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Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

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27 minutes ago, Michael Clark said:

Yeah, Michael Walton  gets his feelings hurt, somewhere along the way, then he starts making up myths about claims you have made and things  you have posted. He has a few targets. Sandy and I are on his list. I have not yet identified the other members that he claims have earned a spot on his myth list, but he repeats the claims repeatedly enough that you know he has someone in mind. He gets hurt easily and bleeds forever. 

Chris Davidson is another.

Please be specific about claims I have made / things I've posted.  Didn't know I was the other Michaels target, naïve of me again.

Regarding getting hurt easily and bleeding forever maybe this will draw more attention to Lansdale in Dealy Plaza.


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4 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

What original quote? I must have missed the CCTV thing....

It IS one of the funniest posts on this forum.  Ron, you misunderstood my whole intention for my "HAHA" moment above.  But I won't hold it against you because you probably didn't see the post I was referring to and why I said Ruby's basement.  So I'll try to fill you in.

You see, there are some pretty "interesting" people on this board.  They think anything and everything happened on 11/22 and one of those, Michael Clark, actually thought that because a telecommunication company purchased the building that used to house Ruby's nightclub had an excessive amount of copper wiring in it when it was refurbished, that - BOING -  a lightbulb went off in his head and he made the truly funny (strange vs laughing I'll leave it up to you) that "Of course! Ruby's nightclub must have been the communication nerve center on 11/22!!!"

So I've been needling him about it ever since, poking fun (and lots and lots of holes) in his mad little theory. So to clarify, it doesn't matter WHICH floor the nightblub was on in the building - the key is if you play along with Clark's little charade, the nerve center where Dulles, Hoover, Hunt and even LBJ (by the way the LBJ in the parade car was an impostor...the real LBJ was actually in the nerve center on 11/22 co-directing the assassination with Hoover; Dulles was nothing more than an errand boy, bringing them high balls from the bar) that he's quite a camper here.

Which brings me to the second funniest comment here - Clark is simply all over the place on this forum and seems bored out of his mind to the point that's posting all over here.

HAHA - now, that's funny.

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Because I have never read of such, I really would like to try to find someone very well qualified in the individual identification/photo analysis field and present them with the Tramp Walk photo, that many of us feel is Edward Lansdale, and ask them their thoughts about whether they feel this person is Lansdale or not and to what degree?

They would have a decent amount of Lansdale photo's ( many images of Lansdale on the internet ) to compare to the Tramp Walk one in this analysis.  Unlike so few of someone like say ...David Morales.

If anyone has any thoughts about the exact type of experts I could contact that could help in this analysis, I would appreciate it.

I don't have funds to pay for such an analysis, but sometimes experts in specific scientific fields will donate at least a brief amount of effort for free, just because of the interesting backstory involved.

I did this with an expert body language reading person who was interviewed by George Noory on the national talk radio program "Coast To Coast AM." I e-mailed him via his webpage and sent him a link to the YouTube presented video of LBJ being interviewed by Walter Cronkite and LBJ's squirming statement that he couldn't rule out the fact that "others may have been involved" in the JFK assassination.

I asked this expert if he could look at the video and possibly send me his analysis of what he felt LBJ was being truthful or lying about in saying what he said to Walter Cronkite , relative to his extremely unsettled body language and often animated facial expressions while doing so.

This fellow got back and graciously did indeed send me his body and facial interpretation analysis of LBJ truth or non-truth comments in that interview which I posted here on the forum.

So, sometimes one can find experts who will provide feedback and do so without charge.

And with what seems like a good amount of easily accessible and full body images of Lansdale on the internet to compare to the Dealey Plaza -Tramp Walk one, I would imagine a conclusive analysis would be possible and this quest being one worth trying at least.

I am so compelled to see what experts say about the Tramp Walk photo in this regards.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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I believe I read that Lansdale was a very 
"hands on" facilitator regards his operations.

The photo in question was taken somewhat after the actual shooting. It took some time to search for and round up those three so-called tramps who were reported to be in a box car.

So, when people say that Lansdale wouldn't have been so lax to allow himself to be in the crowd at Dealey Plaza to be photographed during and right after the assassination, when everyone was taking film video and still snap shots...I could see him making an appearance after things settled down somewhat.

This would have been the biggest and most important covert action ever dreamed about.  Blowing this ( and the exposure of who was responsible ) could mean death sentences and maybe even riots in the streets.

Nothing could be left to chance.  

Still, what it all meant if it was Lansdale is open to speculation except to figure it was a covert action by some agency ( military and or intelligence ) in our own government.

If it isn't Lansdale in that photo ( proven with scientific accuracy )  I'll go into forum posting seclusion. 


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9 hours ago, Joe Bauer said:

This would have been the biggest and most important covert action ever dreamed about.  Blowing this ( and the exposure of who was responsible ) could mean death sentences and maybe even riots in the streets.

The guy walking past the tramps with his back to the camera had glasses on.  It doesn't really prove anything, but I've yet to find a photo of Lansdale wearing them.

And again, it strains credulity to assume he was there, just like it strains credulity to assume Howard Hunt and others were there. There's simply no reason for them to have been there in the first place. If we are to believe that the 6th floor was the stage to blame Oswald, with the stacked boxes and shells (one of them with a dented lip) laying there, and if we're to believe that Oswald had been steered into the building to be an employee there by October 63, setting the stage, it was just a simple matter of putting the shooters in place.  The car goes by, they come out and fire, and disappear...and the deed is done.

The "fireworks" (as Ruby said) were over and it's now just a matter of building the case against the patsy.  Somewhere along the way, Oswald lived until Sunday when Ruby gunned him down and that certainly made the official narrative much easier to do. But why have Hunt, Lansdale, Bush, and others lurking when the story can now be controlled in Washington?

Your analogy here is similar to how people see things because they WANT to see things similar to the faces people see on other planets. It's all shadows and light but because folks WANT to believe, it then becomes something more:


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Michael. I just read your post response and am considering your views with an open mind.

Perhaps I am "wanting" the Tramp Walk photo man to be Lansdale?  Perhaps not.

Perhaps prompted by my desire to find a truth telling hero in all this such as Fletcher Prouty and General Victor Krulak or even Jim Garrison ?

I think a deep and harshly honest self examination is important sometimes when one decides to commit to a cause or belief that compels them to actively commit much time, energy and emotional involvement ( especially in public forums ) to this.  I will admit that the JFK event ( especially watching Jack Ruby whack Oswald on live national TV ) had a deeply profound effect on me that could possibly be described as traumatic and that may still be in my psyche as an unresolved issue?     I have contemplated this.   

However, I am definitely not as hung up on believing, as you seem infer, that all the nefarious characters you mention  were  in Dealey Plaza at 12:30 pm on 11,22,1963.

Hunt, Bush and throw in Morales, William Harvey and maybe even Frank Sturgis.

The reason I am much more interested in Lansdale specifically being there is not just his well known military covert background and Prouty's and Krulak's seemingly certain ID of him in that photo, but also because to my eye the man in the photo does look like Lansdale compared to all the images I have had a chance to study of him that are so publicly displayed on the internet.

However, I must admit that I have never read or heard Fletcher Prouty comment on the fact that the Tramp Walk man in the photo is wearing glasses. That fact must be considered somewhat in a totally objective analysis.

I still think a credible source scientific comparative analysis of the photo should be done.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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While they digress, here's another relevant Forum discussion on Lansdale providing deeper background.  If you read enough of it you find in prior operations he had operatives who organized assassination teams.  He did not participate in the hits himself though he planned them.

   Having the "promised" ambassadorship by JFK taken away by him could have motivated Lansdale to cooperate with others in the Military or CIA who disagreed with JFK's performance and perceived weakness on Communism among other issues.  His handling of the Japanese gold in the Philippines endeared him with the Dulles/Georgetown/Wallstreet set. 

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What an informative thread the linked Sterling Seagrave one is ( when read in it's entirety ) regards so many fascinating " hidden history" subjects.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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On 8/5/2010 at 2:01 PM, David Andrews said:

In the past, there has been speculation on that the famous photo taken in DP may have been one of Maxwell Taylor. I believe it is Lansdale.

An important marker for identifying Lansdale from behind may be the size and shape of his head, and perhaps the length of his arms in the photo. I think this because I suspect, from looking at EGL photos, that he may have been a victim of acromegaly, a disorder of the pituitary that releases human growth hormone. Effects include elongation of the facial features, a high forehead, a "lantern jaw," and enlargement of the brows and nose (these last not relevant to Lansdale). Tallness is accentuated, and long arms and legs develop.

I am wondering if there is a physician among us who could compute the height of Lansdale's head, especially from the top of the ears to the crown, and compare it to the head seen from behind in the DP photo. Also worthy of investigation would be the deformed left hand that Prouty saw in the picture, and described as "claw-like." A symptom of acromegaly? Not knowing Lansdale, it's hard for me to peg the DP photo hand to Lansdale's hands in any photo.

Remember also that Prouty and Krulak agreed that the DP unsub in the photo showed a drooped right shoulder that resembled Lansdale's. Perhaps a doctor, or an expert in human recognition software, could develop measurements of Lansdale and the DP unsub to compare the right shoulders.

IMO, Max Taylor had a round, compact head, rather resembling that of the actor Clark Gable. Lansdale's seems to have considerable height above the ear. Caveat: I sometimes get my hair cut with very short sides, and my head always appears "taller" above the ears for it.

BTW - are there any innocent reasons for Lansdale to have been in Ft. Worth on the 21st, so that his appearance in DP on the 22nd might be argued to be a fact-finding mission?

I wasn't aware of how much of what I have been posting on Lansdale has already been covered in earlier postings on the Sterling Seagrave thread such as this one by David Andrews. I should have caught this before posting a repeat myself. Excellent and informative thread from beginning to end.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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I knew a person with diagnosed mild acromegaly, and Lansdale resembles that person very much in head and body shape.  I wonder if acromegaly could be the reason for the "deformed" left hand.

Note that Lansdale's not that tall, but seems to have longer arms and a longer head than the taller Allen Dulles.

Edited by David Andrews
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On 8/5/2010 at 2:01 PM, David Andrews said:

Lansdale is about as tall as Dulles, if not very close.

Look at Dulles in the WC release photo.

He is maybe just 2 to 2 and 1/2 inches shorter than LBJ, who was 6 ft. 4 in.

Ford was a good 6 ft. 2 inches himself if not a half inch more.

This is an astute observation David regards Lansdale and his elongated head and neck and long arms.

Notice also in the Dealey Plaza photo the tall tramp's arms don't hang down as low as our possible Lansdale.

Lansdale's body is shorter than Dulles but his neck and head are longer and sit higher off the shoulders than Dulles. It is an odd build.

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This picture clearly shows Lansdale's drooping right shoulder, and his right hand hangs down further than his left. Unfortunately, because of the angle in the tramp walk photo, we can't see this. Although in the tramp walk photo, it does appear that his right shoulder is lower than his left, hard to tell.




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