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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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4 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:


       Some people say that the Servant of the Beast has already appeared on Earth, and that his followers have been wearing his Mark on their foreheads for the past five years... 🤥

The biggest wild card in U.S. politics now: Trump fans in Georgia | CBC News

Not great vocals in parts but Lee Roy Parnell picks up the slack.  Honey, let me introduce you . . .


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Trump turned over to debt collectors.


Trump campaign sent to collections by City of Albuquerque over unpaid bills: report

By Tom Boggioni April 23, 2021



According to a report from KOB4, the city of Albuquerque is sending former president Donald Trump to collection over unpaid bills dating back to a rally he held in the city in 2019.

At issue is close to $200,000 in security costs the city incurred after Trump spent the night in local hotel as well as the costs of "blocking off parts of downtown, paying police officers overtime and covering the paid time off expenses of city workers who had to stay home.," the report states.

According to Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, "We actually treated it like any other debt, and so it goes through a somewhat process where you send a bunch of letters out. We got no response from those letters. And then automatically, it does go to an agency that helps try and collect debts, and so that's those annoying phone calls you get that say, you know, you owe money to so-and-so like now, Trump is getting those."”

"Given what else has happened, I mean in terms of, even his own campaign owing money to donors and lots of shady stuff there, so unfortunately I don't really expect us to get paid. But it's important that we do, and you know, we would do it for anyone else, so he's no different," he added.”


Today also marks the one-year anniversary of injecting bleach into your body to kill Covid.

Let's celebrate.

Steve Thomas


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AOC says Biden ‘exceeded’ progressive expectations in first 100 days


Anti-anti-Trump Lefties predicted Biden would be the most conservative Democratic President of the last century.

What are the chances they can admit that so far they're wrong?

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This to people who are curious about the U.S. political process, like I am is fascinating. And even more so because it comes from a quarter I don't like. If this was aired on PBS, I didn't see it, but I haven't watched a lot of TV lately.
 What can I say, as not necessarily a "dyed in the wool" Democrat, but always as the loyal opposition, I've always hated ace Republican poster Frank Luntz. A few years back when we had the latest incarnation of Democrats advocating that the super wealthy should pay more their fair share of taxes, they proposed a bump in the inheritance tax of taxpayers with estates of I believe over 10 million. Interestingly one of the proponents was Bill Gates father. "Oh how could it be so?' but then I think, well of course what difference could that really make to one of the richest people in the world, but then again, Bill Gates Sr. and the Gates family could have been just like 99% of the other super wealthy, and not advocate it, or even actively oppose it. Anyway I remember Luntz, with his polling was the source of the clever idea to brand the inheritance tax the "death tax." and spread it through the Fox network, so people with a few 100 thousand to pass onto their heirs got scared, and the idea went down the tubes.
The topic Luntz talks about is the  Trump campaign in 2016, and what a stir it caused in the Old Guard Republican Party and how it played out through Trump's administration through and after the Capitol riots. At one point he chokess up in what we're supposed to think is his future fear for his country. Even when he does this my skepticism about him is that they're crocodile tears or maybe it's just the usual sappy brand of Republican patriotism and I'm culturally misplaced.
But Luntz is the quite the insider.  Luntz talks of meetings he had with the alarmed Republican establishment in 2016, and talks in depth about Trump's relationship to Mitch Mc Connell, Kevin Mc Carthy, Nancy Pelosi, among others, and of course gives his insight into Trump himself. He talked with Mike Pence before Biden's inauguration, about his relationship with Trump after Trump incited some rioters  to cry "hang Mike Pence" after the Capitol riots. A question Pence has not publicly fielded to this day and Pence says he was just part of "God's plan" and everything  will work out the way God intended! Which of course Luntz doesn't raise an eyebrow about!
I got to give it to Luntz , he does pack it with information and makes such a performance out of it, you almost get the impression, he's been rehearsing it for weeks! But that could be my innate distrust again!
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