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Picture of Ted Cruz's father and Oswald having breakfast

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If Mr. Ventura is correct, the same media that ganged up on him in the matter will gang up on Mr. Trump

No Brad, nice try.

Trump leveraged his celebrity and "cult of personality" appeal to get 3 billion dollars of free air time from the corporate media.

He's running a scam campaign.

He's got millions of racists, and non-racist gullibles, sending him money -- dough he'll never spend on the election.

He's going to end up making a ton of money by losing.

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Cliff, you are indeed my old friend. Maybe you and the other good people who are supporting Hillary Clinton can change the Democrats into something that I could return to- something Dennis Kucinich-Cynthia McKinney-like.

Hillary started giving Bernie's stump speech back in April.

Today in Detroit giving an address on the economy she still sounded like Bernie!

So far, so good, at least as far as the economy goes. I dread Hillary's foreign policy, of course.

Occupy the Democratic Party!

I've voted too many times for the McKinneys, Naders, Perots and Steins of the world.

We need a robust Green Party, as well as a Democratic-Socialist take-over of the Dems.

Vote for Jill!

They probably don't even count any of the votes, but they sure aren't counting the Third Party votes honestly. I've never voted Republican before, but Trump isn't really a Republican- he just chose them because the super delegates couldn't screw him there, like they screwed Bernie.

Trump chose the GOP because it's a reactionary party that's played to white supremicist affinities for decades.

I don't think you have much to worry about- I really can't see them letting Trump get elected.

The American electorate won't allow this emotionally-stunted sociopathic con man to enter the White House unless it's on a tour.

If he does get elected, then I will probably instinctively think he must be a phony. We'll just have to agree to disagree here.

It's a new era of political engagement.

Bernie started the Revolution and whether you're with the Sarah Silverman Wing of the Bernie Revolution (vote Hill), or the Susan Sarandon Wing (vote Jill),

we plan to remain engaged after the election.

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Cliff, you have an interesting analysis of Mr. Trump that I, for one, would enjoy reading as the events play out or after the dust settles. Simple reason: I've never encountered a politician quite like Mr. Trump in my lifetime & it's a bit difficult to figure him out. I've seen lots of Hillarys come & go, but this Trump fellow is 'da bomb' to a lot of folks (lol).

Quite a few people suspect Trump is a farcemeister out to make a killing on the election run while not really desiring the job of POTUS. Then again, some folks say the same about Hillary.

I hope you put a book out on the subject. I'll buy & read it. What do you think of Jesse Ventura's message in the interview with Len Osanic I posted a link to...that corporate media will Bar-B-Q the career & legal entanglements of anyone who proposes a JFK CT viewpoint. Is that the writing on the wall? If so, should all Education Forum members & visitors start buddying up with DVP?

Don't misinterpret me, Cliff. I'm not impressed with either candidate. I'm halfway expecting the CIA will enter their man into the race as a 3rd party. That should prove interesting.

Reality to me is the mile long train of shopping carts parked under Interstates that the homeless use for temporary storage of their meager belongings. In major Texas cities, I've seen the same number of carts parked through the Presidencies of 'slick Willy' Clinton, George W. Bush & Mr. Obama. Texas politicians & Presidents don't seem to notice their constituents are hurting in a bad way, regardless of who wins the latest election. Historically, the same happened in ancient Rome when it fell. A few in power that grabbed the big bucks made out ok; most lost it all.


Brad Milch

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Does Narcissistic Personality Disorder include repeating sentences over and over? (Example: "He is the founder of ISIS,” Trump said. “He is the founder of ISIS, OK? He’s the founder. He founded ISIS.") I haven't seen it listed among the symptoms, but it's a Trump affliction, and he insists on afflicting us with it.

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Trump suffers from ADHD in addition to Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Being bestowed by his father with $100 million also gave him a sense of entitlement. Imagine the books that will be written about him after the election now the facts of the real Trump are emerging.

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And yet with all these *obvious* issues, almost half of the population is eager to vote for him.

I'm not certain which type of personality disorder to assign to that half of the country, but they certainly have their own "issues..." And these issues may well be as bad as, or even worse, than Trump-itus!

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Just to reply to the thread topic.... The CRUZ in relation to Oswald has a different name, parents and birthday...

And was involved in the Leafing "attack" with Bringuier.


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Quote: 'Sounds like a pretty accurate analysis.....I suspect he will indeed become a case study from several angles' - Larry Hancock

With the announcement that the Clinton's tax return shows income of 238 million, I suspect both candidates will be studied from this point on, particularly when the POTUS only pulls in 2 million in a 4 year term. Secretary of State earns far less. Do the math. The Clinton's have made a huge jump in 'chump change' since the Monica Lewinsky escapades. I doubt seriously the big bucks came from selling homemade cookies or mowing rich neighbor's lawns, don't you?

@Ron & Cliff: Just think, it could all boil down to one vote that decides the election. Could be an American Muslim, American Latino, Snoop Dogg, Taylor Swift or me (lol). Perhaps Mr. Trump's own vote (presumably for himself) will do the trick.

As I wrote before, if the homeless shopping carts remain parked under US interstates following the election, we as a people & a nation have gained nothing.



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I don't know where you got that 238 million dollar figure.

But this was the best article I could find on the 2015 return: http://money.cnn.com/2016/08/12/pf/taxes/hillary-clinton-tax-return/index.html

As you can see, they filed jointly and had a combined income of 10.6 million. Most of it from royalties and speaking fees.

And they had an effective tax rate of 34 per cent.

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Howdy, James:

That 238 million figure was Fox News' lead story for much of the afternoon, yesterday (Aug 13, 2016) It was reported as fact in conjunction with the release of Hillary Clinton's 2015 tax returns. I searched around the web for others that picked up the story & found a couple. Prior to the Fox News story, I had thought the Clintons were down around the 10 million level also. The Clintons combined wealth varies from website to website. Supposedly, the majority of big bucks came from 'Slick Willy' speaking engagements (between 70 million -100+ million, depending on who's doing the reporting on the Internet). I wonder if Bill Clinton talked about cigars in any of his big buck speaking engagements. Whatever the Clintons have, it's certainly more than what I struggle on week to week, month to month. None of them have helped me, so it's difficult to be ecstatic about their futures. None of them have gone to prison (yet).

If accurate at 238 million, this means Hillary has more wealth than Taylor Swift (200+ million) or Snoop Dogg (130+ million). Snoop's income is certain to grow with his new cooking show with Martha Stewart (Snoop likes gangsters).

Whatever it works out to be, Hillary allegedly broke into the big leagues without having to put out one music video. Neither did Chelsea. Or Bill (thank heavens).

Hillary reportedly earned $186,600 a year as Secretary of State (Wikipedia) & $79,500 a year as a New York Senator (also Wikipedia).

Bill Clinton made 4 million for 2 terms as POTUS.

Surfing around the web, just how much the Clintons really have is not really known presently. Some of the commenters on Fox have been speculating the Clintons will probably relocate to wherever their money stash is located (like 'El Chapo' reportedly did). Fox News guests have also been commenting that Obama may end up buying Kenya or relocating to Switzerland to be close to his alleged Iran 'piece of the action' ransom money pay out stash. I bet the SS will really enjoy guarding him there (NOT!). If Fox News has put out an uncorrected error in regards to the Clinton's combined wealth, it demonstrates vividly what former Gov. Jesse Ventura was telling Len Osanic in the link I posted up there ^ about how MSM puts out incorrect news just to get the jump on the competition.

I'm retired, James. I have a lot of time to watch Fox News. Fox has all the diva women. It's difficult for me to stay out of Fox News. Those lovelies wouldn't be misleading viewers like me, would they, James? Maybe Mr. Trump will compete with Fox & CNN in the future? His daughter is certainly a winner...

For Kathleen:

I honestly believe that if a global search for an honest, wealthy person was made as to who would make an ideal political candidate, Sir Paul McCartney would win. Sir Paul would be the last person on Earth accused of robbery, murder, or 'pay for play' government jobs IMHO. Sir Paul earned his keep the old fashioned way: he took his talent out in the world & worked his bum off to get what he has. Sir Paul will always have my vote (if he ever runs for office & I'm eligible to vote for him). Paul is a Gemini that did extremely well for himself.

Other famous Gemini persons: Benny Goodman, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Donald Trump.

I haven't been vocal on your latest CTKA efforts, James, but I assure you that I've kept up with all your work & listened to your online interviews with Len Osanic. Len is a cool guy that I have the highest respect for in his work with the JFK murder.

Best, always

Brad Milch

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As Ron asked, is that an FBI document?

Is it part of the post assassination inquiry on Oswald? Or was it done at the time he was in New Orleans?

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