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  1. Paz, I have found the Argosy interview reference to Espaillat online. For some reason Russell deleted it from the reprint in his book. Here is the pertinent passage and link: ARGOSY: This connection between people in government and Cuban exiles or other Latin American operatives is amazing. Can you think of anything else along those lines? HEMMING: The Trujillo thing in the Dominican Republic, back in '61 and before that. There was an American, an ex-Marine, who worked for Arturo Espaillat, Trujillo's chief of intelligence. He got involved in some of the Trujillo operations-the Galindez kidnapping, an attempted assassination of [Romulo] Betancourt of Venezuela, and some antiCastro and anti-Haiti things. All through this, Trujillo was kicking some money in the right direction-to Congressman Cooley, Senator [George] Smathers, and some others. A whole gang of congressmen got real friendly with those people. And this American ex-Marine was the bagman; he could get entree to those people. He did all the English publications that Trujillo sent up to congressmen and wrote pro-Trujillo articles for the Indianapolis Star, which Trujillo also kicked money into. But he knew it was only a matter of time before Trujillo's end. [The CIA helped ensure Trujillo's assassination in 1961.] Espaillat knew the whole scheme, and suggested to his American aide that it looked like Washington was gonna "go all the way," so why not just watch what happened? Esp;iillat tried to take over after the hit went down. He died in an accident in Lisbon a few years ago. His American friend went to work for a private CIA operation in Baltimore called International Services of Information. http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/belligerence/argosy-hemming.htm And I have found the info on the 1996 Dallas Conference, by Googling "Hemming Arturo Espaillat." The source on Hemming at the conference was Charles Drago. In November 2007, Steve Thomas wrote the following on the alt.conspiracy.jfk forum (oddly he quotes me as citing the source - good for me - unlike my post that we found earlier): From Ron Ecker in the Education Forum 12/06/04: Could there have been a Canadian connection to the French/OAS plots? Gerry Patrick Hemming was at the 1996 Dallas in November conference. In his summary of what Hemming had to say while in Dallas, Charles Drago wrote, "In Montreal, Arturo Espaillat gathered funds from Canada and Europe and sent them to Dallas in order to fund a French team" ("Hemming Does Dallas," Kennedy Assn Chronicles, Winter 1996-97, p. 47). In his HSCA deposition, Hemming said, "I had been in touch in Ottawa with Arturo Espaillat, who at one time had been part of the triumvirate that took over when Trujillo was assassinated. One of my people, (Ed) Kolby, had been in Canada with Espaillat . . . Kolby had disappeared, let us say, from the Miami scene and busied himself up in New York and Canada . . . And, now, I had gotten the information that Espaillat and this American had traveled to Dallas and were in Dallas that week (of the assassination). Now, this perturbed me considerably that behind my back everybody I knew was going to meet the Texans" (p. 171-172). (What Hemming was supposedly perturbed about was that all these people - he named Cuesta, Hall, Sturgis, Vidal, Espaillat, and Aguilar - were going to Dallas to "burn" his financial contacts, "the Texans" such as Lester Logue; but he also said he tried to find Vidal in Miami on 11/21 to warn him "to stay the hell out of Dallas while the president was there") (p. 167). Hemming identified "the American" who traveled with Espaillat from Canada to Dallas as Robert Johnson, who Hemming believed (according to Noel Twyman) was "Raoul" in the MLK assassination (Hancock, Someone Would Have Talked, p. 277). Hemming told Dick Russell in a 1975 Argosy interview, "There was an American, an ex-Marine, who worked for Arturo Espaillat, Trujillo's chief of intelligence . . . Espaillat tried to take over after the (Trujillo) hit went down. He died in an accident in Lisbon a few years ago. His American friend (Johnson) went to work for a private CIA operation in Baltimore called International Services of Information." https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.conspiracy.jfk/zSCF6wtuLLs
  2. Paz, Thanks for finding my old post. Although I wish that you hadn't. To answer your earlier question, no I was not at the 1996 Dallas Conference. So I assume the source for my statement was someone's coverage of the conference, but I don't know whose. I'm also puzzled by my own reference to a 1975 Argosy interview. There is an Argosy interview of Hemming reprinted in Russell's book On the Trail of JFK Assassins, but it's dated 1976, and I see no mention in it of Espaillat. Were there two Argosy interviews, one in 1975? I'm sorry to say I don't know. All I can say is I did some lousy posting 12 years ago.
  3. Paul, I was not aware of your private message till now, so I'll reply to it here. I don't recall posting on the subject and don't know what the source would have been. I did a forum search on Arturo Espaillat, and found several old posts referring to him, including by Hemming, but nothing by me. I also checked Twyman's Bloody Treason, since Twyman interviewed Hemming extensively, but nothing there on Espaillat.
  4. What's Worse -- T3 Denial or Holocaust Denial?

    Not so fast. You may be right but I wonder. As I understand it, Greer put JFK's clothes in a bag at Parkland. He later (on the plane or at Bethesda?) gave the bag to Rybka with instructions to put the clothes in a White House locker. (Which begs the question of why Greer didn't deliver the clothes to the autopsy. Could both Greer and Rybka really be so ignorant in 1963 of autopsy protocol?) Rybka presumably put them in the locker. But when and by whom were the clothes then delivered from the locker (or from somewhere else?) to the Warren Commission? The question is academic, since it seems obvious there was no alteration of the clothes, which are clear evidence of a T3 bullet wound. But you or others may know if there is in fact an unbroken chain of possession. What really bugs me is what Greer did with the clothes. Finck, as I recall, asked about the clothes at autopsy, but no one demanded to see them. Why not?
  5. What evidence is there that LeMay was at the autopsy? I have a recollection of one anecdotal comment (by O'Connor?) about seeing LeMay there with his cigar. I can't recall anyone else saying he was there, and he was not on the list officially compiled at the scene. It's my impression that everybody wishes he was there, but that of course isn't evidence. But evidence is something I really do wish to see.
  6. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    No one has proved who did it. Which doesn't prove that the CIA didn't. There's something called circumstantial evidence. Preceded by "a mountain of."
  7. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    All I know is what I quoted above. The claim check is apparently at the Hoover Institute. A hotel claim check seems to me like an odd thing for a person to keep in his "papers," unless it has some sentimental value.
  8. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    From JFK: The Book of the Film, page 183: "Among (Lansdale's) papers from this period (at the Hoover Institute) was a claim check from the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth. the hotel that the presidential entourage stayed at the night before the assassination. There was no identifying mark on the claim check and we could not track down the guest records of the hotel (which has had many different owners since 1963)." I don't even know what a claim check is, but Lansdale had one.
  9. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    If Lansdale (orTaylor) was parading around in DP, I don't think he was worried much about disguises, if all it amounted to was glasses. (Like Superman with glasses could become plain old Clark Kent., completely fooling Lois Lane) While Taylor could be considered a public figure, Lansdale was not. Who there (other than someone who knew he was there) was going to recognize him? People like Prouty and Krulak might see him later in a photo, but were they going to talk (other than to each other)? And another non-public figure, Rip Robertson, was apparently standing at Houston and Main as pretty as you please, tipping his hat farewell to JFK.
  10. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    The man at top left. You can't see his face, but he doesn't look like Lansdale or Taylor.
  11. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    FWIW there are several photos of Maxwell Taylor wearing glasses, including this one from 1966. (And there's that big ring on his left hand.):
  12. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    Yeah, another "renowned historian" tells us that Oswald did it.
  13. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    I wish I could be a lone nutter My peace of mind would be utter Devoid of conspiracy clutter Worried only about bread and butter