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  1. Can’t help you Gayle, but it sure is an interesting story. If you had to speculate, what do you think happened to Silvia on April 10, 1963?
  2. Pamela - I don’t like the Judyth thing either but I don’t doubt his sincerity. Seems to claim - a spurious phrase. The wider cause is obvious, though apparently not to this reviewer. Failure to hold the guilty to account for the cold blooded murders of the 1960’s is part of a larger failure of government to live up to being of, by, and for the people. Trumpism is just the latest symptom, not the first, of disillusionment with our elected officials. I just love the latest complaints that people aren’t going back to work because they are getting too much unemployment. True that, but why not look at how little they get paid when they do work. Our whole system is controlled by the rich and powerful, and that’s the connection to JFK RFK MLK X, all of whom shared the courage to confront the Power structures.
  3. Jim - do you agree with this reviewers opinion that the soundtrack is jarring? Curious. Many years ago I worked for Jeff Beale before he hit the big time.
  4. Doug - I loved this collection of quotes, which I saw a few days ago when a friend posted them on FB. He didn’t fact check it, and neither did I. He just reposted something from a friend, and I did likewise. I’d like to believe Einstein said all these things, but did he?
  5. So I presume Lee was never taken into custody. Did harvey and Lee know each other? btw I’m not too keen on H&L theory, though I know there are lots of discrepancies in LHO life that make one wonder what the heck was going on.
  6. May I ask a question? Do the H&L theory supporters think either of both Harvey and Lee were involved in a conspiracy to kill JFK?
  7. I’m feeling dense. Could you write about what you see and it’s significance?
  8. Yet you post here. Is there still room for you to change your mind?
  9. I have a limited edition of the Cigarette smoking alien sitting in his prison cell. And I remember fondly the episode where Mulder and Scully watch real 10 ft tall aliens interrupt a staged human abduction by grays, who start talking in English at that point.
  10. It strikes me that we are kind of back at project bluebook. I mean, what does the unclassified report really say? I assume there is a classified version too. Back when, the sighting were clustered around nuclear sites. Today, it’s still military sites. The report says that there has been a large increase lately, but that perhaps there has been an effort to discourage personnel from reporting sightings over the decades, and that now they are being encouraged to reports these incidents. So maybe there is no increase in actual phenomena, just in the reporting. It’s a little frustrating to read this report.
  11. Whatever tape Lifton heard it is very telling. I don’t know if my surmise was right - that it was an alternate communications channel. But what is true is that we’ve been diddling around with Oswald, with shenanigans in New Orleans, while it should be perfectly obvious that some DPD detectives were involved, and that points to the US Army more than the CIA. I wouldn’t think they originated the plot, rather that they facilitated it. Some big boys in DC likely called the shots and ran the aftermath, again with obvious military support on AF 1 and in the autopsy room. Oswald, the patsy, has consumed most of the research hours. Did he do it? Was he a participant among others? We can be sure that he was being run by some experts, given a confusing bio, his whereabouts and movements at times still a mystery. But others ran the show.
  12. Grant Cameron supposedly won the Leeds International Congress researcher of the year award at some point, but it looks like that Congress is for Medieval studies. Maybe Doug knows more. Grant does live in Winnipeg.
  13. Lemnitzer stood as a character witness for Walker when Walker was questioned by Congress about his troop indoctrination program.
  14. If some of you are questioning Calvin’s bonafides I would say that he is relatively new and it seems mostly like he’s catching up and curious.
  15. I have met Peter, and I seriously doubt he has spearheaded a limited hangout for the CIA or anyone else. He has broken important ground over the years. I’d like to see his UCB colleague Joseph McBride put this to rest.
  16. Gene - thanks. The first quote is from his obit? I wish I knew the source for the sept 2015 forum quote because it is quite something to say he reported to the WH. I suspected it was to ACSI. And Russ Baker saying he fronted for the Bronfmans. That would connect him to Colonal Brandstetter a second time, because if we are to believe Brandstetter himself he joined the 488th on the advice of his ACSI handler, and previously he represented Seagrams in Mexico.
  17. Gene - thanks. Couple of questions. First - Do you know when he became a Colonel? Second, does his Legion of Merit mention the 488th?
  18. Denny - there is no doubt in my mind that when we look at Empire Trust we are seeing the ‘Deep State’ interconnection between major US International Corporations in the energy and military realm mainly, and US Security Operations.
  19. You will notice that other members here don’t seem very interested. The general feeling is that the French Connection was disproved long ago. I don’t agree, and after looking closely at that theory I came to the conclusion that false leads were deliberately planted, such as Christian David and his story. What no one ever mentions is that Lemnitzer took over as NATO chief in 1962, and from there he surely was in the Gladio loop. I’d like to see that angle looked at more closely.
  20. Thanks for the link. I’m on board with this conspiracy theory in general, though I think we are still missing important links. Not so sure that Souetre was involved, despite the curious coincidences, and it’s very difficult to source the info that puts him in contact with Walker, and with Hunt especially. I had read sometime ago that Souetre had met with Hunt in Madrid in 1963 but could find no proof. I asked Larry Hancock if he thought that was possible and basically he said not likely. Hunt was posted in Madrid I think in 1965. But if he did meet Souetre there in 1963 it brings up other questions, such as who else might he have met there, and why was he later posted there. Madrid was a central location for European fascists and even Nazis such as Otto Skorzeny, and the US had strong military presence in Spain as well, and kept an eye on Skorzeny and other Nazis. The Mossad actually hired Otto in Madrid in 1961 to carry out some dirty work in Egypt where he was well connected. However I came to a dead end with this research. I’m not saying I don’t think it’s possible, just can’t prove it.
  21. I think that other international corporations had their own security operations, and probably some still do. It is interesting to ponder what the Empire Trust Company was doing. There are other threads and longer posts about them and about Colonel Jack Crichton. It’s astounding that for all the media reports that mention him in connection with the 488th MID in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s there is no official military record to peruse, so we don’t really have any idea who was in it. I tried to get John Newman to try his hand but haven’t heard anything. Peter Dale Scott is often quoted, but it appears tha5 his info came from a certain researcher who, when I wrote to him, didn’t have much to add about the 488th. So either the record is hidden, or it was a figment of Crichton’s imagination. I ascribe to the former idea, and as such have a keen interest In knowing more, and a great deal of suspicion that it is important. Certainly Crichton is an important figure, and I believe we will hear more in an upcoming book.
  22. Well, yeah. Btw I use the term Fourth Reich knowing it throws people off, but it’s because after the War (and during) the poopoo capitalists prepared to survive. It is corporate now, and was then too. They didn’t just hide out in Argentina and Paraguay, they infiltrated here and elsewhere, and they were not held to account for the most part. There were interlocking directorates in many major international corporations.
  23. If I wrote this it would be Ruby being tried in the afterlife where he puts on his own defense by telling his version of what happened, using the Carousel Club as his stage and starring the various protagonists as his acts. The Jury would be the WC.
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