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H.P. Albarelli Jr.'s manuscript "Coup in Dallas"

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1 hour ago, Joseph McBride said:

What's the deal with the continued delays?

From my understanding the manuscript was unfinished when Hank passed. Perhaps when the book is finally released Leslie Sharp will come on here and answer some questions. As a fan of Hank’s work I contacted him on FB and he was very friendly even though we never actually met. He shared a few tidbits which really got my interest, asked me not to talk about it. Perhaps he did likewise with some others. Then he left a message unanswered. I found out a month or two later that he had passed. Due to the startling things he shared with me I became concerned that his last work would never see the light of day. I found out through others here that Ms. Sharp was working on getting the manuscript published. I found a way to contact her, she responded and was very forthcoming. We have communicated many times. I think she is faithfully trying to get the work published as Hank envisioned it. 

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