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  1. I don't know if I'm missing your point Chris, but there are definitely some frames missing here. Check out the guy waving the newspaper in the upper left corner --right where there's a splice. Suddenly, his left arm is at rest by his side.
  2. Thanks for this David. It explains, for me anyway, one of the issues I was seeing in this frame. It is the result of a splice.
  3. I'm sorry, what were we talking about again? Oh, that's right, it was Donald Trump's corruption ...I think I forgot because, when I left the Catholic church, I became a Rastafarian.
  4. Just a quick point here: The Clinton campaign's action were politically motivated, NOT Steele's. Steele's actions were FINANCIALLY motivated --he was paid to do a job. He did that job, the FBI got his results and took it seriously-naturally-, and the rest is now history.
  5. That's a great clip. He obviously realized he got himself into trouble as he begins tap dancing and mumbling.
  6. Doug Horne himself suggested the "back and to the left" was possibly an artifact of frame removal in Zapruder. I'm also reminded of Roy Kellerman's testimony about a "flurry of shells" coming into the limo, and Dino Brugioni's description of a huge white cloud shooting straight up in the air at the time of impact. Is this an indication of a number of bullets hitting at the same general instance? I think Doug Horne posits three hits to the head.
  7. Download the PDF of the report here: Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election
  8. Hey John, I don't know if you've already counted him, but there is a cop in front of the entrance to the County Records building. He is the third person to the left of Clint Hill in Altgen's 5. He's wearing a black (blue?) hat.
  9. Pictures and floor plan of the basement can be found here. https://www.tpaak.com/jfk-crime-scen I used the website to familiarize myself during the discussion regarding using the pass elevator as a means of escape. I see no exit to the street from the basement.
  10. Jim, I believe that window is on the west side of the TSBD. I was curious about this Dillard photo when we were talking about the 6th floor escapees fleeing down the passenger elevator --why would this person have traveled all the way to the west side if his aim was to get down the elevator shaft as quickly as possible? Supposedly, Tom Dillard took the photo 15 seconds after the last shot.
  11. "It would make sense that the force of the bullet moving through from the right front forehead to the occipital area would blow out the scalp somewhat on the right side of the head. " This might help explain why Zapruder, on television, indicated the back side of his own head to describe what he saw. The skull flap in the Z-film still looks fishy to me. I can imagine that any wounding on the side of the head could have been embellished after the fact. But even if the skull flap was, in fact, actually present and not embellished, it is not dispositive of a shot from the front en
  12. Tony, I'm a little unclear about what you're asking here. Yes, I do believe the throat shot (remember, the aim was at the head) was part of a triangulated series of shots. All these shots began when the limousine entered the kill zone --and the shots came from a number of different directions, including from behind. I believe the conspirators were abundantly confident about showing only shots from behind at any "autopsy".
  13. It was imperative to the conspiracy that Kennedy be killed. Necessary then, would have been shots coming from different directions --a triangulation. The evidence for trajectories were slated to be manipulated at the autopsy (Walter Reed?) at Bethesda. Yes, the throat shot was from the front.
  14. I think that is entirely possible. After all, many think the gunshot was a tangential wound. It would make sense that the force of the bullet moving through from the right front forehead to the occipital area would blow out the scalp somewhat on the right side of the head. Then that could have been embellished (possibly to include skull material) at the pre-autopsy work.
  15. Jim, I think Bart Kamp, at prayerman.com, makes a pretty good argument that the 2nd floor lunch room encounter never happened. So I am of the mind that the early affidavit given by Baker was probably accurate --including the encounter on the 3rd or 4th floor. After all, Baker would probably remember having climbed several floors before an encounter, instead of just one floor. Seems to me it would be a big difference in my mind. I'm not sure that Baker ever even saw Harvey Oswald in the depository at all. Bart has several pictures of Baker facing Harvey in a hallway at DPD, but he neve
  16. Sorry I was so cryptic David. I meant that it looks like the bullet hole in the windshield next to the left officer's left elbow --same one as in Altgen's 6.
  17. I don't mean to start anything here, but I just can't help myself: There's that pesky little spiral nebula, yet again.
  18. White shirted Oswald was a very busy man the day of the assassination! I have no problem believing his movements that day were all part of the plan. What tipped me off regarding the idea that the men on the 6th floor were not worried about being noticed, was the description of some of the witnesses regarding the movement on the 6th floor --"fiddling with the rifle scope", "sitting astride the window ledge", "seemingly relaxed" (to the extent that the witness assumed he was part of security). Either these men were security, or they weren't worried about being noticed! And we know they w
  19. Jim, Just my 2 cents worth of speculation, that is what I am thinking. Richard Carr saw what he thought was the man on the 6th floor get into a Nash Rambler. My assumption has been that he was the guy who ended up driving down Elm St. and picking up "Lee" Oswald (after having circled around from Record St.) I am a big fan of John Armstrong's theory of "two" Oswalds. And further, I think that maybe "Lee", on the 6th floor, was positioning himself to allow witnesses the chance to notice him as a further effort to incriminate the patsy.
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