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  1. In fact Greene did not meet Lansdale until after completing much of the novel. According to Greene, the inspiration for the character of Pyle was Leo Hochstetter,
  2. Not quite, but close. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, responding to the question "Do you think Oswald did it?": "If I told you what I really know, it would be very dangerous to this country. Our whole political system could be disrupted."
  3. Two official versions of "Show Them The Way": an acoustic one and a full recording featuring Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) on guitar and Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on drums. This song was written by Stevie Nicks in St. Charles, Illinois, in 2008. She told Rolling Stone, "...One night I went to bed and I had this dream. I dream a lot, but I almost never remember the dreams. I'll wake up and I'll go, 'I remember a train with some people smiling and waving at me that went by really fast,' and that's it. This dream was so really real that there was a little bit of me, for a minute, when I
  4. Nice one guys! Added to my Spotify library.
  5. Joe, my son has asked me that question, so too others who have learned of my interest in the assassination. My answer:- "Well it certainly wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald. Nobody knows who was responsible, but Federal and Intelligence agencies covered up truths. The same applies to the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, with the same Federal and Intelligence fingerprints."
  6. Professor Alan Lichtman of American University Washington DC, who has correctly predicted the US election results since Kennedy gives the 2020 victory to the Democrats.
  7. As stated in previous posts Vince, I have contacted Bart (the dedicated Mr K) to arrange a DPUK presentation on Zoom sometime prior to the publication of 'Honest Answers'. He is busy at this time with putting Malcolm Blunt's filing cabinet contents on line, but we hope to arrange something early 2021.
  8. Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand? Your post on Mercer caused me to re-visit Mercer's story & that is when I came across Murphy's statements which I had not read before. I agree it sounds weird and typical of many cops statements, "He couldn't recall the name of the company to whom this truck belonged". Maybe it would be possible to have one truck push another, just a few feet down a slight slope to bump start one with a flat battery, but to choose between Mercer and Murphy's accounts I still go with Mercer. Yet, even with the nefarious and rabid right wing c
  9. Not just tragic, but very suspicious....like the safe driving record of a certain taxi driver killed in a head on crash in '65 or the suspected 'sideswiped' vehicle driven by the supervisor of a railroad tower in '66.
  10. JOE MURPHY, Patrolman, Traffic Division, Police Department, Dallas, Texas, advised that on November 22, 1963, he was stationed at the Triple Underpass on Elm Street to assist in handling traffic. At approximately 10:30-10:40 AM, a pickup truck stalled on Elm Street between Houston Street and the underpass. He was unable to recall the name of the company to whom this truck belonged but stated it is the property of the company working on the First National Bank Building at Elm and Akard in Dallas. There were three construction men in this truck, and he took one to the bank building to obtai
  11. On 8th September, 1967, Shirley Martin's oldest daughter, Victoria, who had accompanied her mother to Dallas to interview witnesses, was with her friend Candy in a VW Beetle, that was "sideswiped" by another car. Candy died the next day but Victoria, who sustained twenty-four broken bones in the crash, lingered for four days before dying of her injuries. After the death of her daughter Shirley Martin gave up research into the assassination of JFK. Certainly agree, Kelin's book is a must.
  12. Doug, I thought the lecture was just par for the course, with errors in the commentary & some bogus statements too.
  13. Phwor Joe! B.J. is P.M. of Gt. Britain. Call him England's P.M. over here & you risk Celtic spears hurtling over the wall.
  14. Richard Nixon:- "I was there on the morning when the decision on Lebanon was made. I was there when Trieste was decided. I was there when the decisions on Iran, all these others that have kept the peace and kept it without surrender, and, my friends, this I know-that America at this time cannot afford to use the White House as a training ground to give experience to somebody at the expense of the United States of America." John F. Kennedy:- "What Mr Nixon doesn't understand is that the President of the United States, Mr Eisenhower, is not the candidate. You've seen those elephants in t
  15. Malcolm X, RFK & MLK in many forms repeated Dallas in just a few years. Although proof is lacking, killings like John Lennon's raise suspicions, especially when looking at Chapman's background, which could have similarities to Sirhan. The 60's music scene, like film, was also 'a most impactful form of propaganda' that posed a threat to the establishment. It is believed that CIA was involved with Operation Chaos and initiated the drug bust against the Stones. Jimi Hendrix's manager was military Intell. Yeah, most people don't look at these things that way.....the ones
  16. On this side of the pond Dealey Plaza U.K. lost researchers Ian Griggs & Mathew Smith in 2019.
  17. Yeah, who knows? Not sure how you tap a phone through a mains fuse box but maybe it is possible in U.S. Nurse Dallas was privy to family discussions of various topics in Palm Beach and Hyannis, but she writes nothing that relates to any family revelations concerning JFK's assassination. I think RFK was too wide to reveal assassination theories over the phone, and if the family ever discussed the topic it was in private.
  18. David, apologies for the delay in replying....been away on a holiday. Knoxville. It was 17th May '63 to be exact, a potential assassination attempt caused JFK to cancel a pre-arranged trip to Knoxville, Tennessee. Instead, JFK made an impromptu visit on the 18th of May to Nashville, where he rode in a motorcade to Vanderbilt University to deliver a speech. After that he visited Gov. Frank Clement at the governors mansion. Details are sketchy, but somewhere between the mansion and the helicopter landing site at Overton High School, a man approached Kennedy with a hand gun hidden un
  19. Yeah Richard another weird account, in a case of so many weird ones! They were supposedly developing assassination photos for DPD & FBI. At that time on the 22nd a BYP with no figure wouldn't be so profound. But I agree, I take a lot of these with more than a pinch of salt.
  20. What to make of Jim Marrs' report from Robert & Patricia Hester who processed a BYP with no figure in the picture......& this was on the 22nd, before they were found in the Paine garage!
  21. Not if the limo has come to a more or less halt.
  22. My current read is 'The Kennedy Case' by Rita Dallas. (Unfortunate surname.) Published 1973. She was a private nurse to Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. after his stroke in 1961 until his death in 1969. She relates an incident that occurred just weeks after JFK's assassination when she confronted an intruder at Palm Beach entering the property posing as a tv repairman. Nurse Dallas sussed the guy immediately, managed to summon guards who arrested the intruder, who was found tampering with the house fuse box. RFK was notified and he got the Palm Beach Secret Service to the property who took the
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