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  1. It was Ragano who claimed in his book that Trafficante told him on his deathbed, "Carlos (Marcello) f--ked up. We should not have killed Giovanni (John). We should have killed Bobby."
  2. I can't keep all the scenarios straight anymore. Just when I think I remember the most likely explanation (some kind of dissolving bullets, bullets removed, bullet fell out, etc.), I forget it.
  3. Kirk, why don't you contact Emory since you know him, and ask him about Carter wanting to reopen the JFK case? Specifically how did Emory know that, if indeed Emory made such a statement?
  4. Paz, see the first few posts of the "Warning to Jimmy Carter" thread that you recently bumped (and in which I posted back in 2005 about Donald Etra whose name I had since forgotten). Apparently the source of the idea that Carter wanted to reopen the JFK case was conspiracy radio talk show host Dave Emory. No one seems to know what Emory's source was. So unless and until someone finds out from Emory himself, I think the idea has no basis in known fact.
  5. Ron Ecker

    Warning to Jimmy Carter.

    Donald Etra, the close Bush friend who dismissed charges against Lee Harvey and Osvaldo, died in January of 2017. http://jewishjournal.com/culture/lifestyle/obituaries/214080/donald-etra-criminal-lawyer-dies-69/
  6. Ron Ecker

    Carter: the POTUS nearest to JFK?

    Paz, I'm afraid I've forgotten it. (Nothing unusual anymore.) I researched this several years ago, and exchanged emails with the guy, but have lost the files. He basically said there wasn't enough evidence for charges, he didn't know where they might be now, and that it was a really weird case. On his Bush connection (which he didn't mention), I think he may have even been a best man at a Bush wedding, or maybe he just attended one, I don't trust my memory on the details. After all, I also remember watching the Dallas casket arrive at Bethesda on live TV, which never happened.
  7. Ron Ecker

    Carter: the POTUS nearest to JFK?

    The LA DA who declined to charge Lee Harvey and Osvaldo with anything was a good friend of the Bush family.
  8. Ron Ecker

    Sergio Aracha Smith

  9. Ron Ecker

    Sergio Aracha Smith

    To be clear, an Hispanic is addressed by his father's surname, not the mother's. It's Mr. Arcacha (or Mr. Arcacha Smith), not Mr. Smith. If sources are referring to him as Mr. Smith, they are doing it incorrectly. In fact it would be a personal insult to call him Mr. Smith, or any Hispanic by his mother's surname. To call him Mr. Smith implies that he didn't know who his father was. IOW it's like calling someone a bastard.
  10. Ron Ecker

    Sergio Aracha Smith

    It is common in Hispanic countries to have two surnames, the father's and the mother's. His father's surname was Arcacha. His mother's surname was Smith.
  11. Ron Ecker

    Sergio Aracha Smith

    Arcacha. I assume that Smith was his mother's maiden name.
  12. Ron Ecker

    A Question for the JFK Experts Here

    Are you sure he wasn't staying at the Bates Motel?
  13. Ron Ecker

    Very poor taste by the French.

    Dr. Strangelove had classic fun with nuclear war, ending with beautiful atomic bomb blasts.
  14. Ron Ecker

    Very poor taste by the French.

    I imagine the French, like most foreigners, thought that the Warren Report was a joke back in 1964. You had to be an Ugly ("It couldn't happen here") American to believe it.
  15. Ron Ecker

    Tom Hanks and 1968: Engulfed in Mediocrity

    Nothing. Which is why I didn't watch it. I don't envy you having to review stuff like that.