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  1. Ron Ecker

    Corsi's Book

    A shot from the Grassy Knoll that went through the left side of windshield and hit JFK would have been another magic bullet fired that day.
  2. Ron Ecker

    Am I Dreaming? The Post and MKUltra in RFK

    Employees of the Washington Post have sent a petition to Bezos. Nothing in it about content, but the employees are not happy. http://dearjeffbezos.pagedemo.co/
  3. Ron Ecker

    Mark Lane subject of released Documents

    Wow. The FBI worrying about a speech that Mark Lane was going to give in Zurich, Switzerland. The FBI wouldn't be this scared again till Donald Trump ran for president.
  4. Thanks, Paz. I guess they called it "sabotage" back then because the word "terrorism" wasn't yet in popular use. I don't recall hearing the word before the 1972 Munich Olympics.
  5. There's an article about their execution in the Sandusky Register of Sandusky, Ohio, but you have to register for a free trial. https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/20110431/
  6. Ron Ecker

    CNN Disservices History

    Whew. When I read that I assumed you were talking about Douglas Horne. I wondered what has happened.
  7. Tague describes the shots he heard as "loud noises." In his WC testimony he described the first one he heard as not like a rifle shot but a "cannon-type" noise. Would any of the shots in DP have sounded that loud to Tague where he was standing unless they the ones he heard came from above and behind him (i.e., a south knoll shooter)?
  8. Ron Ecker

    Operation Northwoods and 9/11

    I had not heard of Marshall and Googled him. What a tragedy. Of course the local authorities put together a good case of it being murder-suicide, due to reported mental illness (bipolar etc.). https://www.uniondemocrat.com/csp/mediapool/sites/UnionDemocrat/LocalNews/story.csp?cid=3801209&sid=753&fid=151 His book The Big Bamboozle is out of print but available online as pdf. There's a detailed summary of it at the Amazon site: https://www.amazon.com/Big-Bamboozle-11-War-Terror/dp/1468094580/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1528805902&sr=1-3&keywords=philip+marshall&dpID=51PjSUDKJhL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch I'll read the book when I get the chance. I ceased researching 9/11 a few years ago, wrote a couple of articles and that's it. Ultimately what's the point? The government always wins. Just ask Philip Marshall.
  9. Ron Ecker

    Video from Bethesda

    Thanks for the info. So it appears that the footage from Bethesda not in the museum's collection consists (except for the departure from Bethesda at the end) of shots of a building at night with lit windows, headlights of an unidentified motorcade approaching, and some military personnel moving around inside the building. Again it makes no sense to show what purports to be the building, but show nothing of the ambulance's arrival in front with the casket, Mrs. Kennedy and her party. I have to conclude that no such footage ever existed (i.e., there was no live TV coverage despite my memory of it) or it was destroyed to avoid questions. All that talk of concern for security, going so far as to use a decoy ambulance, yet the casket gets left in front of the hospital for 12 minutes with a crowd present. Yeah, there was a real big concern for security. And I would have to wonder what reason the government would have given whichever network(s) had the footage to destroy it (e.g., "The casket was left out there for 12 minutes because there was a pre-autopsy going on"). If footage was destroyed, even the memory of seeing it has apparently been erased from all minds except mine. If that is true, it's perversely comforting to know that I will at least have something to take with me to my grave.
  10. Ron Ecker

    Video from Bethesda

    Films by the following people are listed in the credits of the Patrick Jeudy video compilation which includes footage from Bethesda. Can anyone identify any of them? George Jefferies William Ward Warren George Reid Jackie Tindel Jack Jernigan Keith Griffith Pat Sanders Anita Hansen Frank Marotta Fredna Stewart Maybe one or more of them might know what was or was not filmed at Bethesda and by whom. EDIT: I Google searched these names. Found no info on Griffith, Hansen, Marotta, and Stewart. The others filmed at Love Field (3) and DP (3).
  11. Ron Ecker

    Video from Bethesda

    Are you or anyone able to tell if the Bethesda footage was filmed with a TV camera or a home movie camera like Zapruder's? I wouldn't know the difference. I remember Gary Mack saying that TV cameras in those days were too bulky to have been taken to Bethesda, hence no TV coverage. Sounded lame to me, since TV cameras were sure taken to a lot of other places back in those primitive days.
  12. Ron Ecker

    Video from Bethesda

    Some but not all, I think. Doesn't matter, I'm through with that experiment. True, but it doesn't make sense that they would leave out the ambulance in front of the hospital with Jackie and the others getting out, if such footage was available. Far more interesting than showing two unidentified women and McNamara (?) get into a car later while the ambulance is leaving.
  13. Ron Ecker

    Video from Bethesda

    Thanks. But the only way to know is to find other people who saw it. There are plenty who would still be living but I don't know how to find them. Through Facebook (which I joined strictly for this purpose) I contacted three people who either wrote about watching TV that night or were quoted in articles as watching it. I asked them what live events they specifically remember seeing that night. Two of them replied that they couldn't remember (one of them was 10 years old at the time), though I think one mentioned Andrews AFB, and the third one didn't respond. BTW I'm now cancelling Facebook (it takes 14 days to do it!) because I got sick and tired of getting constant email notifications about messages I read days ago. Lord knows I get enough junk email as it is.
  14. Ron Ecker

    Video from Bethesda

    Paz, There's no doubt that what I remember is what happened. The question is, did I see it happen on TV. And I think I did. I just can't find anyone who saw it too or who knows someone who saw it too. I think I remember it because it's not the kind of thing you forget, and not because it's something that my mind created over the years. But again, it looks like I'll never know.
  15. Ron Ecker

    Video from Bethesda

    Trygve, Thanks for posting that. I don't understand French and can't tell what is arriving at Bethesda and what is arriving at the White House. And it still doesn't include what I (falsely?) remember seeing on live TV, which was the ambulance with the casket arriving in front of the hospital and sitting there for 12 minutes, until (as best I "falsely" remember) a military officer got in and drove it away. A possible reason why that footage is not included (if I saw it) is that it was destroyed (to avoid questions of why the casket sat there unattended for 12 minutes). But at this point I don't think I will ever know.