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  1. Here is my problem with Evalea Glanges statement, in some photos and film from the Parkland emergency bay parking spot you can see white coat wearing people standing back against the far wall inside the bay 15 to 20 feet from the swing door entrance into the emergency room. Evalea says in that interview thats where she came out to view what was happening. Those people are also at least 10, 15 to 20 feet from the front bumper of the limo. As the Secret Service then spends the next 15 to 20 minutes cleaning out the limo, getting out and putting the bubbletop on the car, they and local poli
  2. Does anyone have any information on Vicky Mayne? Did she ever discuss what she saw in her families( Hester) photo lab on Nov 22nd 1963? Many Thanks, Adam.
  3. Wow thats spooky....Friday Nov 20th, 1959 the clock began ticking. Vince, thru all your research do you have any opinion on SS chief Rowley ? As a man and regarding his work during 63 and 64 at the white house? Many Thanks for your time in advance, A.J
  4. I have many problems with the south knoll thru the windshield first shot(or throat shot). The zapruder film at 156-160 has been damaged/spliced, Rosemary Willis stops her happy jog along and behind the limo in her tracks and looks back and upwards over her right shoulder to the upper floors of the TSBD. Other witnesees state a shot hits the road beside the car and kicks up debris during this earlier stage along Elm St. Others have suggested the first shot went high and left over the limo, perhaps striking the manhole concrete and embedding into the grass on Elm St. There are enough statem
  5. And now if we can find any footage or photos of that, Joseph you can write a movie script... I have always considered what may have happened had the Dallas assassination attempt failed in Dealey Plaza that friday. What if he and Jackie made it back to DC that weekend. The following monday the courts may have ruled on LBJs involvement in Billy Sol Estes activities and publicity and media coverage may have made JFK ask LBJ to resign. Weeks later LBJ so enraged may have leaked stories of JFK's womanizing and had Hoover supply him with some photos or tapes he could leak to the press
  6. Cliff, Harriman and Mac Bundy sure were pieces of work. Who needs enemy's with friends like these two. Thursday evening 11-21-63 i would stop by silvia odio's with a few photos of LHO to ask if she has ever seen this man before and can she remember what date she saw him?
  7. Joseph, after that you could even go park over on the 400 block of 10th street in oak cliff maybe in someones driveway just in case anything interesting happens.
  8. Pretty sure a few of them already knew.
  9. Yep, would be profitable....id get a good one once i arrived.... There are a couple of places i would like to be: From 9pm 11-21-63 until about 2:00am id be at the Carousel Club or the Cabana Hotel trying to find and then follow jack ruby.. At 7:00am until 8:30am 11-22-63 standing on the rear loading dock of the TSBD having a breakfast burrito watching the comings and goings. At 11:45am in Lee Bowers tower with a nice long lens zoom camera. At 4:00pm i would like to be at Jamiesons Films Dallas processing rooms (maybe slip the manager a $100 for a white coat and a pl
  10. So while being in a covid19 iso situation these past few months i have been catching up on loads of reading and binge watching tv series both old and new. I came across a series called Timeless. An american history professor, a marine and a goofie tech dude go back in time with the use of a time machine and visit various historical points in time during Americas rise from fighting for independence up to the 60,s and 70s. Its not awesome but its ok to kill time on the couch while staying at home. Now i know the Stephen king 1963 tv series messed with going back in time to dallas 1963, but
  11. If your E.H.Hunt and you have had any role in the financing or planning of JFK's assassination and you had to be in Dallas to make it all come together...where is the last place on earth you would let yourself be filmed or photographed between 11/21/63 and 11/23/63. There is no way its Hunt as a tramp or strolling around elm st. Minutes after the shooting. Use some logic people.
  12. Whats the over/under on her life expectancy while in custody? Has vegas set a line yet?
  13. Cliff, Prove to me that evidence produced within 11 hours of the assassination by people with access to the body and clothing worn by JFK is fraudulent because unless you can do that your irrelevant. By the way, you dont know me, we have never met, but i was in San Fran last Sept and i recommend you dont accuse people you dont know of lying.
  14. You'll have a tough battle Cliff. I spent about 8 hours over a 4 to 5 week period with two forensic scientists from the Victorian Police Department in 2012 showing them the evidence that i was able to collect from the internet and from books i had gathered since 1991. My quest was to get their (not my) verdict on whether a single bullet could cause the damage to JFK's clothing as shown in the Photos in the FBI supplementary report dated Jan 64 and which matched the measurements in the FBI memo from Nov 63. Secondly could that same bullet also traverse the body leaving the wounds we h
  15. There is an FBI memo written around midnight 11-22-63 to 1am on the 11-23-63, i have posted that memo on this forum back in 2013/2014 in another thread. It clearly gives the measurements and locations in the clothing that the bullet hole made to the jacket and shirt. Photos prior to section being taken for metallurgy analysis where made, i have posted those photos before, they are in an FBI supplementary report dated Jan 1964. Fibrous breaks made by the projectile shows back to front trajectory in the jacket, shirt and tie in all the earliest photos taken of the clothing. The tie clearly
  16. You are all looking at a shirt laying flat...peoples torso's/shoulders are not flat ( ) Therefore the bullet hole in the shirt rides up the body when the shirt is worn. Moving that wound location higher on the body. Its never in what i would call the neck area, but i believe its also above C3 and 1 and a 1/2 inches right of centre(spinal column).
  17. So Mr. Caddy, Watergate happened because John Dean was able to convince Nixon, Halderman and Erlichman that with $1 million he could go after the people on Nixons enemys list? Dean then used some of that money and G.Liddy to find out if the woman he was engaged too or maried too at that time "Mo" had been or still was a mob run "Call Girl"?
  18. How has this guy never been considered as DCM Nestor "Tony" Izquierdo
  19. What troubles me from reading this lead and search story over again is that it always seems to be Dallas Police Officers who are labelled as the ones who try to intimidate witnesses, reporters or researchers looking to uncover the truth. Even in this case when it is years and years after the assassination Mr. Glaze states nearly 20 dpd officers pull up outside his home and start pointing weapons at his windows. Within hours of his interviewing one of the two female clerks someone has put the fear of god into them and they pack up and leave Dallas. Only someone in a law enforcement uniform
  20. Thank you for the reply, i have read Best Evidence a couple of times several years apart. The closeness of your relationship with Prof. Leibeler and his encouragement of your early investigations intrigued me. With the new information you discovered from your interviews as you progressed it seemed to me from reading your book, that in his mind he always thought someday someone would come along to tear down the warren report and bring light to its many failings. I think he may of taken some pride from the fact that you were the one to get the bolder rolling in 1965/66. What did surprise me
  21. Dear Mr.Lifton, Did Professor Liebeler ever reveal to you his thoughts on what he believed really happend on Nov 22nd 1963 after his work for the Warren Commission? P.S Sorry for the loss of your friend W.L in the plane crash.
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