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  1. As I recall Files said his handlers let him do the shooting at the last minute after Roselli or someone backed out or didn't show up. IOW it was a very well-planned operation.
  2. Ron Ecker

    johnny roselli autopsy report

    I assume that the Roselli autopsy report is divided into parts. Maybe one main text and then two long footnotes.
  3. Ron Ecker

    Thoughts on Q Anon?

    I'm not familiar with this theory. What exactly is Trump doing "to take down the cabal"? Is falling in love with Kim Jong Un, kowtowing to Vladimir Putin, and holding his Trumpberg Rallies part of this?
  4. Ron Ecker

    The Cover Up Continues

    The fallacy in your statement is to call the Senate "an august body." It may have been that at some past point in history. Today try an "aw-disgusting" body (like virtually the entire federal government) and all this crap is more understandable.
  5. The last sentence? I stopped reading after the first one.
  6. Ron Ecker

    The vanishing pool of blood

    It makes sense to me that the couple would leave the bench and stand where BDM is to see the President. I'm not familiar with the photographs of the couple you refer to "at the top of the stairs." Do you mean where BDM is? Further back, or where the three men were standing? Edit: If you're referring to the photos with the black couple posted by David above, that was well after the shooting. BDM is not well after the shooting. David asks why don't we see this couple before the shooting. If they're BDM, we see them.
  7. Ron Ecker

    The vanishing pool of blood

    Well, Black Dog Man is somebody, right? So who was right there in the area?
  8. Ron Ecker

    The vanishing pool of blood

    Maybe they got up from the bench and they're Black Dog Man.
  9. Ron Ecker

    VInce Palamara - Why is there a SS agent

    As I recall some last-minute rearrangements were made at Love Field. I don't remember if a particular SS agent was named who did the rearranging.
  10. Ron Ecker

    Ice bullets

    You're probably right. We know who one getaway car driver was. His name was Greer.
  11. Ron Ecker

    Ice bullets

    Why is Souetre the mystery? The mysteries to me are Francois Chiappe and Jean-Paul Angeletti. Wasn't Angeletti a race car driver? If so, I would think he'd drive the getaway car.
  12. Ron Ecker

    Ice bullets

  13. Ron Ecker

    Ice bullets

  14. Ron Ecker

    Ice bullets

    That reminds me of that guy David Corn who once stated how he knew that the CIA didn't assassinate JFK. He said that a former CIA agent told him that the CIA does not kill people inside the United States. If that was good enough for David then it's good enough for me!
  15. It was also Greer who had JFK's clothes stashed away, to be unavailable at the autopsy. The only defense I can think of is that even Secret Service agents way back in 1963 didn't know the importance of clothes as evidence in a homicide. Anyone buy that?