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  1. Who financed the JFK hit?

    Well, if it was basically a military coup, doesn't the Pentagon have a nice slush fund for special ops or other necessities? If so, the assassination financially would be a drop in the bucket.
  2. Who financed the JFK hit?

    Steve, you need to read Brzezinski's book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives. He argues that the U.S. has to control the grand chessboard, which is the Eurasian landmass.
  3. The Dual Life of Albert Osborne

    Good read. Thanks. One typo (which I couldn't fail but notice): In the link to my article (footnote 55), there's a "#64" at the end of the url that doesn't belong there. It takes the link to footnote 64 ("Ibid").
  4. Judging by this still, the flash looks too large to be a muzzle flash from a rifle.
  5. Yes, Bruce, thanks. And what is it above the window? It looks like a head but there is only wall there. And whatever it is, it isn't in Bell.
  6. Chris, the people at the windows in the Bell clip are above the window where the flash occurs. And there is nothing sticking out of the window in question. That something appears at some point after the limo has passed.
  7. It could be emulsion loss, but what a coincidence that it occurs right at that window, the only one with something sticking out of it, at just the right time.
  8. The fire escape is on the DalTex Building. The Records Building is the white and gray building with the tall thin windows. The jump cut to the later cars at 0:34 is when you see the building (and the flash in the second window on the second floor).
  9. I assume we're talking about the second floor. At least it's the first row of windows up from street level. I don't see any movement, but the second window of the second floor has some irregular shape at its top or just above it, unlike any of the other windows. And it's the same window where the flash occurs. I'm surprised there are not more comments about this. I'm curious as to why David doesn't see the flash.
  10. Here's the direct link to the film: http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/classification@Films/13/title-asc?t:state:flow=bb340464-a943-4c2e-8cdd-7a7d095129ea The flash occurs at 0:34.
  11. New Book from Larry Hancock

    Larry, I'll be sure to get a copy. I grew up on UFOs and Mad Magazine. Donald Keyhoe (Flying Saucers Are Real) was one of my heroes. I was almost even willing to believe George Adamski (Flying Saucers Have Landed) about the beautiful Venusian he met in the desert. (Or was it at a hot dog stand? My memory gets muddled.) Which reminds me of the AF explanation that Capt. Thomas Mantell was chasing the planet Venus when he crashed his plane and was killed. Then as now the idea was that people will believe anything. Or, to quote Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the truth."
  12. In 1960 the U.S. was not a glorified banana republic. I'm surprised that no colonels are running for prez for VP, since colonels make such good dictators. (Juan Peron, Qadaffi, the Regime of the Colonels in Greece.) I would vote for Colonel Sanders except that he's dead. Maybe DVP can recommend someone to run on the populist slogan "Make Fried Chicken Great Again."
  13. Kennedy assassination and the mystery man

    "Rogue agents" would be the CIA's limited hang-out if it had been necessary. The higher-ups at Langley could say, "We don't know exactly who they are but we know that they're out there. This kind of crap comes with the territory."
  14. Gene Wheaton

    That works. Thanks.