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  1. Would this be the 'monograph' that you mentioned a while back? I'm looking forward to that.
  2. George Senator was Ruby's room mate. I'm not sure about Armstrong.
  3. That definitely sounds like the Pitzer story. The official story is that he shot himself at Bethesda. There were also those who suspected foul play.
  4. I'm not Bill but yes, that was during the debate with Carlos Bringuier, and Ed Butler.
  5. It's either a '63 or '64 Mercury Station Wagon.
  6. While this thread has evolved to a body alteration debate, the initial post was more or less an accusatory attack on James DiEugenio by another researcher/author. I didn't think that was allowed here.
  7. Shouldn't the first page read Detective Gerald Hill, not Clint Hill?
  8. I'm not Bart, but, the southwestern-most window on the sixth floor is similar to the southeast window. The five middle windows seem to give the building an art deco look. Edit: I didn't see David Andrews' post before I made my post.
  9. Your scanning efforts are much appreciated.
  10. Wow! And LHO was vaccinated on June 8, 1963 by Dr. A. J. Hideel!
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