGB agent) for the remainder of his stay in Russia. The study says that Webster then lived in a hotel in Leningrad for a month and "was staying" in Moscow on October 17 when he appeared at the US Embassy to renounce his citizenship.



For another, possibly "doctored"-to-look-even-more-like-Oswald (newspaper) photo of Webster, see:


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Gerry Patrick Hemming confirmed to me that he believed that Walker was part of the "team" that inserted Oswald into the Soviet Union. I believe that Walker was doing nothing more than what he had done perhaps 100's of times before....pass on information to someone in some "officially designed" chance meeting. Walker would not have been particularly interested in or privy to what the "mission" may have been. Walker just followed orders!

My study of Walker's life suggests that Walker was involved in many sensitive assignments throughout his career and his favorite phrase when he would accomplish his assignment was "check!" Transporting the Nazi loot captured at Merkers Mine near the end of World War II, running the Greek Desk during the Greek Civil War, the First Straits of Taiwan Crisis, Little Rock, Arkansas, capture of a sophisticated radar installation during WWII, negotiating the POW exchange at the end of the Korean War, being associated with John Hurt, taking the surrender of Norway from the Germans, etc., etc, etc. Walker was a "very slippery fellow."

It does seem odd to me that their is no official reporting of the passenger lists in the Warren Commission Report. It does seem odd that this is omitted while they did interview people on the boat he traveled on and they also interviewed passengers on the buses he rode on. But that is no where near as odd as the fact that FBI agent Hosty's third note which identified exactly where Lee Harvey Oswald was working in Dallas prior to the motorcade route being designed was never given a commission exhibit number and has never shown up in any official assassination documents released by the CIA. This even though Hosty's first two notes, as we know from the research of Jefferson Morely, made it to the office of Richard Helms.

Hence it is up to researchers to attempt to fill in and connect the missing dots and place them into as consistent story as they possibly can. For myself it is the provable missing pieces that prove most interesting. Passenger list......Walker was traveling in the same area at the same time. Coincidence....Why would Oswald believe Walker was the leader of a very bad organization that did not want to see peace between the Soviet Union and the US.....Walker took command of the 24th Infantry Div. out of the normal rotation routine.....and traveled to Europe at the time Oswald is traveling to the Soviet Union....one day prior to Oswald's arrival in Helsinki Ambassador Hickerson (whom Walker had worked with during WWII) sends sensitive information to the State Department that Oswald then follows to get a visa into the Soviet Union.....Oswald could have traveled from La Harve, France to Paris and caught a flight to Helsinki (Paris to Hamburg to Stockholm to Helsinki) and arrived one day earlier in Helsinki while spending less money to get there but he travels to London first.....Do these coincidental facts lead to proof of anything.....we get to decide... but it is a fact that the passenger list was not provided.

Jim Root

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