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  1. I recently caught up with Wills & Demaris' 'Jack Ruby' (p182-205) which covers the full day of Ruby's polygraph palaver. About 9 sessions & added to that the Ruby rants with his legal rep about allowing Bill Alexander in the room along with Ruby's skirmishes with Joe Tonahill....all ably assisted by Arlen Specter.
  2. Have yet to read Part 2....but all guns blazin' at Davison's book. (Thankfully not in my collection.) Recently inherited Mark Fuhrman's 'A Simple Act of Murder' from Ian Griggs' collection which could get similar treatment to 'Oswald's Game'.
  3. Livingstone interviewed Dr. Karnei on 8/27/1991, Dr. Humes on 9/5/1991, and Dr. Boswell 8/7/1991. [...] [Chapter 7. Dr. Robert Frederick Karnei] [...] "Nobody got a look at the spine area?" "Not that I remember. I don't remember anybody going into the spinal area to take a look there." [...] "In the end, don't you think they performed a complete and good autopsy?" "I think it was as complete as they were allowed to do. I mean, normally they would have gone into the spinal column and take
  4. Hi Karl, Yes, I believe that is correct regarding Fritz's notes....not sure of Bookhout, but Hosty's notes were contemporary.
  5. Interesting these Notes can be read that Oswald claimed he had a coke on the 2nd floor when Baker confronted him. Or reading another way Oswald stated that he got a coke earlier on the 2nd floor, then states that he met Officer as he came into 1st floor. Had lunch with Bill Shelley in front of TSBD.
  6. There were no suspects for the Walker shooting until Marina's testimony to WC + photographs of Walker's house on Oswald's supposed camera & the note that supposedly fell out of a book at the Paine house.
  7. The grandson of late American president John F Kennedy has left voters reeling with his lookalike good looks. Jack Schlossberg, who is JFK's only grandson, found himself in a social media frenzy after he and his mother, Caroline Kennedy, backed Joe Biden for the American presidency on Tuesday. After laying eyes on Jack at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, fans immediately became bewitched by the 27-year-old's incredibly attractive demeanour. Taking to Twitter to gush over the tall, dark and handsome politician, spectators were quick to point out the striking likeness betw
  8. Tommy, from Hosty's 'Assignment Oswald' :- "Since I was in the intelligence unit of the Bureau, Revill and I frequently worked together." Regarding the get off our patch stuff :- "Still climbing the stairs, Revill snorted, "Well, if you know that Oswald killed Kennedy, why the hell didn't you tell us? Why didn't you tell us Oswald was in town and was a known Communist?" "Jack I couldn't tell you. You know Bureau policy, the need-to-know rule," I said. I was referring to the Bureau's long-standing policy on espionage cases, that only those who "need to know" particular information are
  9. OK Callaway & Guinyard got to see the jacket, but I don't recall Oswald being shown & asked about it in the scrappy notes of the interrogations written by Fritz, Bookhout or Hosty. Surely someone must have!
  10. Enjoying Tommy's thread here. I too have questions that the experts could clear for me, in relation to the zipper jacket. Beckley housekeeper Roberts stated that Oswald left the rooming house with jacket. If I recall correctly she did not i.d. the same colour jacket to the Warren Commission. If the Tippit killer was seen by witnesses down Patton stuffing said gun in jacket pocket, was any forensics done? Was this possible in '63? & did DPD present this jacket during any interrogation? Also, am I correct in thinking it was dear Marina who testified to Lee owning that item
  11. On November 4, 1963, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) sent a cable to the Embassy in Moscow requesting to learn more about Oswald?
  12. I think I read somewhere that Tosh stated that he smelled gunpowder when he was on the south knoll. A bullet through the windshield to JFK's neck + the head shot causing the occipital blow out from the south knoll still doesn't rule out a simultaneous frangible shot from the north knoll, causing the tiny particles seen by Humes, Boswell & Fink + Kellerman on the head x-rays at Bethesda. The witness testimonies of Zapruder, Newman & Arnold seem convincing of one shot from behind the picket fence area.
  13. Long believed in the windshield hole & throat shot coming from the south knoll. That also provides for me the strongest evidence of S.S. complicity. It has always struck me as weird the number of missed shots which has never fitted in to the scenario of such a military style ambush. Very logical video Chris, thanks.
  14. Yes, but I think you can request & make up your own sections cheaper than the full conference.
  15. Micah, I met with Dennis David at the Lancer conference in 2003. I do recall he was quite emotional. At the time I hadn't read 'Best Evidence'. I sat with David by the hotel swimming pool as he was interviewed on camera with a sound recording guy, going through the same recollections. If nobody has files on the interviews the 1998 & 2003 presentations at Lancer can be put together on request on Lancer's website.
  16. Larry's blog on Jean Rene Soutre seems to demolish any French Connection assassin. Steve, are you in agreement with that? The Christian David interviews pointing to Sarti seemed pretty interesting to me.
  17. Since previous posts on the French Connection on this tread, I've found & caught up with Myra Bronstein's thread titled 'Jean Souetre' from back in 2017. All interesting stuff but I think I'm up to speed on this with Kross' book. Cheers for the heads up on 'somesecretsforyou'. I haven't come across the diplomatic immunity for Mertz before. That would figure. As for the Maurice Phillips book $185 I think I'll pass......but worth checking up on other French titles on this subject.....if there are English translations.
  18. Cheers Steve. There is a chapter on Mertz in Kross' book. OAS, Heroin smuggler, SDECE agent, links to Lucien Rivard, Paul Mondolini, Christian David, Trafficante, Marcello & maybe Lucien Sarti. Mertz seems to be a shoe in for Harvey's ZR/RIFLE too.
  19. Alleged plans of Secret Army Organization in Portugal for post deGaulle takeover in France. Report #DB-3/655,207. 25th June 1963. This document ends with comment on Souetre. "Information from both press and official French sources indicate that the Souetre is the name of a former French army captain who escaped from a detention camp in 1961. Subsequently to his escape he was alleged to have been involved in an assassination attempt against deGaulle. Souetre was born 15 October 1930 in the Gironde Department of France. But....it's a tangled web of course. Souetre aka Michael Mertz ak
  20. Paul, I learned of this book from the Bibliography of another book......that's the way it goes often. Everything I read I review on Goodreads. Here is my review of this one. Ok the text is a mess, but nothing made the info unintelligible. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised at the level of quality research that has been documented in Peter Kross' 'JFK: The French Connection', published in 2012. Any long term reader of Kennedy's assassination in Dallas will be aware of the mysterious French assassin Soutre/Mertz/Sarti figure reportedly depo
  21. Cheers Ron! Just finished Peterr Kross' 'JFK: The French Connection'. Willis & Demaris are next up.
  22. No problem Ron, I will pass that message on...and I'm sure you will not be the only person interested in Ian Griggs' manuscript. Just yesterday I received a pile of Ian's JFK books, among them the Jack Ruby book by Wills & Demaris that you read recently, also a signed copy of Bill Sloan's 'Breaking the Silence' and other little gems to add to my collection.
  23. Yeah, we were all there together at Lancer in 2013. I'll e-mail Steve today & pass on your details. Many thanks for your help on this. I don't like to think of Ian's final research work being lost.
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