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  1. Sounds cool to me Larry! Can Steve contact you through LarryJoe?
  2. Larry, as per above I have had e-mail communication with Steve Griggs regarding his father's unfinished work on the D.P.D.:- Thanks for your email about Dad's DPD book, I was only thinking about that the other day. I would estimate that his work in detailing all police officers on duty on 22 Nov 1963 was about 90% complete. It was such as shame that his illness caused him to become confused, which led him to be unorganised in the crucial final stages of his work. I did have an idea last year that I could somehow tidy up the last 10% and then maybe publish it on the net rather
  3. D.J. Looking forward to the Zoom meet on Saturday. Part way through your K.& K. article, so any questions will be on Saturday.
  4. Agree. + I think the line up from South knoll is more accurate than any position on the North side.
  5. 🛸🤣 I hear Dylan's 'Black Cross' with the line 'Can't believe in nothin' you don't see'.
  6. Cliff, what is your take on the windshield hole? Didn't exist? Internal or external damage? Do you consider a shot from the South Knoll to JFK's throat wound?
  7. My big cat is a Celestron CPC800 which I've had for a few years now. If you've never had good skies in Arkansas, that sounds familiar here in U.K. Since Comet Neowise has been about we've been blanketed in cloud! Mark, I think we have similar ideas on aliens, but I think the chances of being visited by some space rock is more likely.
  8. My long interest in astronomy may well be why I can't seriously take the idea of alien crafts buzzing around planet earth. I'll only believe it when I see 'em. However, would I welcome them? Sure! Only to see the effect on the world's states and particularly on world religions.
  9. Taken from old Education Forum post (Don Roberdeau Jan 14th 2005-DAL-TEX 'scope of a rifle mounted on a tripod') Memoir of Mack White's visit to Dealey Plaza on 23rd November '63:- "We walked to Dealey Plaza, passing the Dallas city jail. My father told me that Lee Harvey Oswald was being held inside. This made a great impression on me, to think that inside that very building was the man who had done the horrible thing. We were sure of Oswald's guilt. At that early hour, everyone was. It never occurred to us that his guilt might be less than a sure thing. The doubts would no
  10. Wise stated that the men acted scared and he could smell wine on the breath of one of them. Wise took the men over to the Sheriff’s Office, and while waiting to turn them over, asked the men for identification. Wise stated that he believes that two of the men had documented ID’s. He wrote the ID’s down on a piece of paper and put them in his hat. “He turned the men over to the Sheriff’s Office (Deputy name unknown), ( I believe this Deputy to be Harold Elkins) and went back to his radio”. He heard over the police radio that a policeman had been shot, and a little later heard that it was J.D. T
  11. The most important aspect of Bowers' testimony is the sighting of these three vehicles driving around the area. If they were innocent surely you would expect one or more to have come forward to give some innocent explanation of their presence. As that has never happened this gives further weight to nefarious activity behind the knoll.
  12. Oswald's school photographs. Over to you guys to conclude 'what' school & 'what' year.
  13. It came across the pond too Ron. Donovan had the same sign on his acoustic guitar mid sixties.
  14. .....and is it true that Nixon once told an aide that the coverup of JFK's assassination was the greatest hoax ever. (quote from George Schwimmer's 'Doppelganger'.)
  15. Very interesting NYT article. Bob Dylan sounds like he's on the ball. My copy of 'Rough & Rowdy Ways' is in the post.
  16. Cheers Doug. That American University speech sounds better every time I hear it. Such eloquence from a POTUS has never been equalled since. It's a long way down from '63 to 2020!
  17. MMF does not show on Amazon, however it does list Stanley Marks' book 'Coup d'état: November 22nd 1963' mentioned in the K&K's article... however this too is unavailable.
  18. Jim, I thought your thread was an interesting idea so I did a search through some of my reading material. The information on the Kefauver link came out of Michael Collins Piper's 'Final Judgment'. I have this weird tome on Kindle & it comes with no Notes or references. Take that for what its worth. Don't want to lead you down any dark alleys. Kutner's papers are archived at the Hoover Institute, if they are searchable on line. He was a co-founder of Amnesty International & his bio doesn't fit with the Ruby character, or the charges of him in Piper's book.
  19. I only caught up with this thread today, and watched 'Unacknowledged' on Netflix. The Shakespeare quote from Hamlet I do believe...'there are more things under heaven Horatio' etc. The Drake equation provides a fair figure for intelligent life in our universe. (Or maybe multiverse.) One of my interests is astronomy, whenever the U.K. skies clear of clouds! As for U.F.O.'s until I get proof personally, I keep an open mind. I remember reading of Betty & Barney Hill's abduction back in my teens. I do except that sightings are made by professional and sound people, like airline &
  20. Purely by co-incidence I've just read Hyman's 'Burying the Lead' & p236 which states Miami Chief of Police Walter Headley Jr., quoting from Jesse Curry's book 'JFK Assassination File' ….."Eyewitnesses who reported seeing Dallas police interview two men on the 6th floor of the depository, turned over to the FBI and no statement about the second man or mention of an accomplice was in the FBI report." Assume these witnesses had better eyesight than Howard Brennan!
  21. Interesting. I know next to nothing re:- Jonestown, but I do dig into other assassinations & intel links to these cases. Regarding Lennon's killing, it smells to me. British lawyer Fenton Bresler published 'Who Killed John Lennon' in late 80's which highlighted many similarities with Mark Chapman & other 'patsy' figures. Other writers have also had suspicions of CIA links to doorman Jose Perdomo. The Stones drug bust in '67 involved intel agent Richard Schneidermann, over from the States to supply a wide range of drugs & set up the arrival of cops. Schneidermann was t
  22. Did you ask your friend how he knew the alleged assassin hid out in that cabin?
  23. Ron, that Washington Post article states data that is identical to what is the condition in U.K. & I think the per capita death count/population figure is higher here in U.K. than the States!
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