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Marina Oswald Porter On National Enquirer Cover This Week.

Joe Bauer

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I know. 

It's that truth distorting and manipulating Trump buddy owned rag the National Enquirer.

But are Marina's comments in their article shown as quotes?

If they are and she stands by them...she is now embracing and promoting the "two Oswalds" theory.

In the article she says the conspiracy to kill JFK was extremely elaborate and well thought out and planned and involved the use of a Lee Harvey Oswald double.

She says again that her husband Lee loved JFK.

Are these Marina Porter comments from a recent interview?



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Thanks Bart.

I know the NE is a shamelessTrump promoting propaganda rag.

However, I would still like to know if Marina was seriously interviewed recently and said anything close to the comments attributed to her.

If she was interviewed recently...by whom?

And if she did agree to an interview, wonder how much she may have been paid for this?

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As I read the story, the NE (which has broken some legitimate news in the UFO field from time to time) is now "revealing" the contents of an interview of Marina by "the finest legal minds in the country" that Russell arranged with an eye toward "reopening the investigation" of the assassination.  So it sounds to me that the interview may have been some time ago, perhaps when the NE published its previous cover story a few years ago when Marina was 72.  It would be a hoot to know who comprise "the finest legal minds in the country" according to the NE - was Johnnie Cochran still alive?  Maybe Judge Judy?  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, perhaps?  If an interview by the finest legal minds in the country generated nothing but another NE cover story, I think that tells us something.

Poor old Marina.  I have great empathy for her.  I have to believe that her brains (such as they were to start with) are pretty well scrambled after all she's been through.  I tend to believe the truth is substantially as she revealed it in the period immediately after the assassination, including her work with Priscilla Johnson McMillan (who pretty much lived in her hip pocket for months).  But if she has now evolved to a position that Oswald was as innocent as Snow White, I find that completely understandable.

(Yes, I know:  "They" got to Marina and made her say what "they" wanted her to say back in the day.  Priscilla Johnson McMillan was a CIA stooge.  Oswald actually was Snow White, or vice versa, or something.  Save your breath.)

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the "finest legal minds" that Dick Russell collected apparently were not familiar with state law. CAPA has identified a number of legal procedural actions that could be taken. However, Marina has not authorized this action to be filed..... 

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46 minutes ago, W. Niederhut said:

Didn't some CIA-affiliated publisher buy exclusive rights to Marina's "story" immediately after 11/22/63-- the "story" as it was eventually told by an Allen Dulles protege, Priscilla Johnson McMillan?

Just from memory.  What was later proven to be a dummy company gave her several thousand dollars for those rights but never did anything with them (no book or "exclusive" interview) then disappeared from history.  I probably shouldn't say without digging for a source first.

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16 hours ago, Josh Cron said:

Her relationship with Robert Webster and subsequent confusing of his story with LHO's would seem to confirm that.

The part where she offers the possibility that she (or Lee) may have been a triple agent in the US raises questions re: Angleton.

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21 hours ago, David Andrews said:

If accurate and in accurate context, an interesting Marina quotation in the NE article: "Maybe Lee was in the same kind of predicament [as I was] - a double or triple agent - and he did not know who he was really serving [.]"

D.A. That's an incredibly intriguing quote from Marina. Any original source I can be directed to regarding this?

In my hundreds of speculative ponderances regarding all the JFK event characters, I have wondered about the possibility of Soviet intelligence using Lee and Marina ( perhaps even unwittingly on Lee and Marina's part ) as information gathering lures.

Cast into the Texas White Russian community just to see the reaction of this group ( and specific members in it ) to this recently arriving odd couple from their nemesis regime enemy country.

My guess is that the Soviets had a spy or two already long term imbedded in the Texas White Russian community as well as other similar groups in the USA.

That seemed to be their MO from what I have read. Would be fascinating to know which members of that community were really long term imbedded Soviet spies.

One other real life thing always troubled me though about most of Lee and Marina's time together here in the states before 11,22,1963.

And that is how poor and struggling they were.

And the constant and significant emotional stress this poverty permeated their existence and relationship, especially with a baby to provide for. This lowest economic status reality ( barely above homeless at times ) was incredibly depressing for Marina and humiliating at times for her and Lee when others had to step in and help them with the bare necessities including food, clothing, housing, transportation, low wage employment help, medical/dental and even pre-natal care, etc.etc.

At one point Lee and Marina had baby June sleeping in an open suitcase because they couldn't afford a crib !?

If Lee and Marina were willing double or triple agents as part of a spy mission, would they subject themselves and especially their baby to this incredibly stressed and humiliating economic situation as long as it was without finally asking their handlers for some increase in their barely surviving stipends?

Perhaps any planners of such a covert operation could purposely present the Oswald's in this extreme low income light to give Lee and Marina innocent image credibility, but when one of them ( Marina ) goes as far as a suicide attempt ( no matter how feeble) one might reasonably assume the mission was going too far in this respect.

Marina and her two babies poverty struggle eventually turned to a fairly comfortable income existence after Lee's death and this must have been a huge relief for her after what she had gone through with Lee and the turmoil that followed. 

Strange - Marina's life might have continued to be a truly hard and sad one economically and emotionally forever if Lee had never been thrust into this historic nightmare maelstrom and they had stayed together.


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I had two telephone conversations with Marina this year. The first call was arranged by a mutual friend who has known her for many years. The second time was when she called me after seeing me being interviewed on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens. Our agreement is that I will never disclose the substance of our conversations. So the only thing that I can disclose at this time is that mentally she still possesses a keen mind and is quite interested in past and current public events.

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