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On the Way: Is another rumble coming

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A lot of home video releases are coming out on Blu-Ray (the HD format) these days rather than DVD (standard definition), and the excellent trailer for the film is in HD format. So I'm hoping we see a good Blu-Ray release of the film. And in this instance, the more extra features and interviews (and maybe commentary tracks) the better.


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I know nothing about film distribution, TV rights, etc. 

I am appalled that no US TV network--CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, et al, or no major media outfit like WaPo or NYT--won't buy the rights and broadcast or stream the four hours, for one hour a night.

Maybe Stone didn't want broadcast/stream, maybe he only wants film-DVD distribution. 

I sure would like the public to see this, to have a national discussion generated, ahead of Biden's decision to release or not the remaining JFK docs. 

Yeah, I wish for a lot of things....






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