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The End of CTKA, but the beginning of....

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Looks great!

Even the fonts are well chosen... the serif article font is easy on the eyes. (Serif fonts tend to look bad on computer screens, and so sans serif fonts are usually chosen instead.)

Want to do an acid test on the layout of Jim's site? Open the site in a web browser and click "Read more...." under the main article ("Welcome to Kennedys and King") so that its content is fully visible.

Now make the window very small, about 2 inches by 2 inches. Amazingly all the text and other elements wrap logically! Even the text in the header drops down below the four photos so that scrolling isn't necessary. Oh, and the four photos get resized! Should look pretty good on a smart phone. (If I could only get my wife off her's so I could check.  :P )

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12 hours ago, David Von Pein said:

Yes, Ron, you're right. Maris managed to swat only 14 four-ply wallops in his two years with St. Louis in 1967 and '68. But, amazingly, the Cardinals won the pennant in both of those seasons---even with Maris' meager power output. '68, of course, was the Year Of The Pitcher (mainly, Bob Gibson).

If you're interested, I've archived Maris' 61st circuit clout (and lots more stuff) at my Baseball webpage.

JFK Segue....

http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/JFK Interview On Opening Day Of The 1961 Baseball Season

Hey first off, the site looks great Jim! It's always been one of my favorite sites, but did need a facelift. Bravo to all!

Dave, Ron--I had a Maris card from Kansas City. Thought Barry Pepper was a good casting choice. Wasn't that crazy about the HBO special. I think of the Cardinals and the Cepeda for Sadecki trade and wince! I knew it was wrong at the time. We had Mays, Mac Covey, Cepeda, and Hart!

Check out all the Hall of Famers in the 67' All Star Game! 


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Thanks to you all.  Feels like Xmas early.


BTW Sandy, the web master actually tested for that issue, about distortion on mobile phones.

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Same here Gary.

Hopefully we can excerpt sections from your new book there once its published.

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Great Gary,  look forward to doing that with you.

Should help us both. 

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BTW, we have added a title index to the main menu on the front page.

Incredible listing of scores of articles.

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On 28-11-2016 at 10:19 PM, James DiEugenio said:

Thanks Hugo, its younger people like you that we are aiming at with our new look.

And BTW, I think the site will be more searchable also.  I mean there is a lot of info there beyond the entry pages.

I am interested in the case for over 20 years, and i am sure i always will be. 

Although i live far away (in the Netherlands ) I am hooked by the case and bought, read and own many books (around 500) on the case. Doing research myself is complicated (due to the distance), but whenever possible I would love to help to spread the word and keep other people interested too. Whenever I talk about the Kennedy murder people over here are always interested. 

So your work and that of the other researchers is really valuable; not only for people in the US but also for people abroad. 

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