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28 minutes ago, Ty Carpenter said:

There is tech that actually flies, and then there is tech designed to spoof and give the appearance that something is in flight. IMO what he is speaking of is the latter.  In our atmosphere at least, the laws of physics still apply.

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8 hours ago, Douglas Caddy said:

Whatever it was that my son and I saw hovered and then moved incredibly fast.  There was no sound...

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I think it is getting more and more difficult to dismiss the UFOs operated by ETs story as a hoax.

Too many reputable people world wide have reported eyewitness accounts of not just visual sightings ( including officially documented radar data ) but also incredible movements in air such as split second dead stops, hovering, taking off at incredible speeds from these dead stops to thousands of miles per hour in just seconds. And no sound even when these objects are as close as mere hundreds of feet away?

A thought I have often considered is how these ET's apparently don't interact with humans in any humanitarian/concern for our well being way.

Total cold emotional disconnect detachment. Almost robotic?

When natural disasters or wars take place they obviously can see these, but they just let thousands or even millions of humans die by these without any concerned assisting intervention.

Nuclear power plant melt downs?  Deadly, torturous viruses killing millions? Droughts, famines, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis. And again, wars and mass torture of other humans by humans ( the holocaust?) 

It has been reported that sometimes the only message these ET's express to human contactees or abductees is how we are hurting the planet. Like it's the health of the physical planet they are concerned about...and not humans themselves.

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19 minutes ago, Matt Allison said:

It seems a rather odd coincidence to me that what is called "alien" aircraft seems to have evolved at a rate that parallels the rate of aircraft evolution here on earth...

ETs have upped their game since this one:




That is a valid criticism, but who is to say how long it takes these vehicles to arrive here? Meaning we could be seeing their 20 year old (or older) technology by the time it arrives here. Just a thought.

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Perhaps we just see many more types, shapes, sizes and numbers of UFO's because of the huge increase in camera and video access technology and use?

Kenneth Arnold's 1947 Washington State sighting UFO 's were crescent shape.

More Star Wars exotic looking than the mundane 1950 McMinnville, Oregon garbage can lid looking one.

And similar to at least two reported crashed UFO's later on?

And perhaps as we have advanced incredibly since WW II in our own air flight technology, there has been greater ET interest in our advancement, especially our beyond Earth's atmosphere vehicles?

We have had reports of UFO's as large as 2 aircraft carriers ( Japanese airline cargo flight sighting over Alaska in 1986 ). Entire cargo was Beaujolaise wine!

A small polished obsidian pyramid shaped landing one at RAF Woodbridge in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in 1980.

Massive, silent V shaped UFO fly overs in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 and Texas and other areas since.

We have more orange colored Chinese Lantern type UFOs reported now.

Still, for much of the last 75 years and even now, it seems the general saucer type UFO is the most commonly reported shape of choice.

I noticed that for a few years, some up close UFO sighting reports were accompanied with descriptions of "Nordic Blond" occupants.

I felt that this was really good news about a usually dark and scary phenomena.

I thought if I was ever abducted, maybe a Pamela Anderson look alike alien might greet me upon my ship materialization?  






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1 hour ago, Douglas Caddy said:

I probably know less about the UFO literature than anyone on this forum, but I confess that it gives me pause to read these comments from a current member of our Senate Intelligence Committee.

I recently watched the highly-regarded 1951 sci-fi movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, for the first time ever, which dealt with this very theme of extra-terrestrial surveillance of our nascent nuclear weapons facilities.

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On 3/15/2021 at 10:05 PM, Joe Bauer said:


Pebble Beach is an 8 to 10 mile stretch or so of dramatically rugged shoreline and native Monterey Pine tree forest.

It is heavily forested.

It is not an incorporated city. It is a privately owned property company.

Homes are on large lots and often seperated by acres of native Pine forest and shrub land and their golf courses.

The home we rented was across the street from a huge undeveloped tract of thick pine tree forest land. On each side of us were undeveloped pine tree lots.

Our home sat down from the road. Perhaps 30 feet lower as it was built on ground lower than the road.

Now, know this about Pebble Beach. It's roads are purposely kept two lane simple. No sidewalks, curbs, no painted stripes or markers. No traffic lights. And NO night street lights anywhere in the entire swath of land.  It's all part of keeping the setting country rural.


I am describing this unique darkness situation because it figures prominently in this unusual sighting story. I suppose if you lived way out in the forested boonies of America, you would also experience this rural darkness.

It was a late August evening. Kind of warm actually. It's usually cool all the time here.

We all went to bed at our regular times. My 10 year old daughter and my 12 year old son probably around 9 to 9:30 pm?

My wife and I maybe an hour later?

I slept in my own seperate room due to my wife's sleep apnea.

All our bedrooms were on the second floor. Still maybe 20 feet lower than the one simple asphalt two lane street that passed by our home left to right above.

At about 2 am I was slowly and woozily awakened ( awoken?)

I had never been brought out of sleep in the way I was that evening.

I had a hard time opening my eyes. My room was filled with a light so bright, I could barely see let alone believe or accept this light as real. I must be dreaming!

However, within about 20 to 30 seconds or more, I realized I was totally awake and this light was real! 

It took me shading my eyes to try to identify this light.

I eventually realized this light was flooding in from outside. My bedroom door was open to the upstairs hallway which was lined by nothing but tall windows facing the street above us.

This light was coming in from something located there.

I thought to myself, there must be a huge emergency vehicle stopped in the street or even on our slight down grade driveway, and shining it's full brightest lights on our house!

Either that or someone had parked one of those huge Hollywood sky beam movie premier light contraptions right outside and this was trained directly on our home!

I then noticed there was absolutely no sound outside or in my home. No large fire truck or other vehicle engine noise.

I started to get anxious and admittedly shaken up at this point, yet, I stayed in my bed. The strangeness of it all kind of froze me, or maybe I was just a coward for not jumping up immediately and running to the upper hallway window bank to see what this blindingly bright light was and where it was coming from?

I need to also add...this entire house filling light was not the color of normal lights like emergency vehicle ones.

This light reminded me of a welder's torch light.

It was a cold white color with maybe a tint of blue to it?

No warmth like a normal light with perhaps a slight yellow tint? And, this welder's torch looking light never flickered or wavered. It was steady and still and hard to look at and see through all the time.

I also considered that maybe this was one of the high voltage power lines that lined the street above arcing?  If you've ever seen this, it is also a cold bluish white color.

There was no moist or foggy air that night, very warm and dry. A squirrel climbing up and onto the line could haved caused an arc. However, my brother who worked for Pacific Gas and Electric company for 35 years, said if a squirrel had caused this, it would have been fried within seconds and the arc would have been over that quick as well.

Finally, after probably 3 or more minutes of this sun burst bright event, I heard my wife awaken.

I heard her call out "what is that light?"

This light was so bright, even through her closed to the window lined upper floor hallway door, this light was shining under it enough to wake her!

My wife is braver and less insecurely imaginitive than me by an immeasurable degree.

Where I was already biting my knuckles and hiding and shaking underneath my blankets when the light woke her, she bounded out of bed and walked straight to her door and as soon as she opened it ... the light went out!

What I found reassuring however, was that she fully acknowledged this light, describing it as so bright it was hard to believe.

This wasn't just something out of my "Coast To Coast" late night radio talk show paranormal paranoia imagination.

Another creepy thing was that all of our electricity went out the second this light blinked off!

Our clock radios, our humming refrigerator.  Wall light switches didn't work.

We talked briefly. Bleary eyed tired and confused we couldn't make heads nor tales of what we just witnessed.

About 5 to 10 minutes after our electricity went out, everything blinked back on!

I was so curious, that I called the nearest 24 hour manned security gate house about a mile away where traffic into this Pebble Beach private community is monitored and controlled.

I asked the guard there if they had seen, heard or experienced anything like we just did. The blinding bright light, the loss of electric power.  "No" he answered, "nothing at all."

My wife and I just went back to bed.

I was relieved that she also saw and acknowledged this event. It validated it's reality.

This Spielberg "Close Enounters Of The 3rd Kind" movie strange light story didn't end there however.

The next morning, my wife and I got up earlier than our children as usual.

It was a Saturday morning. My wife always makes eggs, bacon and toast on the weekends. The warm inviting smell of this was wafting through the lower floor kitchen and living area.

I was reading our morning newspaper and my wife was in the kitchen when we heard our son sleepily mumble something as he had just descended the stairs.

He was standing still there when we looked up at him.

My wife let out a scream!

We rushed to our son's side. He looked up at us. His face below his nose was crusted with blood. The front of his T-shirt was one third covered in dried blood!

Stunned into silence, our son meekly said " I think I had the worst bloody nose of my life last night." 

My wife and I looked at each other and my wife just blurted out ... "Honey, I don't remember you 'ever having' a bloody nose before."

I couldn't recall him having one in his 12 years either.

We went back up the stairs to our son's room and bed and his pillow was also smeared with dried blood.

Now, make of this story what you will.

I cannot say it is not just a series of coincidental strange happenings all in one night.

Or, could our son have been abducted and had an alien ET implant inserted into his brain through his nasal passages?

I did not get up to see what was projecting the blinding light upon our house for several minutes that late evening in August, 1997.

If I had and saw a hovering aircraft outside our house, I think I might have had a panic attack and suffered from serious PTSD from then on.

Maybe it's good I didn't have the ... uh ... cajones to do that. 

This story is true as I described it.


view 2nd full size image of this home
view 4th full size image of this home
view 26th full size image of this home
This is the home where we experienced the 3 to 4 minute steady and never wavering blinding light episode in 1997. These photos are from 2020.
The first photo was taken from the street outside the front of the home. This is the general location direction from which the light source emanated.
Notice the recessed inner court yard main entrance with a garage on the right and an extending out wing of the house on the left.
The second photo shows the upper floor hallway windows through which shone the light into my opened door bedroom area right behind these windows.
The third photo shows the upper floor hallway and the windows on the right that faced the light source coming from the area the first photo was taken from.
My bedroom was right across from these hallways windows and on the left side of these in the photo.
Excuse my continued sharing of this event.
However, it was so extraordinary and inexplicable and yet falling into the possible close up UFO tradition of incredibly bright ( blindingly bright ) white or white with bluish tint lights being emanating from them, I feel it isn't totally unworthy of sharing under the general theme of this thread.
 I thank the forum for it's tolerance in allowing this off-subject thread and postings such as mine.
I thought showing photos of the actual home in which this 3 to 4 minute blinding light experience took place in 1997, would add some interesting color and credibilty to event story.
At the time of our experience in 1997, the area behind the main house outside picture taking location was a huge area of undeveloped pine tree woods.
The area to the right of the home was open pine forest as well.
Again, no street lights in this area. Pitch black at night.
If vehicles capable of shining the brightest light we have ever seen without looking directly at the sun were the source of this light directly on our home they would have been parked just on the road and the exact location from which the main house photo was taken. You could not have missed hearing engine noise from them. 
And why would all the electric power in our home fail the second this light blinked off? And then return 5 or 10 minutes later?








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