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  1. Ironic that you think CTers are being creative and selective. It was the Warren Commission who's creative and selective actions necessitated further research.
  2. Ahhh, the million dollar question. If I could answer that I'd be writing a book...
  3. Yes, I do. Definitely with the plotters. There's too much credible research that indicates it.
  4. And so did someone who was roaming around Dallas for a couple of months pretending to be LHO.
  5. Sure, an innocent man who looked exactly like Lee Harvey Oswald.
  6. But Bernard Haire said the look-alike was taken to a police car. He wasn't just inside the back door of the theatre.
  7. How did Dan Rather get a copy of the film for extended viewing? Do you suppose the new and improved version was fed to him by authorities?
  8. So your thought is the bus and taxi rides may have been concocted to refute what Roger Craig had seen? Oswald's reaction regarding "Mrs. Paine's car, etc." is what made me think maybe it was Harvey Oswald, after all, that got into that Rambler. And, of course, that threatened the conspiracy because of the implications --Oswald had help, who was driving, looks pre-planned, etc. But I have been wedded to the bus and taxi events for so long, it's hard to imagine that it didn't happen --for the reasons that Jim and John A point out. And Whaley has seemed very credible, but perhaps succumb
  9. For a while now, I've had a hunch that conspirators in the TSBD arrived there late Thursday night or in the very dark hours of Friday morning with weapons and a rifle to plant. They hid on the seventh floor or the little shack on the roof. Among them, of course, would be LEE Oswald. As I just posted in another thread, I'm wondering if it might have been LEE Oswald that took the bus and taxi. Whaley's description of a disheveled wino would fit the bill for a guy who just spent an uncomfortable night in a warehouse. It might also account for Mrs. Bledsoe's claim.
  10. David, are you speculating that it was Classic Oswald who got into the Nash Rambler that Roger Craig witnessed? What might have happened after that? Do you think he was driven to his rooming house? ...and to the theatre? Speculation: Is it even remotely possible that the bus and taxi ride did happen, but the rider was LEE Oswald... that John A got it right, but the roles were reversed?
  11. In the video Michaleen Kilroy posted, he viewed the film before Life mag bought it which was Saturday morning. I think he actually saw it on Friday late.
  12. Yes, it was an absurd idea when the suggestion was posted on this forum. I mean, seriously... ? Trump is like a toddler playing with the remote control.
  13. No John. A splice at 157 alone could explain the extra long leg. The other frames look normal to me and can be explained by leg and shadow. When you first brought it up days ago, I looked at my own copies of Costella's frames. The only anomalies I saw, in that film vicinity, were in frame 157. But now I see Robin's postings of the different versions, MPI and Groden. This is the first time I've seen a comparison. This is quite interesting... But you haven't answered my question about what you think happened in the actual assassination that isn't reflected in the Zap film in this
  14. Thanks for the head's up on the gif animator John--I'm interested. I've believed that the Zap film was altered for many years now. My info is mostly from Doug Horne's work. His interviews with Dino Brugioni are mind boggling, but, over the years, there were dozens of analyses I watched and read that convinced me. At first, I was confused by what I was seeing in frame 157. There were a number of things in that frame that were very strange, but once I realized that a splice was made in that frame, it became clear that these odd things are a result of a splice. I'm not sure what
  15. I see the difference Chris. The movement makes more sense now. I think you included, in the .gif, the frame with the splice--I can see it flash by oh so quickly. I do believe that Willis' long leg and JFK's "dead body hanging over the edge of the limo" are artifacts of the splice.
  16. I don't know if I'm missing your point Chris, but there are definitely some frames missing here. Check out the guy waving the newspaper in the upper left corner --right where there's a splice. Suddenly, his left arm is at rest by his side.
  17. Thanks for this David. It explains, for me anyway, one of the issues I was seeing in this frame. It is the result of a splice.
  18. I'm sorry, what were we talking about again? Oh, that's right, it was Donald Trump's corruption ...I think I forgot because, when I left the Catholic church, I became a Rastafarian.
  19. Just a quick point here: The Clinton campaign's action were politically motivated, NOT Steele's. Steele's actions were FINANCIALLY motivated --he was paid to do a job. He did that job, the FBI got his results and took it seriously-naturally-, and the rest is now history.
  20. That's a great clip. He obviously realized he got himself into trouble as he begins tap dancing and mumbling.
  21. Doug Horne himself suggested the "back and to the left" was possibly an artifact of frame removal in Zapruder. I'm also reminded of Roy Kellerman's testimony about a "flurry of shells" coming into the limo, and Dino Brugioni's description of a huge white cloud shooting straight up in the air at the time of impact. Is this an indication of a number of bullets hitting at the same general instance? I think Doug Horne posits three hits to the head.
  22. Download the PDF of the report here: Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election
  23. Hey John, I don't know if you've already counted him, but there is a cop in front of the entrance to the County Records building. He is the third person to the left of Clint Hill in Altgen's 5. He's wearing a black (blue?) hat.
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