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  1. Can’t wait to see the film. Over the years the Russians have been somewhat forthcoming about Oswald.whether any of it is truthful is another question. In all that time I’ve never read anything to suggest they were confused about his identity. What do you make of the two Oswalds?
  2. Is there any evidence at all that the Russians knew there were two Oswalds?
  3. Good article, thought provoking. Whenever we read about spy games it’s always two sides pitted against each other in a deadly game. We have written the entire history of US Soviet relations with that framework. It’s almost like we cannot imagine any other reality. But is it real? I’ve asked this question so often here and elsewhere, and it has never engendered an Intelligent discussion. We cannot think outside this box. However I find myself unwilling to accept this framework. Does anyone else question it? What started me on this path in earnest was looking closely at James Jesus Angleton. He was a man of impeccable fascist credentials, from his fascist father, to his work with Italian fascists, to his long tenure in the CIA which was almost entirely focussed on Soviet relations. Yet it was he that friended Kim Philby and was the last to recognize him as a Soviet spy. As history would have it Angleton spent the rest of his tenure looking for a mole he never found, ruining careers along the way, and behaving himself as if he was the perfect deep cover Soviet spy by wreaking havoc in the CIA. When JFK and Khrushchev opened what they thought was a back communications channel they confessed to each other that they feared or could not control their own military hardliners. Then poof - they were gone, murdered and ousted, and the hard liners took control. To whose benefit? I postulate that there is a hidden ‘Fourth Reich’, a Deep State that knows no international or ideological boundaries. Recent US/Russian relations do nothing to dissuade me of that point of view.
  4. It should be interesting. I know you’ve put some store in Veciana’s statements which support your theory. If Newman is right does that demolish your theory? I recall you made assumptions about the exact roles of Phillips and Oswald that were based on the idea that they were somehow acquainted. If Veciana lied about the meeting he said he witnessed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Phillips wasn’t running Oswald. There is lots of evidence that he had some stake in the outcome of the JFK assassination, and tried to steer the investigation towards Castro, and against Oswald. I don’t think that the supposed meeting witnessed by Veciana, if it was made up, weakens any evidence against Phillips. What it does do however is weaken the case against Oswald being part of Phillips’ fictional idea that a team set up to kill Castro turned its sights on JFK. In what way is your theory dependent on Oswald playing a part in it? None of the incriminating evidence against Oswald holds up well under scrutiny, and now Newman is trying to put the nail in another such (in his view) manufactured coffin. If you leave Oswald out, make him the Patsy, how does that materially changed your assassination scenario?
  5. Good point, but one might say that any belief system can be used to create mass psychosis, and atheism is a belief system, as are organized religions. I don’t know much about the old Russian Orthodox church you are part of. Since it is Christian, how do you view it as part of that continuum? I’m dimly aware of power struggles within Catholicism and the division between eastern and western groups. Where does your church stand on the questions raised in these videos relating to conformity and non conformity? It seems to me that any belief system which has hierarchal structures is already on the path to perdition, because power hungry sociopathic individuals can manipulate those structures for their own ends.
  6. I think that a few X-files episodes came pretty close to the truth. There was one where Mulder and Scully are sitting in their car watching an alien abduction with the usual small body big head aliens in full view when the abduction is interrupted by 10 ft tall ‘real’ aliens. And another where Mulder is in jail in some Eastern Europe or Eurasia jail cell and in the cell next to him is a small alien smoking a cigarette. The truth is out there somewhere.
  7. If the Dems can’t tackle the filibuster and get rid of it then nothing good will come out of Congress. Fancy rhetoric is all they’ll have left. Gridlock will prevail. Maybe that’s actually the hidden consensus. Why won’t they get rid of the filibuster? It’s not even a real thing. Are there a few Demos that don’t want to because they are for ‘bipartisanship’? That’s a joke. Are there some who worry what might happen in the future if Repubs are in the majority? Well, a do nothing Congress is the best way to lose the majority. It’s all a bit hopeless don’t you think?
  8. I think CIA/Cuban assets planned the military exercise intending to blame a failed assassination on Castro. This would have involved Phillips. But if someone hijacked that Northwoods style operation I doubt it was Cubans. I know Larry stands behind his good work, and there is a ton of info supporting a CIA/Cuban exile plot. I can’t dispute that theory with facts, only intuition. The end result of removing JFK wasn’t a Cuban invasion or an outright nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, it was the unleashing of Pentagon and corporate military firepower on Vietnam. For that, JFK had to be removed. Who were the shooters in that possible scenario? I think outsourced assassins, possibly European, maybe ex-US Military deep ops. And there would have been crossover between the two plots. Lemnitzer comes to mind.
  9. Ray - Harry Reid reiterates the coming Senate Intel Committee report, due this June, adding that it may be delayed. I thought that was the key statement in the article. The rest is a rehash of why Reid, from Arizona, was interested, why he advocated for more disclosure etc.
  10. Report to Congress due June 24th. Any bets on what will be made public?
  11. Hi Joe - I hope you are recovering. What a find - please tell us the back story. since this thread is here and someone on it suggested that the coroner Noguchi might have been mistaken about the point blank shot, I thought I’d mention that I believe Noguchi, knowing how important this autopsy was, made sure to have several other notable coroners present at the autopsy, and as far as I know none of them disagreed with his findings.
  12. I guess we can add Carone to the list of Army Colonels with possible ties to the assassination.
  13. Thank you. William, whose contributions are good and with whom I agree so often, doesn’t seem to get that point. I welcome an in depth discussion about Bush and his family. Focus on whether he was in DP for what reason? If he was we have a suspect? If he wasn’t we don’t? It doesn’t matter if it was him or not him.
  14. Carone’s info is second hand. Isnt it someone else’s deposition? And what was his first name? I want to look him up.
  15. That’s exactly it. You see how one conflates Bush at Dealey Plaza with Bush being part of the assassination plot. By putting his presence there front and center one creates an easy target, an avenue with which to dismiss the many other cogent facts pointing at George Bush.
  16. Other possible avenues for hiring dirty work exist. William Harvey/QJWIN, and Lemnitzer/Gladio. the connection between DeMohrenschildt and George Bush of the CIA is undeniable. Can someone point me to source documents showing Ruth Paine inquiring with the Navy about Oswald ? I’m unfamiliar with Carone. In any case, this has nothing to do with Bush or DeM. And if Dulles was asking Paine to inquire about Oswald it had nothing to do with Assassinations.
  17. Leslie says indexing is very complicated and it’s taking a long time. I’m as frustrated as anyone.
  18. I like Talbot’s books a lot, and in no way would I characterize them as limited hangouts. But about Morley I’m less certain. He pulls his punches way too much.
  19. Actually Unz does mention Nasser and JFK. Again, I’m not sure why everyone reads Skorzeny and rolls their eyes and moves on. Skorzeny was hired by Mossad to destroy Nasser’s nuclear program. That seems relevant.
  20. William - I read both Unz articles you reference and another as well. I’d forgotten that Nixon was quoted as saying that Ruby, who he had met in 1946, was one of Johnson’s boys. Unz does not seem to be aware of the Mossad/Skorzeny link. Has anyone but me read that material? It’s easy to google. There seems to be an undercurrent of anti-semitism in some of the articles Unz pens. It’s one thing to criticize Israel, and Zionism, and quite another to claim that there is something inherent in Orthodox Judaism that makes assassination their chosen tool. Yeah, the Old Testament is full of extreme warlike sentiments and lends support to the idea of Jews feeling superior. But I object for the same reason I do so when the Koran is used similarly. Anglo Saxons have been incredibly warlike throughout their history too. I prefer to look at the lust power as a corrupting influence that goes beyond religion, and to conclude that the love of power brings sociopaths and psychopaths into positions of leadership. I don’t dismiss the possibility of Mossad involvement.
  21. I’m not so sure that Angleton didn’t report to Jerusalem, and perhaps to the KGB. I found JFK’s ‘private’ communications with Kruschchev quite revealing. Both were worried about their own military hardliners. The Cold War was Big Business. As for Mossad, don’t you find it shocking that they hired Otto Skorzeny to carry out their mission against the Egyptian nuclear program? Skorzeny was a businessman, and a killer, with deep connections to fascists in Spain and elsewhere, and a major player in the ‘Fourth Reich’. I think he was part of the CIA’s QJWIN operation. LHO was not a Mossad agent, but he was also not a murderer. So when looking for who the shooters were and who hired them, the microscopic study of Oswald’s life, while yielding important clues, is also a bit of a rabbit hole. If you look at the evidence against LHO and decide it’s weak, tainted, planted, deliberately obfuscated, it’s time to look elsewhere.
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