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  1. John Newmann wrote a book "Oswald and the CIA", where he presented an impressive list of government -documents showing that Lee Harvey Oswald was closely monitored by FBI CIA and James Jesus Angleton himself prior to the assassination. Newman said, he wrote a book about. "Oswald the file". I am waiting for a equal book "HARVEY the file", written by Armstrong ... But wait a minute: there is no HARVEY Oswald paper-trail. There is not a single official FBI or CIA document showing that HARVEY was closely monitored and a person of interest to Angleton. Why? Because Harvey is a figment of Armstrongs imagination. He merged the 4 to 6 or more Oswald imposter's, that where active prior to the assassination, some of them not even resembling Oswald (The Mexico City Oswald and the Lincoln/Mercury Oswald, and therefore not resembling Harvey!) into one individual he called Harvey Oswald. Thats a useless operation, except it is meant to confuse the CTer community, a goal witch HARVEY AND LEE has achieved ... To answer the question WHO KILLED KENNEDY AND WHY the book HARVEY AND LEE attributes nada ...
  2. The game with identities is well known in this never ending murder case. There were 4 to 6 Oswalds, (the Bolton-Ford Ossi, N.O, the Lincoln-Mercury Ossi, Dallas, the Odio-Ossi, Dallas, the firing ranch Ossi, Dallas, the Mexico-city Ossi etc...), BUT there was no Oswald-CLONE, created from childhood on, which is the main-idea of the Armstrong book ... the CIA started to create an Oswald 201 file in Dec 1960. One purpose of such a file is to create parallel résumés of one person. It is flashy that the first documented incident with a false Oswald occurred just a month later in Oswalds Hometown N.O., on 20.1.1961, the day JFK was sworn into office. (The Bolton Ford incident.) I am fine with that ... I do not need the Armstrong/Hargrove Hokuspokus
  3. http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/01/the-truth-about-oswalds-birth.html So this is Armstrong in the possession of Oswalds birth certificate, not making it public for a one and a half decade while throwing around bullxxxx about it, watching researchers running around in circles. That's the deed of an disinfo agent. -- HARVEY&LEE is a very skillful disinfo-doorstopper: full of accurate details, but used in the context of a funny theory of two IC-created Oswalds acting as IC assets almost from the cradle to the grave. To a reader of this book, my advice would be: take the accurate details out of the book and throw the Armstrong Two Ossi Theory out of the window, which is nothing but a silly tale, created to muddy the waters of 22.11.1963. HARVEY&LEE is not a Conspiracy book, it is Smoke and Mirrors to confuse honest assassination researchers. Jim Hargrove is not a researcher, he is Armstrongs Internet man, promoting the silly premise of H&L ... IMO PS The late Jack White was a victim of Armstrongs Disinfo-book and campaign. KK
  4. The 6th floor Museum is rather a lone nut xxxxx factory. That's why I wonder, that Stephen Fagin, Gary Macks successor as curator of this embarrassing facility, gave Cyril Wecht, a dedicated CTer, the opportunity to make his case ... Stephen Fagin maybe is a upside down Gary Mack ... Starting as LNter and ending up as Cter ... BTW: I like Wechts performance ... well roared, lion ...
  5. Isn't it odd, that the 6th floor Museum (with no conspiracy books in it's library) allowed CT Cyril Wecht to make his case for conspiracy? Is Stephen Fagin, the successor of Lone Nut prayer mill Gary Mack, instructed to do so? By whom? KK
  6. @DVP -- I never said, that Ruby wasn't a gifted storyteller ...
  7. @DVP I knew of a time, when this forum was filled with a lot of hard boiled Lone Nutters like you. Now you are a kind of LAST MAN STANDING --- hats off!!
  8. By "side door", I guess you mean the east- entrance to the parking area of the basement ... there was a service elevator nearby too with two openings: to the basement and to the alley. A Officer stationed there, by the name of Brock, to guard the elevator and stairs was never asked by anybody about his observations. He disappeared from history. Fact is: Ruby reached his target via the parking area, climbing over the rail ... I think here we have the last part of his route from the Western Union Office,westwards across Main street, south to the alley and the stairs/elevator leading to the basement, using that stairs/or the elevator, unopposed, crossing the basement, hiding behind/sitting in a green car for a short time, getting out of it, climbing over the rail and mingling with reporters just in time to silence Oswald ...
  9. IMO it doesn't matter, if Ruby was sitting in that green car, or hiding behind it: he nerver told anybody, that he reached the crime scene from the parking area climbing over the rail ...
  10. The testimony of Roy Eugene Vaughn was taken at 9:10 a.m., on April 17, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Leon D. Hubert, Jr., assistant counsel of the President's Commission. VAUGHN stood at the Main Str. entrance to the DPD basement, as indicated in my first sketch above. Quote: Mr. HUBERT. And I think your answer to me was--no, it was impossible---they would have had to go either to the left or fight of you and you were standing in the middle of a 12-foot opening? Mr. VAUGHN. Yes. Mr. HUBERT. Is it fair to say, then, that after you got back to your post, following the exit of Rio Pierce's car, that nobody passed you? Mr. VAUGHN. Nobody passed me. Mr. HUBERT. Specifically, did Jack Ruby pass you? Mr. VAUGHN. No, sir. Close quote
  11. The blue arrow marks the way Ruby went, note: the green car he sat down, waiting for his target.
  12. Brilliant summary. I think someone ( a spotter) was waiting at the windows of the DPD for Ruby that morning, therefore the delays in the transfer. When Ruby left the WESTERN UNION OFFICE, they started the transfer. It can be done by sight. Ruby entered the basement, as indicated in my sketch below, via the steps or the service elevator at the east side of the DPD-Building. He got into a green car, directly behind the cameras, waiting for his signal, getting it, get out of the green car, jumping over the rail of the basement parking area and shot his target. The whole transfer was a staged event with sole purpose to kill Oswald.
  13. Ruby seen sitting in a green car behind the TV cameras, getting out off the car, jumping over the rail of the basement parking area and shooting Oswald.
  14. Lowenstein, CIA or not, was definitely a honest, keen and independently thinking man. In the video Lowenstein raises the question that lays behind the RFK murder: What shapes the history of the united state) --- Quote Lowenstein at 42min30sec " ... that a group of conspirators may exist in this country, who, at moments of political decision, influence the course of events improperly." Lowenstein was shot and killed in his NY office 1980 five years after his appearance below by an (allegedly) mentally disturbed man. FIRING LINE -- Episode S0181, Recorded on April 11, 1975 Guest: Allard K. Lowenstein.
  15. Ellsberg was a scholar of Ed Lansdale ... which makes his Pentagon Papers performance highly suspicious to me ... it was the Pentagon Papers which made Nixons men going out of control ... (Howard Hunt inserting false telegrams etc. into this bunch of papers which by itself are misleading and confusing ...) Here is some Ellsberg bull ( quote wiki Lansdale): "According to Daniel Ellsberg, who was at one time a subordinate to Lansdale, Lansdale claimed that he was fired by President Kennedy's Defense Secretary Robert McNamara after he declined Kennedy's offer to play a role in the overthrow of the Diem regime." IMO Ellsberg is an Establishment Insider smuggled into the US-left ... like Noam Chomsky ... if Spielberg is going to make a hero out of him, he is dead wrong, like Stephen King with his novel 11/22/63 ... Ellsberg had his 15 minutes ... and they were staged ... KK
  16. Leavelle is an old man full of bull. SCNR. “I have nothing against the Sixth Floor. I think it is an excellent museum,” Tunheim said ---- booo ---- boooo The distortion of history is the ongoing everlasting business of those men ... Are this 14 boxes available online?
  17. Ed Barrett who Dulles met four days prior to the assassination of JFK here on LONGINE CHRONOSCOPE:
  18. That parallax movement of the lamppost compared to the firewall while following with your cam a moving object on Elm Street (a car), is a natural effect. This natural effect is absent in the Zapruder Film. The Zapruder Film does not show any lamppost movement as a result of the natural law of parallax movements. The Zapruder Film is is a fake.
  19. In her 2010 book ME AND LEE JVB made two claims now proved right by these newly released docs: that Ochsner was in touch with the CIA at the time of the JFK assassination and Oswald was in Mexico City in connection with a get Castro project. You say, she is very well read and cunning: is she a clairvoyant too? I don't second everything she says in her book ME AND LEE but to ignore that book is IMO a big mistake of everyone who is interested in this hottest of all cold cases ...
  20. Interesting account of Marita Lorenz' daughter of the Lorenz-Sturgis encounter back in the seventies. http://www.ticotimes.net/2015/10/27/costa-rica-spy-kid-my-mom-was-sent-to-kill-castro-and-my-dad-was-president-of-venezuela KK
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