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  1. The Rydberg drawing is incorrect in relation to the position of JFK's body.....as Chris Bristow has intimated in the above post. Humes and Fink were positioned around JFK's head, Boswell worked on the lower body with his back to the gallery, and Jim Jenkins assisted Boswell at JFK's right shoulder facing the gallery. Although the '68 Rydberg sketch gives the impression to me that you couldn't swing a cat in there!
  2. Just to muddy the waters Trauma Room One nurse Phyllis J. Hall describes the throat wound as 'a big exit wound' and states that "half way between the earlobe and the shoulder there was a bullet laying perpendicular there". Was she ever in TR1? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36qUVsgCIpc&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0Od6y7eIKEdbzgOLC6VrD9vU3hv89H_tiZ7WnTGNyJW8Yuh5uekzkoKVI
  3. Anthony, thanks for the recommendations. Three books that I don't have.
  4. Ian's Jack Ruby & the DPD presentation was at the Lancer 2013 NID conf. I have a full recording. It is also available from Lancer.
  5. Yeah, great addition...edited by John Kelin who put together Praise from a future generation which is a must. Is Salandria still alive?
  6. Cheers Ron. Since posting I've discovered The Assassinations tucked away on my Kindle!! Maybe it's senility creeping in. + those four additions are great books too which I have.
  7. I have never discovered any statement from DPD or Sheriff officers who discovered the Carcano (or Mauser) stating that they sniffed the barrel to prove that their discovery had been fired. Strange that!
  8. Fancy picking Mellen's book on the Garrison case instead of Destiny Betrayed.....even after you signed my copy! I'll get my coat.
  9. The Assassinations anthology isn't one I have, so thanks for the recommendation. Can't see it on Amazon, so can you give me details? I have Destiny Betrayed & The JFK Assassination. The Prouty book title I have is The CIA, Vietnam & the plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy (2009) which I assume is the same book. I also have The Secret Team.
  10. Cheers Kishan, I have all on your list....the latter two signed by the authors.
  11. As an avid reader of assassination books, and ready to receive recommendations from the many knowledgeable members of this forum....what publications on this subject do you consider essential inclusions to a library. Attempting to be brief, here are some of mine to start the ball rolling. (I don't say I go along with the full theories of some of these, but value the depth of research.) Accessories after the fact. Sylvia Meagher. Best Evidence. David Lifton. JFK Ordeal in Africa. Richard Mahoney. Crossfire. Jim Marrs. All of John Newman's books. Deep politics & death of JFK. Pet
  12. https://sputniknews.com/world/202004171079004387-french-virologist-claims-coronavirus-not-of-natural-origin-developed-in-wuhan-laboratory/
  13. Joe, thanks for your comments. I'm no researcher, just an avid book reader on the case. After all the years collecting & reading assassination books I think my vision of events are more cloudy with time! The one thing I am convinced about is JFK got his head blown off in Dallas by shooters (plural) the rest of the case is ambiguous. Tippit's murder too. But that's why we debate this after all this time. Not sure how you look so much younger in this interview than your Forum pic?
  14. Cliff, according to James Jenkins Humes & Fink had the body in a more or less sitting position to probe the back wound. Boswell made the Y incision while JFK's body was flat on the slab. Jenkins assisted Boswell with the removal of most major organs, intestines, heart, lungs etc, etc and weighing of same and entering data on the face sheet. Humes removed the brain which was passed to Boswell and Jenkins for them to infuse with formalin in bucket.
  15. Joseph, really enjoyed that interview, + I.T.N. which I read some years back. I have a couple of points to ask. 1) You mentioned Clemmons i.d. of the Tippit shooter, short stocky guy, that you intimated could have been Ruby. What are your thoughts on Seth Kantor's i.d. of Ruby at Parkland? 2) Also mentioned taxi cab driver Whaley's drive timing. I have heard Bart Kamp's belief that the cab ride never happened. + do you think Roger Craig's sighting in the Plaza was correct, and/or are you thinking along the lines of two Oswalds leaving the T.S.B.D.?
  16. Somewhere in my distant memory cells I think I read that around 64-65 Dylan travelled through the States in the back seat of a car driven by...maybe Bob Neuwirth, and they made a stop in Dallas & visited Dealey Plaza.
  17. That's brilliant Chris and interesting. Not just McFarland speak no evil, but according to Greg Parker the Aussie girls Winston & Mumford kept clammed up as well. You can just hear the Feebees "we strongly advise you DO NOT speak to anyone of this!"
  18. Just by coincidence one of the U.K. tv channels had a programme on Monroe's death just the other evening. Look forward to your review James. The programme had it as another 'case closed' with RFK's two visits & him sending in the doctor with a fatal injection, witnessed by an L.A. cop + even Lawford later pointing the finger at the Kennedys.
  19. Greg Parker's post on D.P.U.K.'s FB page referencing this thread:- Amazing how both sides of the "debate" are avoiding directly answering each other. They are all stuck in the same LN/CT tar-pit. Lance makes some good points while still assiduously missing the target. So why are these points being avoided like... oh I don't know, some sort of pandemic that needs social distancing? On the CT side, the CIA is not allowed to run operations internally. That should be enough to set off alarm bells right there. But does it? Of course not. As I have poi
  20. I am convinced that like BLEDSOE and WHALEY, these people were given what was needed to be said. I think so too, in fact it seems to me that Albert Osborne was the only one talking straight. & why those reports quoting Bowen, when the Feds knew that was the alias of Osborne? Add Phillips & Goodpasture in M.C. to the mix & we have a big bowl of spaghetti! I already had the McFarland obit, but cheers!
  21. Yeah John, I too thought my post was a bit crazy after sticking it on here, Zgurita being so far from Severodvinsk. I did more Wiki surfing today around White Sea area but drew a blank too. I find this thread very interesting, always considered John Armstrong's research fascinating. With over 80 pages here I'll be some time to catch up!
  22. In Romanian it is called Zguritza. This was a Jewish settlement in northern Bessarabia, located 20 km from the capital Soroka. It was established in 1853 on leased agricultural land.
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