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We made the Cover of Paris Match!

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The French-for all their foibles- have a keen inquisitive interest in the JFKA, not sure why? I’ve spent a lot of time there and they’re a funny bunch with not a lot of time for Brits or Yanks

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1 hour ago, Keyvan Shahrdar said:

Use google translate.  My French is not very good!

How and when are we Americans are going to be able to see the documentaries?

I’m searching for it on movie streaming sites everyday! Highly illegal and avoiding paying royalties- sorry Jim! 
Cant wait to see it, getting giddy

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Looking for more I stumbled across this.

"We already know the truth! It was a plot": Oliver Stone looks back at the assassination of JFK (bfmtv.com) 

And this short bit.  I guess patsy in French is gogo.  Oswald was a gogo in both articles.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination: for Oliver Stone, the CIA killed the American president (paparazzi.buzz) 

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I wonder if that's where the term, "go go girl" originated.

Meanwhile, just for the record, I read the New York Times and the Washington Post every day and, to my knowledge, there hasn't been a single word published in either newspaper all summer about Oliver Stone or JFK Revisited.

Why am I not surprised?

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