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The Oxnard Call

20 May 2015 - 03:09 PM

IMO the Oxnard call, made just minutes before the assassination, is prima facie evidence of a conspiracy. Someone in the Oxnard area had foreknowledge of the assassination. Coincidence can be ruled out. Not only did the caller say that JFK would die at 10:10 am (12:10 Dallas time), but later in the call she amended the time, saying JFK would die at 10:30 (the exact time of the assassination). It’s as if someone in the Oxnard area was actually tracking the progress of the motorcade, with the caller taking into account the delay in arriving at a known kill zone.


The details of the call as recounted by the FBI are here:




Greg Parker’s research on the call is here:











Kicked off of hosting service

29 April 2015 - 04:25 PM

For a while now I have had my non-JFK-related webpages on a free hosting service called byethost. My JFK webpage and articles are on another free service, Angelfire. But Angelfire has distracting ads and pop-ups, so I decided to upload the JFK material to the byethost site, with the idea of then deleting it from Angelfire. But no sooner did I get the material uploaded at byethost than my whole website disappeared. No warning, nothing, just gone. I'm sure (without bothering to look) that I must have violated the terms and conditions for free use, which includes not saying anything bad about the U.S. government or anything else.


I'm now having to build a new website, this one paid for, which will include the JFK material presently on Angelfire. But there are two lessons, I think, to be learned here. One, you get what you pay for. And two, be careful where you say anything about a JFK conspiracy. It can cost you, even 51 years later.



James Richards' photos

27 April 2015 - 04:13 PM

The Spartacus link for the JFK Photographic Archive compiled by James Richards no longer works. Is the archive still somewhere on the website, or does anyone know if it has moved anywhere else?