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Olive Branches to Jeff Carter, & Robert Wheeler

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The three of us are old school punk rockers.  In normal times like now our mutual taste for punk rock far outweighs our ideological divergences. 

Good number of punk rocks on the Ed Forum.

Jeff, you’re a Russia-Gate Denier but you’re our RGD. 

Robert, you’re a Trump Dead Ender but you’re our TDE.

While I maintain supreme confidence in my arguments, I gotta cop to the excess vitriol of my rhetoric. 

I didn’t need to drop the F-bomb on anyone..

Jeff, I don’t think you’re a Useful Idiot of Fascism.  Russia-Gate is moot in my book.

Robert, I don’t think you’re a Fascist.  Trump is going to be convicted on campaign finance and financial fraud charges and given house arrest at the one golf course Deutsche Bank doesn't seize.

I went thru this with Len Colby years ago.  Len was THE villain of the 9/11 debates.  I went around and around with him a couple of times.  Not friendly.  Then one day I posted an Avengers video and Len posted his approval.  Turns out Len Colby tour-managed G.G. Allin twice.  Twice.  Instant respect.

I saw G.G. at Ruthies in Berkeley in '88, one of the top five violent shows I've ever attended. 

Len Colby is a 9/11-Denier but he's our 9/11-Denier.

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2 hours ago, Cliff Varnell said:

In normal times like now our mutual taste for punk rock far outweighs our ideological divergences. 


Damn right!








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They never copped to the "Punk" label, but half their audience did.

It's not important for you to know my name -
Nor I to know yours
If we communicate for two minutes only
It will be enough!
For knowing that someone in this world
Feels as desperate as me -
And what you give is what you get.
(Paul Weller says that the appeal of playing America is that the fans never holler incessantly for "The Eton Rifles" - as they do in this video.)
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It's the Midnight Sky for me.

"The midnight sky is the road I'm takin'”

“Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks are two great tastes that taste great together in "Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)." It's a mashup duet of Miley's August 2020 track "Midnight Sky" and Stevie's 1981 hit "Edge of Seventeen."




Steve Thomas

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  • Guest changed the title to Olive Branches to Jeff Carter, & Robert Wheeler

I've got a story or two about most of these bands...

Here's one of them...

I was a huge fan of The Clash, but didn't see them live until after Combat Rock came out. Then it happened. They came to L.A. to play the Hollywood Palladium with the English Beat as their opening act. Well, my friends and I weren't exactly slammers, but we liked to be up close, and usually stood on the edge of the pit. This time was no different. We stood on the edge of the pit during the Beat's set. Then came The Clash. With the opening chords of London Calling, the whole floor started thrashing and slamming, and someone stepped on the back of my shoe and pulled it loose, and then someone stepped on the toe and pulled off my shoe, and I was suddenly shoeless on a dance floor full of Doc Martens. 

This sucked. After a minute or so of getting my foot stomped however I looked down and saw my shoe. I reached down and made a play for it and... some jerk jumped up on my back and I was down on the floor underneath the crowd. Getting stepped on. And stepped on. And kicked. And I'm yelling but the people were packed together so tight and the music was so loud no one could hear me. Every time I tried to get my footing I got knocked back down. Evidently some people thought I was trying to steal their place or something because I distinctly recall getting punched on the back of the head a couple of times. I remember thinking I might die. And then the song ended. And people could hear me. And someone helped me to my feet.

I remember the temperature difference. When you're down on the ground beneath a packed-in squirming crowd the temperature is unbelievable--like 120 degrees, and humid. So when I finally got my footing the sweaty eighty-degree room felt like a blast of fresh air. But that isn't the only thing I remember.  I was shocked to find I was now next to the stage, right by a speaker, about 50 feet from where I'd been knocked to the ground. Well, I looked back towards my friends, who were now spread out in the crowd. And just as I did I saw something I will never forget--my shoe, flying through the air, and hitting The Clash's lead singer Joe Strummer right in the face. Right in his face. I can see it in slow-motion. Of course, it was Joe Strummer, so he shrugged off and went into the next song.

The rest of the concert is a blur, but I remember a couple of things about the end of the concert. One is that my friends found me and I realized I didn't want to walk back to the car without my shoe, so I went up to the barricade in front of Joe's mike stand, and looked over the top. And there it was, among probably a dozen others--my shoe. I hailed a roadie and he gave it to me.

I think it was only then, as the crowd was emptying out, and I was re-united with my shoe, that I realized how dehydrated I was. I'd been wearing a t-shirt, and a wind-breaker, and in the pocket of the windbreaker was a concert t-shirt I'd bought upon arrival at the venue. Well, amazingly, the shirt in my jacket pocket was so full of sweat I could wring it out like a wash cloth after a shower. And that wasn't the only sign I'd come close to collapsing. I realized that the piece of gum I'd been chewing had turned to powder. Literally. Powder. In any event my friends led me to the Gower Gulch mini-mart across the street after the show, and I guzzled down two Gatorades in less than a minute, after which I was still thirsty. 

I'm pretty sure we went to Tommy's on the way home, and that I ordered my standard order--a triple chili burger with cheese, extra chili.



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