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  1. The antimalarial drug touted by Donald Trump as a treatment for the coronavirus has been linked to an increased risk of death in patients, according to the first major study into its use. The president called hydroxychloroquine a “game changer” in the fight against the virus in March, and has promoted its use ever since, despite no evidence that it had any positive effect for patients infected with Covid-19. Earlier this week he claimed that he had been taking the drug himself. “I get a lot of tremendously positive news on the hydroxy,” Mr Trump said, adding: “What do you have to los
  2. Sounds good to me too! This Saturday DPUK have Gary Severson on Skype talking about Richard Case Nagell & members can log into from home....in these times of lockdown it keeps our regular meetings going. I'll notify Bart & he can arrange the link at some point in the future. No rush if the publication is spring 2021.
  3. Sounds like a large body of work there Vince! I'll second Joe's comments above. Sometime in the future could we arrange a Skype link to DPUK so our membership can get an interview with yourself and Bart to discuss the book?
  4. John, purely coincidence that Kittrell was mentioned in this thread & Bart posted a link on DPUK's FB page, to the blog where the Fortean article came from. An attempt to discredit her? No idea. As an amateur astronomer, I don't usually go for UFO's. However a year back I read 'UFO's, E.T.'s & Alien Abductions : A Scientist Looks at the Evidence' by John Crosbie Donderi. Interesting book, but the JFK case is as 'out of this world' as I can handle!
  5. Jim, the special that I saw on U.K. tv recently pumping out this RFK did it BS also included an accusation that Peter Lawford in later years confirmed Bobby's involvement. Does McGovern deal with this in 'Murder Orthodoxies'? And then ask yourself, why are there so many specials on this case? And so few on the JFK and RFK cases? In U.K. if any programmes on these cases are broadcast, they are screened away from the main BBC & main independent channels & mostly appear on a wacko channel that often puts out progs on aliens, Hitler in S. America and assorted conspiracy stuff.
  6. After the JFK assassination the next month, Kittrell took on her own investigation, eventually deciding that this second Oswald was actually Curtis Laverne Crafoord. She would tell her story to the FBI in 1966, and again to the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978. Her story would then become grist for alternative theories of Kennedy’s assassination. (She wrote a letter to “Time” magazine, published 15 December 1975: “To think that you still believe the Warren Report. I do look forward to a future issue featuring the tooth-fairy story.”)Laura Kittrell never seems to have married. S
  7. Great to shoot this down in flames! In Part II you write: Carmen also had her version of what happened between the president and Monroe after the famous 1962 rally in Madison Square Garden, where Monroe sang Happy Birthday to the president. As McGovern shows, this is also wrong since Monroe’s time before, during, and afterwards is all accounted for by neutral witnesses. She was escorted to the event by her former father-in-law and she kindly met with her New York fan club after the fund raiser. Randy Taraborrelli agrees that no such encounter happened. (McGovern, pp. 217-18)- In Jame
  8. I checked on Amazon all the Ian Griggs books that I put my name against & the Ruby book was by far the most expensive at £25. Have to wait & see if I get it. If other DPUK members also put their name on it, we have a bidding war!
  9. Pam, I haven't read this book 'Dylan in America' but I don't see Bob Dylan having any sort of communist leaning in the early 60's, or any other traditional political party agenda for that matter. As for Suze Rotolo being a passionate advocate of communism, I don't think so. Her parents maybe back in the 1950's, but they were of Italian descent & Italy had strong Commie party membership, particularly after WWII. (Don't know when the family arrived in U.S.) The generation in question were largely rejecting the values and politics of their parents. But Suze Rotolo was an artist &
  10. O.K. Larry, when I hear back I'll let you know the score.
  11. Agree Ray. Would look forward to watching this, pretty amazing after all this time that they assembled seven members of the medical staff. Although there are a few names that I have not come across before.
  12. Ian Griggs' remaining book collection has been offered to DPUK members & Willis & Demaris' 'Jack Ruby' is on that list. It's one of 10 that I have put my name against, just for the cost of postage. Not expecting 'fireworks', but just to add to my collection.
  13. Well, I was feeling sad and feeling’ blue,I didn’t know what in the world I was gonna do. Them Communists they was comin' around, they was in the air, they was on the ground. They wouldn't give me no peace!Well, I finally started thinking straight, when I ran out of things to investigate. Couldn't imagine doing anything else,so now I’m sitting home investigating myself! Hope I don’t find out anything hmm, great God!
  14. The article can't even get the date right! "The seven doctors in the film describe their efforts to resuscitate Kennedy in the emergency room at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital on Nov. 23, 1963"
  15. 😆Prompt service too! But that's the JFK case nearly 60 years on! No solid ballistics evidence. Incompetent autopsy. Are they bullet holes, or scalpel cuts? FBI has the shirt, has the size, knows JFK's body proportions etc., but can't put a shirt on a mannequin to prove beyond doubt where the POTUS was hit. Instead we get Specter i.e. speculation.
  16. Well Ron, the paper has written & typed lyrics that must have been done in a hotel room in Nashville during the recording of 'Blonde on Blonde' in March '66. Who knows how it got to Sotherby's in London? If Weberman rescued it from a trash bin he should have kept hold of it! 37 grand is not to be sniffed at. But Weberman's trawling the trash was a few years after '66 so unlikely he ever had his hands on this.
  17. Anthony, your recent recommendations of 'Burying the Lead' & 'The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up' are in the post. This looks good too, thanks.
  18. Could be argued both ways Joe. I think the interest & internet hits are a result of these releases being new stuff....rather than particular interest in JFK issues. Interesting to read a scrap of paper that Bob wrote lyrics for 'Most Likely You Go Your Way & I'll Go Mine' back in '66 was sold yesterday at Sotherby's in London for £37.5k, more than double the pre-sale estimate!
  19. Ha! Good question. Can't say Brewer's testimonies are at the forefront of my memory bank. But the Tippit case is such a blatant exercise of laying a trail, wallet (billfold) jacket, bullet shells etc., all the way to the theatre. It stinks to me of Brewer being set up, being led by the nose. However he also said the balcony was deserted when he checked, which doesn't add up. Anyway, I'm off topic with this thread.
  20. Jim, can you add to that list Brewer's shoe shop appearance of one Oswald buying a pair of 'two eyelet crepe-soled shoes, model 8110, size eight and a half' a few weeks prior to the assassination? Maybe another patsy set up of the Harvey by the Lee. Maybe 'Lee' appearing in the shoe shop doorway on the 22nd to lead Brewer to the Texas theatre, as we know two Oswalds came out of there, one through the front & one out the back.
  21. You don’t know me darlin’You never would guessI’m nothing like my ghostly appearance would suggestI ain’t no false prophetI just said what I saidI’m just here to bring vengeance on somebody’s head.
  22. Ian wasn't in good health back in 2013. His son Steve had to accompany him to Dallas, he was having difficulty walking. I recall Steve having to assist his old man onto the stage at the Adolphus. I've just finished my signed copy of the Rose Cherami book. A harrowing biography, fictional dialogue & only touches the JFK case in the latter pages.
  23. Ian Griggs was in the process of finishing his manuscript on the DPD, when illness intervened. He then went into a care home & never came out. Maybe Bart knows what happened to his work.
  24. Rough And Rowdy Ways is Bob Dylan’s first album of original material in 8 years and his first since becoming the only songwriter to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 2016. Its 10 tracks include the three new songs released this spring: the album’s lead-off track, “I Contain Multitudes,” the nearly 17-minute epic “Murder Most Foul” and “False Prophet.”
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