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Two Oswalds in the Texas Theater

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6 hours ago, Steve Thomas said:



Had Burroughs ever seen Oswald in the movies before?

Or anywhere else for that matter?

I don't think the WC asked him.


Steve Thomas

Those are good questions, Steve. "Dr. No" had been a hit movie since 1962 and "Oswald" had checked out at least four Ian Fleming novels in New Orleans in 1963, all of which would later be made into Hollywood blockbusters in the James Bond series. "Oswald" was clearly a fan of spy stories, science fiction and stories about Russian Communism.

I'd be very surprised if he hadn't seen "Dr. No" in a movie theater somewhere at some point. 

Maybe a couple of other questions for Burroughs might be "Did the Texas Theater ever show "Dr. No" or any other spy movies? What about science fiction movies?" Also, perhaps Burroughs might remember what other movies had been showing earlier that fall at the Texas Theater (before the Audie Murphy double-header).


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Mr. Burroughs now lives in New England.  Late last year, a month or so after Mr. Simpich announced here that he was communicating with the former Texas Theater concessionaire, researcher Richard Gilbride talked on the phone with Mr. Burroughs and requested an interview to be video recorded by Brian Doyle.  Mr. Burroughs apparently replied that he wasn’t interested in more interviews and that someone else was now handling his affairs.

We all hope, no doubt, that Mr. Simpich will have more success.

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