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We don't feel the same about Giuliani but I'll go with you on that Dave. Pelosi should take the deal and get relief out, at least in the House now. The Republicans have no reason after the election to put forth a stimulus. But the matter is urgent!

But actually it's all bogus posturing anyway. Because it would throw the ball in the court of Mitch Mc Connell, and he won't go for it anyway, but at least he'll be on record as denying the stimulus. There are sizable amount of Repubs in the Senate that do gauge the recovery  on the stock market performance and as long as that's not collapsing, they are not going to spend any money at all. So it's a lot of BS, and the poor little guy gets stuck in the middle without any funds to pay his rent, or to salvage his business, or even to live off of.

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On 10/27/2020 at 11:07 AM, David Andrews said:

Orangeface got his packed Court, but stimulus aid on indefinite hold.  If I were Wheeler, I'd say the Democrats were colluding in delaying the aid bill.



The Democrats have been fighting to get DOUBLE the financial help to hurting Americans. The cheap "skinny" help package Repubs won't allow this to happen. It's that simple.

And how much help will another measly $1,200 be to most of our job loss  Americans?

How much will this actually stimulate the economy?

Tens of MILLIONS of Americans have been without full incomes for 7 or 8 months now ( less than half get 1/2 reduced unemployment insurance income ) with many of them falling months behind in their home payments, rents, car payments and on and on.

$1,200 won't touch the 6 months worth of fallen behind amounts they now owe.

The day after I received my $1,200 stimulus check last April, my 2007 used car quit running.

We had it towed to our regular repair service and by the end of the day our repairs added up to just under  $1,400. Yes, the stimulus check covered most of that bill and was appreciated.

Since July however, our main family income job was lost due to the Covid. We are now living on unemployment. Less than half of the lost job income.

50 to 60 million Americans ( when you include the families of the jobless ) for sure now desperately need way WAY more financial help than that and with millions more probably needing at least some financial help as well.

The great majority of these help needing Americans are hard working and who held jobs before the pandemic.

Trump's Republican enablers holding back "any" help to this massive amount of hurting Americans for 6  MONTHS ( by trying to keep it half as much as the Democrats have been offering ) is a Hoover Depression neglecting crime imo.

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11 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Never thought I'd see the day when life in Fargo would be even creepier than it is in the Coen brothers' screenplays.

The first season of Fargo was set in Bemidji, Minnesota-- where Trump recently complimented his Nordic rally goers on their "good genes." 

Sadly, their good Nordic genes did not protect them from a COVID outbreak in the wake of Trump's rally.

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A pastor having trouble with his congregation over masks is brought up later in this article, thus I link it on the plague thread.  

Maybe should have gone on 56 years thread otherwise.  But comments disappear quickly there.  I think it speaks to the hypocrisy of the evangelical right.  Never knew God was a Democrat or Republican. 


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34 minutes ago, W. Niederhut said:

Trump rallies responsible for 30,000 COVID infections and 700 deaths: Stanford study


Millions of Americans are actually having bad dream anxiety over the prospect of a Trump re-election. This is a fact.

Trying to cope with this unbelievable and terrifying Covid virus with it's life and death threat and closures of schools, over-crowding of hospitals and tens of millions of job loss workers and their families facing financial stress to eviction levels and then facing the angry division of the entire country under Trump's enciting reign of argument, personal attacks and conflict ... in total, is truly an unprecedented tension filled and even traumatic living nightmare for much of our society.

Trump truly is the most toxic and anxiety and tension causing person to occupy the Oval Office ... ever.

Our country needs a breath of calmer, non-angry confrontation and conflict fresh air like never before.

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