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Jack Ruby at Parkland Hospital

Gil Jesus

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"The Ruby Cover-Up" in the early 90's was one of the first books to spur my deepened interest in the JFKA.  Originally published in 1978 with a different title.  A lot more in it than SK-JR at Parkland.

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On 2/2/2023 at 12:00 PM, Joseph McBride said:

A solid, experienced reporter. His book about Ruby

is good. His typed notes about his Dallas

reporting that weekend are in a Warren volume

and are fascinating.

Coming from another solid reporter.

I've gone off many times on the Warren Commission's purposely corrupting Kantor's sworn oath testimony about meeting and talking to Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital that afternoon.

And, instead their accepting mental case Ruby's denials of being at Parkland that day.

Their doing so is so illogically incongruous it's incredibly suspicious.


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Curious why this issue of the Warren Commission corrupting the sworn oath testimony of established journalist Seth Kantor has never received the media attention it deserves. For almost 60 years now.

IMO, their doing so was one of the most outrageous smoking gun indicators of their own JFK truth distorting agenda corruption.

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