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  1. "HARVEY AND LEE" and the "Oswald in NOLA eyewitness" Judyth Vary Baker book "ME AND LEE" are not compatible. That's why Armstrong is refusing to meet Baker to discus the subject. (James Files, the Steven Louis Wittt of the grassy knoll, as I call him, also refuses to meet Baker ... Read how Baker dismantles some of Armstrongs claims brought forward by Athe late Armstrong-Fan Jack White:
  2. BTW: There is a whole sub-forum devoted to HARVEY AND LEE at ROCK. And a FB page dealing with that book. Enough is enough? I think so.
  3. From another thread of this forum dealing with HARVEY AND LEE. (I think there are about ten threads dealing with that book ... Now go to page 288 of HARVEY AND LEE, quote: Quote HARVEY AND LEE: p. 288 It is clear that Oswald understood and spoke Russian prior his arrival in Mos­cow, although the extent of his proficiency remains unknown. It is also clear that after he arrived in the Soviet Union, he dared not let anyone know that he spoke Russian, especially the people with whom he spent the most time, the Zigers, who he probably assumed were report into the KGB. Close quote KK
  4. @David Josephs: At last your Huston pic shows a lot of motorcycles flanking the limo ... had you read my post, than you would know, that my claim is, that it was a combination of deliberate security flaws which lead to the "siting duck" situation. -- No motorcycles beside the limo -- Two secret service men recalled at Love field, therefore no SS men on beack of the limo -- Stand clear of the Limo -- No additional security provided by the sheriffs in Dallas and army Intelligence -- Low speed at Elm --And last but not least : Breaking the Motorcade into three pieces, Elm, Huston and Main, so that the motorcade participants at one piece can not see what is happening at the other piece ... especially the front piece with the Pres. Limo and the Queen Mary, the kill zone ... BTW Your pic is a highway pic ... where the motorcade travels with higher speed ... and each driver is supposed to stand clear of the car in front of him on a highway ... you and me too ... posting a low speed Huston down-town pic of the Huston Motorcade would have been more fair and appropriate ... KK
  5. There are already six other treads dealing with that particular book HARVEY AND LEE http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/12175-donation-of-harvey-and-lee/ http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/18963-harvey-and-lee/ http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/22928-my-review-of-john-armstrongs-harvey-and-lee/ http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/6924-john-armstrong-hold-the-harvey-and-lee/ http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/24454-pdf-harvey-and-lee-cd-rom-john-armstrong/ http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/23677-a-couple-of-real-gems-from-the-harvey-and-lee-website/ Plus the "Judyth Vary Baker in Exile" tread, where James Fetzer and Judyth Baker are showing some flaws of that book ... http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/15559-judyth-vary-baker-living-in-exile/ Why another thread about HARVEY AND LEE? KK
  6. Robert Weldon Hargis, the southernmost motorcycle cop at the rear of the pres. limo, was of the opinion, Greer hit the breaks to make it easier for the SS men to jump onto the limo to do their job ... but nobody jumped ... and a second later Hargis was hit in the face with bone fragments, blood and brain-matter, that he thought he was hit too ...
  7. I consider James Files a trained Disinformant. Maybe he is the only jailed person on earth who was paroled after confessing a murder. Files was a "gift-pill" for Wim Dankbaar. This otherwise respectable JFK researcher bought the Files-Tale 100 Percent. Files is a IC creation to muddy the waters ... The Louis Steven Witt of the grassy knoll. Or another Roscoe White ... to put him on trial would be a lose lose situation for the prosecution: If the verdict is guilty, that means conspiracy. If the verdict is not guilty, that means Files is what he is: A fraud ... and the prosecution would appear kinda gullible and naive to take this man seriously. KK
  8. Marita Lorenz, who died recently, testified, she saw Howard Hunt in Dallas the day before the assassination. Whom should we believe? Plumlee or Lorenz? Quote, Spartacus Educational, Marita Lorenz: Marita Lorenz gave sworn testimony that Lee Harvey Oswald, American mercenaries Frank Sturgis and Gerry Patrick Hemming, and Cuban exiles including Orlando Bosch, Pedro Diaz Lanz, and the brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampol, had met one November midnight in 1963 at the Miami home of Orlando Bosch and had studied Dallas street maps. She also swore that she and Sturgis were at that time in the employ of the CIA and that they received payment from Howard Hunt under the name "Eduardo," … They arrived in Dallas on 21 November 1963, and stayed at a motel, where the group met Howard Hunt. Hunt stayed for about forty-five minutes and at one point handed an envelope of cash to Sturgis. About an hour after Hunt left, Jack Ruby came to the door. Lorenz says that this was the first time she had seen Ruby. By this time, she said, it was early evening. Close Quote
  9. Plus: The four Motorcycle Cops Hargis, Chaney, Jackson and Martin were told to ride behind the Limo ... Plus: The Dallas Sheriffs were told not to participate in the security of the motorcade ... Plus: Colonel Reichs 112th Army intelligence men were told, they would not provide additional security for the motorcade in Dallas ... Plus: At the last second Secret Service agents Henry Rybka and Don Lawton were recalled at Love Field by fellow agent Emory Roberts And plus, my guess: The driver of the Johnson car was told to stand clear of the Queen Mary and the Presidential Limo, plus William Greer, driver of the Pres. Limo was told to stand clear of the Lead Car (with Curry, Lawson, Decker and Sorrels in it.) Effect: In that particular motorcade Kennedy was presented to his killers like a sitting duck ...
  10. @John Butler. Thx for the info .. ... ... It is my understanding, that there were several Oswald doubles around that days in Dallas, and nobody can say if the Cargo plane double was the Texas Theater double ... . it is therefore one of those interesting story's surroundings the assassination where one can see the fingerprints of intelligence, leading to nowhere ... as intended by the plotters, I guess ... KK
  11. Another "stand clear" pic, IMO ... And another one
  12. To me, it looks like, as if the driver of the Johnson car was told to stand clear of the Queen Mary and the presidential Limo, and that Greer was told to stand clear of the lead car ... as if the Queen Mary and the presidential Limo were hot potatoes. Isolated within the motorcade. It is a still from the YT-video UPDATE Motorcade Love Field to Dealy Plaza ... there are other clips in that Video which gives me that "hot potato" impression ..
  13. Quote, Douglass, James W.. JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (kindle version) I can't figure out the source of this cargo-plane claim ... can somebody enlighten me? Thx. KK
  14. Wild eyed Trump-Fan Jeanie Pirro gives a good summary of the Epstein affair, special guest: Cyril Wecht. Very entertaining ... Pirro and Wecht
  15. @Harry J. Dean That cute and handsome guy? Kidding?
  16. Maybe for anomalies like the "frozen lamppost" etc. the ARRB Zapruder Film test shooting ( November 1997) was sabotaged. It's a funny story. Perpetrators: David Marwell Jeremy Gunn Rollie Zavada Tom Samoluk Quote: David Lifton PIG ON LEASH: Horne Requests Test with Orignial Camerai Doug Horne knew what needed to be done: that film should be run through the Zapruder camera, in a test conducted at Dealey Plaza, preferably when the lighting was the same, and such test film be compared with the Zapruder film. It didn’t take a photo expert to understand why this should be done: a match between the test film and the Zapruder film would be powerful evidence that the Zapruder film was a genuine original; contrarywise, any mismatch might be probabtive, even definitive, on the issue of whether the film in evidence was not taken by the Zapruder camera. Neither David Marwell nor Jeremy Gunn wanted to do any such tests. Marwell looked with complete disdain at the notion that the Zapruder film might be a forgery. He said he had experience in college, either on the newspaper or in a photography club, with contact printing, and he just didn’t see how the film could be inauthentic. He kept bringing up the small size of an 8 mm film, saying: “You’d need engraving tools.” As Doug observed later, he simply failed to inform himself about optical editing technology. Gunn was a different matter. When Marwell left the ARRB, and the problem was passed to Gunn, the problem was political. Gunn did not have good relations with the five Board members, who—Doug tells me—thought of him as a closet assassination buff (and he was, in some ways). The Board members were essentially conservative, and Gunn knew they would never approve doing a test in Dealy Plaza; that their fear would be a New York Times headine, “ARRB Suspects Zapruder Film Forgery”. Doug thought their fears were completely exaggerated. It was well within the rights of the ARRB to investigate the provenance of any assassination record, and “record” could be more important that the visual record of the Zapruder film? When Marwell departed as Exec Director to take outside employment Gunn became Exec Director as well as General Counsel. This was the autumn of 1997. One day, Doug locked horns with Gunn on this issue. (...) Samoluk Goes to Dallas But let‘s return to Samoluk in November, 1997. It was November, 1997 when Samoluk went to Dallas, tasked with the job of taking pictures from Zapruder’s perch on November 22, something he really didn’t want to do, because Dealey Plaza can be a zoo on assassination anniversaries. Meanwhile, Rollie had sent a camera via Federal Express; it was loaded with film, and with directions, in a box to the ARRB in Washington; and now, in Dallas, Samoluk retired to his hotel room, and opened the box. He pulled out the camera, pressed the trigger, to make sure it would run, and nothing happened. He tried again. Nothing. Experimenting a bit in the hotel room, Samoluk became convinced that the camera was jammed, and gave up on the project. Upon returning to Washington, Doug ran over to him when he appeared at the ARRB offices, and asked excitedly (“like a puppy dog,” recalls Doug): “Did you conduct the test?” “With a sheepish look on his face,” recalls Doug, “he replied, ‘No, I didn’t, the friggin’ camera jammed.’” “What do you mean it jammed?” said Doug. “Well, either it jammed or the batteries were no good!”, replied Samoluk. “What do you mean, batteries?” said Doug, growing increasingly upset. “This camera doesn’t have batteries, you wind it with a big gigantic key that is on the side of the camera.” “And his jaw dropped open, his eyes got big, he got this ‘oh xxxx’ look on his face.” Doug called Rollie and confirmed that there were no batteries, and that Rollie had not wound the camera before he sent it to the Review Board. Rollie had sent a long list of operating instructions; but nowhere did it say ”Wind the camera.”ii “This was keystone cops, man, USG style,” says Doug, reflecting on the experience. Close Quote
  17. There is another good point in regard to this topic made by John Armstrong( I admit he digged out a lot of valuable details, although I don't buy his HARVEY and LEE theorie), that is: The Money order from Oswald to Kleins to purchase the Carcano (or one of the three 🙂 shown in this thread), was never cashed. Armstrongs conclusion, quote: "The easiest way to show ()that the rifle was never ordered or purchased by LHO is simply to look into the Warren Volumes at that money order. Once you see that it has never been cashed at a bank ( thee money order had some stamps missing)(...) you don't have a cashed money order you don't have a purchase." We have three different rifles never purchased by Oswald, at last not by the money order shown in the Warren Volumes. Source Len Osanics "50 Reasons for fifty years, ep. 39 ...
  18. If you watch that film below, when the lamppost comes into sight, compare it to the firewall. There are dark spots on the firewall. When the lamppost first appears, there is one dark spot (of the firewall, actually holes in that wall) to the left side of the top a the lamppost, when the cam is further following the car, and the lamppost disappears to the left, there are three dark spots at the left side of the lamp. The lamppost is moving to the left ... thats the parallax effect. A natural law. You can't see that natural law in the Zapruder film. The Zapruder film is "supernatural". A fake.
  19. Pumped: Everyone with any cam standing on Zapruders pedestal can prove, that the Zapruder film is a fake ... That parallax movement of the lamppost compared to the firewall while following with your cam a moving object on Elm Street (a car), is a natural effect. This natural effect is absent in the Zapruder Film. The Zapruder Film does not show any lamppost movement as a result of the natural law of parallax movements. The Zapruder Film is is a fake.
  20. @ Bart Kamp Two bodys??? Maybe ... but since there is no motorcade in your pic, its impossible to fix the moment it was made ... the same problem you have with the Dillard pic (IMO a fake) there is no motorcade in that pic, therefore you can't figure out the exact moment in time when it was made ... @ To all: The pic posted by me is a still out of the Robert Hughes film ... which BTW is badly cut ( a lot of frames are missing) and therefore manipulated like all the other films of the assassination. Some originals are out there in the unknown or destroyed down to the present day: (Nix-film.) Others never shown, for instance: the film of CBS Cameraman Thomas J. Craven who was sitting in the same follow up car as Wiegman. What we have, on You Tube and in some archives is a bunch of distorted, curt and manipulated film, non of us saw any uncut original version of any film of the assassination ... film analyses of the assassination is rather a useless business, other than realizing that what we got is useless junk ... where is the Zapruder original, where is the Nix-Original, where are the uncut versions of the Wiegmann, the Doorman the Muchmore film? It's a morass. Isn't it? There is another problem with Jarman, Norman and Williams: Their working place where they had their lunch and their tools, was on the sixth floor behind the westernmost window, where they were laying a new plywood floor. Why they would go a floor down and to the opposite site of the building where they had no business at all, to watch the parade where a southern live oak is blocking the view on elm street and where one could not make the observations, they described to the Warren Commission? (Kennedys reactions to the shots for example ...) ... I believe Jarman, Norman and Williams where watching the parade from the westernmost window of the sixth floor, where they were their working place was ( laying plywood under the supervision of the suspicious William Shelley, who was out in the front at the time of the shooting and with whom Oswald was standing around after the shooting, according to the FRITZ NOTES) ) , where they (J, N and Williams) had their tools and their lunch and the shooter they heard above them was on the seventh floor, in exact the same window the Rowlands saw a rifleman minutes prior to the shooting ... this man was on the seventh floor in the westernmost window. He was firing twice and was not Oswald. IMO this was the erect standing shooter Brennan saw, unless the Warren Commission brainwashed him. Note: The seventh floor is the only floor where a shooter can stand erect, while shooting as observed by Brennan. Everybody can prove that by his own. The building is still there. 😉 Erect Shooter in window: Only possible at seventh floor. KK
  21. should have been in these windows immediately before the shots rang out according to the Warren Commission. Where are they? I can't see anybody.
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