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Thanks, everybody, for helping me access Bill Kelly's latest article -- it's a good one.

Bill's take on the Mexico City Twist Party scandal was interesting -- and it seems to me that Phillip Shenon too quickly accepted the Black Propaganda that started among the American rightwing (and spreads to the Mexican rightwing, and people like Guy Gabaldon, Loran Hall and Larry Howard) that blamed the Communists for JFK's death.

The evidence that JFK was killed by a rightwing plot instead of a leftwing plot is still debated -- fifty years later. Interesting.

Sylvia Duran says that she was brutally, physically tortured by the Mexican secret police until she admitted to a "Twist Party" and a sex orgy with Lee Harvey OSWALD.

And Phillip Shenon bases his theory on this?

Shenon mocks as "looney" the idea of a CIA plot against JFK, and blames Marguerite Oswald and Mark Lane for that detour. Bill Kelly properly corrected Shenon -- George De Mohrenschildt, Gaeton Fonzi, Senator Richard Schweiker, John Newman and others also promoted a CIA-did-it theory -- as early as the Warren Commission.

I myself agree that a CIA plot against JFK is "looney" -- but I sure don't see a Communist plot against JFK the way Shenon does. A right-wing plot is all over that mess. Also, I think George DM suspected Edwin WALKER of complicity in the JFK murder, but was afraid to say so. After all, George DM was a foreigner, while WALKER had been a US General of WWII.

As for June Cobb -- she reminds me a little of Harry Dean. Harry joined the Cuban Revolution in the early days of 1959, but when things became politically complicated -- Harry Dean turned to the FBI for direction.

The same can be said of June Cobb. Both people played on both sides of Fidel Castro's drama. Yet of the two players, it seems to me that Harry Dean knew more about the real JFK plot -- the one involving Edwin WALKER -- than June Cobb could ever see from Cuba.


--Paul Trejo

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On 8/31/2017 at 6:05 PM, S.r. Dusty Rohde said:

There are a lot of documents on June Cobb and LiCooky in the newly released stuff.

I'd love to know more.

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