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  1. Trump's retweet of Chuck Woolery is no surprise. Trump is constantly trying to pull the Woolery over our eyes.
  2. It's a shame that so many American presidents of the past didn't have the advantage of Twitter, the ability not only to tweet and to retweet the tweets of Chuck Woolery and other sages, to help govern this country. But now we have Twitter and Trump. How tweet it is!
  3. I know there are extremists out there. I'm saying (or hoping) that there aren't any such extremists high enough in the military to set off an atomic explosion in an American city. I can see rednecks with fertilizer bombs blowing up buildings, but an atomic bomb?
  4. He couldn't pull off something like that without some complicity within the military. And while such a conspiracy is theoretically possible, of course, I can't imagine anyone doing it for the sake of something like Donald Trump. But then I can't imagine anyone even voting (a second time) for something like Donald Trump. But what do I know? According to Wheeler, very little.
  5. Don't rule out a wag of the dog come October. Maybe he'll start a war with Iran. Of course one thing he could do to win is declare war on COVID-19. But that ship has sailed. "We're in a good place." "99% of the cases are harmless."
  6. I don't know if that's the final word, but the solution to the problem is simple. Don't elect people who need to be pardoned. (IOW character matters. Lack of character should be a red flag. Or a big orange one.)
  7. I doubt it. If this were the America of time gone by, Trump has committed political suicide over and over. But in today's America he can still get reelected.
  8. That contradicts an earlier news report I read that said he was returned to prison because he was photographed eating out in a NYC restaurant, a violation of his home confinement restrictions. That story has since disappeared (not surprising, I guess, in this Trump era of “fake news”). This CNN article contains the following paragraph, far down in the article: “Earlier this month, a photographer from the New York Post captured Cohen dining at a restaurant near his apartment. When asked if that incident was related to his detention Thursday, Levine told reporters outside the courthouse, "I would leave that to your viewers." https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/10/politics/michael-cohen-prison-paperwork-dispute/index.html IOW his lawyer wouldn’t answer the question. He leaves it up to TV viewers to decide. With lawyers like that, no wonder Cohen is in prison.
  9. He was sent back to prison for violating the conditions of his furlough.
  10. No debates would just work in Trump's favor. He would boast that the cognitively declining Biden was simply afraid to debate him and was using the tax returns, which are "under audit," as an excuse.
  11. Trump would never agree to any real-time fact-checking team. He would call it "a witch hunt." And if they did try to point out a lie, he would call them "incompetent" and "nasty." I wouldn't be surprised if Trump even called Biden's candidacy "a hoax." Trump might say, "You might as well vote for me because I'm running unopposed." At any mention of Biden, he could say, "I don't know him. What happened to Pocahontas? Have this Biden show you a birth certificate."
  12. Unfortunately America has already stepped in it. Hopefully, come January 2021, America gets a new pair of shoes. From Old Joe the Cobbler.
  13. No can do. Trump having a lackey named Barr has given me an idea for a new candy bar. The Trumpbar. It's completely nuts.
  14. If Maxwell causes such fear, I wonder why she isn't already dead. Dead men (and women) not only tell no tales, they don't get arrested.
  15. It's time for Trump/Barr to fire another FBI director. Hey, I've got an idea for a new candy bar. The Trumpbar. It's completely nuts.
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