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  1. I don’t see any reason to trust Fritz’s notes. It’s always seemed absurd that there are no recordings or film of the interrogation. It’s so unlikely to be true. So why would anyone believe anything they say about it? I don’t at all doubt that at least a few DPD were in on the frame, and prepared. So again, their mutual buttressing of the arrest story isn’t convincing.
  2. Pardon my poor memory, but did he have any money on him? I agree that it seems unlikely he would show up at a preplanned rendezvous if he was trying to vamoose, unless he was also guilty, not just a patsy. Since I don’t think he was guilty, and don’t buy the whole revolver/Tippit story I’m not so sure it wasn’t just an afternoon at the movies. Are we all sure he had a gun on him when he was arrested?
  3. Steve - is there any evidence that Marina pursued this or any other technologies? She seems very unsuited for intelligence work. And her US ties were among the White Russian community. I think it’s likely she was serving some role, or the Soviets at least hoped so, but that it had to do with her husband, who for the Soviets must have been quite an enigma.
  4. Greg - very nice work. You really dug down into the evidence, such as it is. Supposing your identification of Crafard as the killer of Tippit is correct, what do you think was his motive? You say it has the earmarks of a professional hit, and that Crafard was a hit man. We know he worked for Ruby, so maybe Ruby ordered the hit. The question still remains why? I’ve previously heard it argued that a dead cop was a great motivator for police. Even if that were the motive, I would still ask why Tippit?
  5. I’m completely in agreement. Not to change the subject but to highlight one of your points about not blindly trusting document releases, it seems most people here accept the CIA’s latter day revelation that QJWIN was someone named Mankel, after blacking out his name for decades, this despite Hancock and others pointing to evidence suggesting it didn’t refer only to an individual, but to an operation with multiple locations. Well, maybe it is Jose Marie Andre Mankel, but I’d sure like to see some biographical info on him that comes from sources other than CIA.
  6. It does make absolute sense that the on the ground plotters wanted him dead, period. Would you call Oswald’s frame as the murderer iron clad? When one controls most media outlets, and the Oval Office is on board, it’s relatively easy to control the narrative. I don’t think a frame up of Oswald as a Castro agent would have been ironclad, but I feel certain they would have been successful. The groundwork was there, and once the narrative had been set in motion, such as ‘lone gunman’ was, and cautionary tales infused into public officials minds about the danger of nuclear conflict, as it likewise was, the media lines up behind the official story, as they did. I still think it at least a possibility that there was a hijacked operation, turned deadly by more radical plotters. It would help explain how so many people seemingly got on board, and why they kept their mouths shut afterwards.
  7. Have you noticed the msm coverage of Afghanistan has been on the whole critical of Biden’s exit? It seems like we never have enough of war. Biden’s spokespeople are constantly having to point out during interviews that polls show Americans wanted us to get out. It would be nice if our liberal pundits would focus on history and the horrible mistakes that have led us to this precipice, rather than the unavoidably messy exit. Obama should have gotten us out. Why didn’t he?
  8. Larry - maybe I’ve asked you this before. I have certainly posted generally that I don’t think killing JFK was necessary if the aim of the conspiracy was to alter Cuba policy. Wouldn’t an attempted assassination by someone linked to Castro have been enough?
  9. Mr Niederhut - I’m no fan of Republicans, most especially now. And I’m fully behind Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. But I don’t think, in fact I know, that we can’t lay all the blame on Republicans for our foreign acts of aggression. Do you agree?
  10. I really appreciate this thread and the contributions herein. Mr. Kooyman - I read your links from the ARRB and think they are very telling. It seems you think they prove that Lansdale did not have the confidence of Helms, Harvey and other CIA. How do you distinguish between truth and cover stories when you read testimony like that from McManus? I’m really glad you posted these. To me they imply a different interpretation than the one you stated. I am not particularly on the Prouty bandwagon, though as Mr. Niederhut points out he is a first hand witness to much. Nor am I carrying a torch for the Lansdale theory. I do find it intriguing and worth digging into. But I’m pretty good at sniffing out cya stories, and McManus smells bad. I would like to know why you find his testimony compelling?
  11. I’d have to agree with you to a point. Too much coincidence in the ‘60’s Assassinations. With Dulles and Angleton you have direct links to the powerful private financial forces at the top. The perps may not have been ordered to carry out the killings, but it’s too fine a point.
  12. Biden did a courageous thing, and I am both pleasantly surprised and grateful. Had Trump pulled it off while he was President I would say the same thing, and I am glad he started the ball rolling. Obama’s Afghanistan surge was very wrongheaded, Bush 2 is forever on my xxxx list for his war crimes.
  13. And the extraordinary work of military reserve Dallas Police detectives. I tend to agree, but I don’t see how one excludes the other. CIA/US military - no hard and fast line there.
  14. Good luck Pat. So there is an apparent cluster of cancer around this warehouse?
  15. I thought the firing blanks supposition by Pease was suspect too. But it’s really besides the point isn’t it? The only questions that matter are who fired the kill shots, and what does Sirhan remember about his actions? No one has been able to crack Sirhan. He seems not to remember anything about shooting RFK. And the coroner’s report leaves little doubt that he didn’t fire the kill shot.
  16. Gil - I’m asking you to take a look at McBride’s research. I’m not chewing you out for having an opinion.
  17. We know that Tippit used a pay phone that day. Do you think that some police detectives may have been communicating through the Communications Bunker under the Fairgrounds? Gil - I’ve really appreciated your recent series of posts. I do think you should read McBride’s book. His research was groundbreaking. The issue of what Tippit was up to in the 35 minutes or so between the assassination and his death, and for that matter before Dealey Plaza McBride covers in depth. Whether his movements into Oak Cliff were normal police operations or something else is crucially important.
  18. Will the Governor have to make a decision before the recall? as for support in a general presidential election, it might win him some support amongst the QAnon contingent.
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