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Vince Palamara

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Noticed this thread and read the postings.

I then clicked on the You Tube link to hear Vince Palamara and Sam Kinney conversing by phone. With Kinney in Florida and Palamara in Pittsburg.

This conversation is accompanied by still photos of JFK in various motorcades and other subjects.

This is probably nothing but at the 1 minute and 24 seconds point into this Palamara / Kinney interview video there is a still picture of a Dallas policeman and a person not in uniform ( described in the caption as a "Selective Service " person ) lifting the hard cover of the presidential limo back onto the car to preserve evidence.

I assume this photo was taken on 11,22,1963 and while the limo is located at Parkland hospital?

Now, I see in this photo something anomalous on the right back trunk lid.

On the upper "back" side of the trunk top on the very right side is what looks like a small but obvious indentation and two more anomalies just below that one.

Of course my conspiracy inclined mind sees these as something bullets would cause.

Could others take a look and share their take on this anomaly in that photo?

Could this just be a film degeneration or image reflection thing?

Apologies if this is nothing. 


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