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  1. For official government documents as evidence of conspiracy, use the Warren Commission's own exhibits in Appendix Eight of the Warren Commission Report. These exhibits include the statements of the doctors who attended JFK at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, documenting a gaping wound in the back of the head (i.e. an exit wound, i.e. a shot from the front, i.e. conspiracy). Several medical personnel at the autopsy in Bethesda stated seeing the same wound in back of the head (a fact that the House Select Committee on Assassinations covered up, i.e. simply lied about, stating the opposite of the truth, in its own final report in 1979). Needless to say, the Warren Commission in reaching its (foreordained) conclusion simply ignored its own Appendix Eight exhibits.
  2. Thanks. The word "alleged" is obsolete in criminal matters anyway. Today on national TV that "Empire" guy Jussie Smollett was tried and convicted by the police chief of Chicago. The chief told us what Smollett did, why he did it, and how shameful and despicable he is. Now there seems little doubt that Smollett is guilty of filing a false police report, but isn't he supposed to have a trial, and he's "innocent" till then unless he pleads guilty? And the talking heads on TV including "Judge" Napolitano praised the chief for all but going ahead and pronouncing sentence.
  3. I just had a real fright. Or maybe I should say a close shave. First time I have ever seen a "Redirect Notice." I clipped on the link Cory provided and got this message: "The previous page is sending you to http://www.newswest9.com/2019/02/18/oswald-killed-kennedy-thats-not-what-official-marker-says/. If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page." So do I want to go there or not? Has anything bad happened to those who have gone there?
  4. He certainly appeared to switch sides because of his job, but that's not what he told me.
  5. Do we even know if Oswald ever prayed? If I had been Oswald the one time I definitely would have prayed was when the cops marched me into that basement and Will Fritz immediately got out of the way. Of course there wasn't much time to pray beyond "Dear Lord," or maybe "Lord no, not Jack..."
  6. I'll never forget a live show put on by a hypnotist when I was a kid. The hypnotist was called Preston the Great. The show was in the local movie theater. He would hypnotize people out of the audience and make them do all kinds of things on stage. He hypnotized George Long, a teenager I knew. (My older brother's best friend.) He told George to give an impassioned speech but he could only use the ABCs, no words. It was the most hilarious speech I've ever heard. At one point George even paused to laugh at whatever he thought he had said.
  7. I don't understand this part of the story. Why did they play footsy to hide something from Gary Mack? If he was right there, I don't understand why they wouldn't ask his opinion of what they saw. Gary Mack himself indicated to me that the strongest evidence for conspiracy was the hole in back of the head.
  8. Well I'm just going from memory, but I thought that the electricity in the building never went out. This assumption was made because one of the ladies said the lights went out on the phone, meaning that there were no phone calls made as the motorcade approached, therefore no phone extension lights were lit. But my memory has been faulty before.
  9. I think that a bullet through the windshield was as good a signal as any for Greer to start slowing down.
  10. Since this got no response pro or con, I assume it's a valid hypothesis. So I say three cheers for pornography.
  11. Will Fritz's word on something is supposed to be trusted after he made sure by his own action in his own basement that Ruby had a clear shot at Oswald. ("Oh my goodness, what just happened behind my back?")
  12. I now have an hypothesis about the photo I saw. A compromising photo of Hoover appearing in an obscure publication right around the time of the assassination ("Dear Mr. Hoover, pick up a copy of...") would have the same desired effect on Hoover as a Mac Wallace "fingerprint" from the sniper's nest would have on Lyndon Johnson. Both men would know what to do for their own good.
  13. Ron, thanks. That exactly describes the photo I saw. And the Sexology issue would have been almost certainly in 1962-1964, sometime between fall and spring when I was in school. Edit: It's conceivable that the photo was in a girlie magazine and not Sexology. As I said, I would look at both at that newsstand, and you know how memory tends to do things over a period of 50 plus years. It just seems to me it was in Sexology (more specifically in a letters-to-the-editor or questions-and-answers section), although a girlie mag, as opposed to a quasi-scholarly mag, might seem a more likely place to find such a photo. The thing is, no girlie mags at newsstands in those days were that explicit. If it was in Sexology as I remember, old issues from that time might exist somewhere. If it was in a girlie mag, forget it.
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