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  1. Lot of smoke regards the possible presence in Dallas of many intriguing characters on, near or right after 11,22,1963. David Phillips, self-confessed "bench warmer" E. Howard Hunt, Bill Harvey, Edward Lansdale, Rip Roberston, Poppy Bush, Richard Nixon at the Pepsi convetion, and reportedly J.Edgar Hoover himself at a Murchison party the night of 11,21,1963, etc. Eugene Hale Brading mob connected felon with a side office in New Orleans just happened to have checked into the Teamster's owned Cabana Motel in Dallas the day before 11,22,1963 ( with Ruby going to the same mob owned Cabana
  2. Whoa. Much to contemplate in this video. Frightening stuff.
  3. In the top photo, all one has to do is look at the airplanes in the framed picture on the wall behind the men. Drawing straight lines horizontally from each man's head you can easily see the relative heights of each man. Allan Dulles has a bigger, thicker body than Lansdale, with high shoulders, but he's no taller than Lansdale in total height. Lansdale's neck and head are longer and bring his height up to the 6ft.2 inch height of Dulles. Lansdale has relatively small and narrow shoulders. By the way, Clay Shaw ( Clay Bertrand ) was built like Dulles, only bigger and taller
  4. True in all these respects imo. Trump killed Hillary and Biden in most all of the rural areas of the country. The percentage of white and poor white people is much higher in this part of the U.S. However, the large urban areas contain most of our population now and the ethnic make up is often majority non-white. California is over 51+% Hispanic now. With whites, blacks, asians, native Americans and others filling in the other 48%. It's true that the traditional California family dinner meal is no longer mom's home cooked meat loaf, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, b
  5. Wow...that's close. However, the forehead front, side and upperr crown back hair line is receded higher and farther back in the Bush 1962 pic imo. That's the only difference that I can see.
  6. Gait recognition technology uses surveillance cameras to identify individuals by the way they walk. And it's unbelievably accurate. This is why the Chinese government is implementing the technology to identify and watch their citizens. ... Your walking style is an identifying characteristic just as much as your DNA.Nov 14, 2018 The best way to identify someone is by the way they walk, not ... Researchers Say Gait Recognition System Offers 99.3% Accuracy. ... The researchers' trained their AI system on a 20,000-footstep database based on 127 individuals, and foun
  7. At what point do rational people ( even Trump voters) realize the truly extreme irrationality mind-set and actions of Trump in denying the reality that this 2020 Presidential election is over and was not rigged? Believing the election was rigged (despite hugely overwhelming documented proof that it wasn't ) is "one level" of irrational thinking. Taking this belief beyond simple thinking to a level of super aggressive actionable efforts of multi-state legal filings, law suits and other legal team wranglings, pressuring even Republican party state officials to pursue this unprovable a
  8. We now have anatomical structure, build and movement ( walking gait ) identity technology that is so advanced and proven it is used in surveillance in public areas. We all already know about eye scan, hand print, voice identity and of course DNA technology etc. All advanced enough to successfully identify people beyond just fingerprints. Yet, now, even a person's gait and other body movements can be analyzed against known computer generated data bases and scientifically measured to help single out a person's true identity. Using such technology we could determine whether the 11,
  9. I think everyone here knows GHWB was CIA and from a relatively young age, certainly in November, 1963. GHWB was born and bred into this dual life of high level business wealth and government intelligence and political office seeking life. Like the Kennedy's, he was born into a wealthy politically powerful New England family life. Ivy league educated. War hero. His father Prescott Bush was a senator of great influence and power. His mother's Pierce family was wealthy as well. Bush's super rapid and easy ascent into the highest levels of appointed and elective office positions jus
  10. When the actions you mention are put into a coincidental timeline and connected agenda sequence they clearly do seem related. And with Trump going way more bananas in his super aggressive election and conceding refusal fight and efforts to sabotage the whole process one cannot dismiss a December surprise as you mention without some doubt. It's more disturbing than ever. I ( and I'm sure most Americans ) really didn't believe Trump would go this far and act so aggressively in this effort, beyond even the most ominous predictions of his trying this. Trump wrenches people gu
  11. I recently viewed on You Tube a video of a JFK conference Prouty was a dais speaker at along with John Judge and about 3 other speakers along with one moderator. This was not too long after Oliver Stone's JFK film came out. Prouty was continully bashed by one other speaker ( a journalist I believe who also bashed Oliver Stone's JFK film ) and another film critic lady who wasn't as sword slashing of Prouty as the male critic but still discounting of Prouty as well. John Judge was all in supportive of Prouty. Several things impressed me with Prouty in his presentation and response
  12. Cory. I just edited my post removing the saracastic comment about Trump. I realized such things should be kept in the "56 years" thread. Isn't the letter that Prouty released to the public that we see a copy of in Kirk G's earlier post evidence? The letter supposedly was written by General Victor Krulak and sent to Prouty in response to Prouty sending Krulak at least the photo we see in Kirk's link. The three tramp with man walking by in Dealey Plaza one. Evidence of either Prouty forging Krulak's written response IDing the man in the photo as Lansdale and destroying Prouty's cr
  13. I recall one of the "Anti-Christ" predictions is that he would start a war in the Middle East. If Trump actually initiates one in the few days he has left in office ... well... it's something to ponder.
  14. No. And pictures can be evidence. I too feel I could identify someone "I've known for years in close up ways" even from a backside view photo. Especially if it's a "full body" shot and as close as 20, 30 or no more than 40 feet away from the photographer. And a clear shot in full sunlight to boot, like the one in question. The type of clothes they are wearing, the way they fit, the shoes, shirt collar and hand shirt sleeve if showing, the head and neck size and shape, the hair cut, the ears, the stoop, the over-all build, the arm length and swing, leg bend, the hands and pe
  15. Just hope Trump doesn't get us into a Middle East conflict before January 20th, 2021 so he can declare war powers acts to stay in office.
  16. Yes, very well put. Cut through my rambling post to a coherent message. Yes, we living survivors who witnessed the JFK event coverage as it happened are riding into the sunset now. Our children and grandchildren will eventually be placing our JFK assassination books out at garage sales for 50 cents each. Reminds me of seeing You Tube video interviews of toothless 100 year old Civil War veterans sitting in their front porch rocking chairs with hand held horn hearing aids and sharing random bits of their civil war memories with what ever passerbys will take the time to listen.
  17. You're actually inferring that the Krulak letter to Prouty ( and Krulak's stated affirmation that the suited walk-by man in the 3 tramp photo is Lansdale ) is a complete fabrication on Prouty's part? If it is then I need to do a big time re-evaluation of my own gullibility. Has there ever been one iota of evidence that Prouty did any other forging or creating of false documents in his entire life? I have done a layman's search of Lansdale photographs myself and there are many out there. From my untrained but commmon sense eye I do see a lot of similar body measurements, com
  18. Rob, how do you reconcile the stark contradiction quote of Krulak in his response letter to Prouty concerning the 3 tramp walk-by photo: "As to photo number 1..."That is indeed Lansdale...the haircut,the stoop, the twisted left hand, the large class ring. It's Lansdale." With your interview quote of him referring to Prouty's theory of Lansdale being the man in the photo as ... "Kooky?" You see the Krulak quote in his letter back to Prouty correct? What are we missing here? Why should we believe your take on Krulak's take on Prouty and his Lansdale in Dealey Plaza theor
  19. Trump's Thanksgiving day election fraud tirade and verbally abusive belittling beration of yet another WH press corps member while sitting at an elementary schoolroom sized desk was the perfect backdrop setting for the small childlike mindset and antics of a man who has to insecurely remind everyone..."I am the President of the United States!" If anyone ever had their boss, teacher, pastor, doctor, parent or anyone else of authority (outside a boot camp drill instructor) talk to them the way Trump has been addressing members of the White House press corp and other interviewing press peopl
  20. Too interesting not to share. Those two German Shepherds of the Biden's remind me of one of my most unusual dog sitting jobs while working at Doris Day's doggie hotel the "Cypress Inn " in Carmel, CA years ago. After my regular hotel position hours, I would pet sit hotel guest's dogs while they went out to dinner or some other activity such as time-without-Fido walking through this high end resort community full of art galleries and expensive restaurants and shops. One day another high end Carmel hotel ( L'AUBERGE ) called ours and asked if I personally could take on an unusual
  21. Thank you KG for posting this Prouty video. I have viewed it a dozen times myself over the years. Unless the letter sent to Prouty by General Victor Krulak in response to the 3 tramp/ walk-by man photo in front of the Texas School Book Depository is a forgery by Prouty, Krulak's Lansdale ID quote in this starkly contradicts the Krulak statement mentioned in R. Clarks post of calling Prouty's Lansdale theory "kooky." Which Krulak quote of the two are we to believe? If Krulak actually called Prouty's Lansdale theory kooky, and then seeing Krulak's Lansdale affirmation written word
  22. Let's hear Krulack saying the Prouty -Lansdale in Dealey Plaza - theory was kooky. If you can't link the actual tape, how about a complete transcript of the interview, so we can see the full context of it and Krulak's statements. Prouty infers that Krulak also saw a strong Lansdale resemblance to the Dealey Plaza man after seeing the 3 tramp walk-bye photo Prouty sent to him? Prouty made this Krulak reaction up? So, the point here I assume is that Prouty is about as credible as Judyth Vary Baker? Embellishing and exaggerating and making things up as he goes along?
  23. Joe Biden just passed the "80 million" mark in the popular vote count. With another 1,000,000 + vote results yet to come in from New York State. Biden was getting 57% of the votes in New York State up until now. Trump 41.7%. Biden's margin over Trump in the popular vote count is currently at 6,100,000. Will top off around 6.3 million when New York State sends in the rest of their tally.
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