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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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6 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:

Well, so much for the meme that there was "No Coordination" of the January 6th attack on Congress... 🤥

Alex Jones Says His Orders for the January 6th Insurrection Came from Trump



January 6th Organizers Used Anonymous ‘Burner Phones’ to Communicate with White House and Trump Family, Sources Say

A key planner of the January 6th rally near the White House insisted the burner phones be purchased with cash, a source says


The January 6 Committee Comes For Roger Stone and Alex Jones 

The notorious Trump allies are among the latest subpoenaed, along with “Stop the Steal” organizers. Could GOP lawmakers be on the way?


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First off , Hallelujah for the verdict to the  family of Ahmaud Arbery!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans here!


Another of Ben's heroes. Glenn Greenwald  who tweeted about 10 times yesterday, from his compound in Brazil, tweeting about what else but of course , the United States!, actually said a couple of days ago something to the effect that liberals will be devastated to learn that Kyle Rittenhouse actually is a fan of Black Lives Matter!

I've noticed he's pulled the tweet, maybe it's because of complete inaccuracy  and maybe, hopefully it's because he learned of this. Maybe he has some hesitation about officially joining the tasteless   inane "Stick it to the libs" crowd. but isn't it  kind of too late for that, Glenn?

The red square at the bottom  (below) is "Mount Trumpmore" a sculpture given to Trump from a fan in Iowa.Again, you can't make this stuff up!

More recently, I've been fed e mails from Twitter. Including Greenwald's tweets. What a cesspool of communication and negatively Twitter is!  I had heard that before, and while I'm sure there are worse people  than Greenwald there.But of the tweets I've received of people of notoriety, Greenwald is without a doubt,  the darkest, most negative person that I receive tweets from.
Some of his jealousies definitely involve Glenn whining about earning power. He actually masqueraded as quite the Socialist, attacking Sam Seder in a tweet for being a hypocrite because Seder is in favor of further taxing the wealthy and yet he earns money through his podcasts!  I'd bet Seder may earn a couple 100k a year! Aww Too bad Glen!
Just an endless diatribe of insults, revealing his dark obsession withe Left, and curiously Rachael Maddow.
He seems so hard up for money. I fully expect him to challenge Maddow to a mud wrestling match!


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8 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:

Speaking of "dark obsessions with the Left," this just in...   🤥





Another point of view from Aaron Mate.

Frum strikes me as another establishment mouthpiece, the very sort who can get soft-headed left-wing blah-blah printed in The Atlantic

Aaron Mate does real reporting, let the chips fall where they may. 




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50 minutes ago, Matt Allison said:

Is anyone really surprised that a total dunderhead "businessman" like Donald Trump, after failing at every single one of his ventures, would eventually be forced to turn to criminal foreigners for financial backing?

I'm not. 

Neither am I, if in fact that narrative is true.  

But I will paraphrase on old parable. 

The sheep think the wolf is dangerous, and they look to the shepherd for protection, and indeed they receive it. 

But in the end the shepherd eats the sheep, and sells the rest for slaughter. The wolf? He might have taken down or one two, or even culled the herd of weaklings. 

In the US, the M$M presented Trump as the wolf, and created the whole false Russiagate narrative.

The M$M was your shepherd.




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That picture of a proudly jubilant Trump and happy as can be, star struck kid Rittenhousen is sickening.

The message is obvious.

Trump is glowingly showing off his young gleefully smiling protege "hero" who "courageously" blew away a couple of liberal activists ( while breaking numerous serious laws ) as if their killing is cause to celebrate and bestow honor?   

OMG ... this country ( Trump's country ) has gone crazy!

Surprised Trump didn't pin a medal of honor on the Kenosha Kid.

And does that kid's face and facial expression look like someone who honestly has "any" remorse, regret or sorrow ( even one ounce?) about brutally, bloodily and painfully taking the lives of two men just months ago?

The kid looks like he is living his violent video game hero fascist Disneyland dream!

"WOW...look at me mom!  I'm a somebody now!"

If a liberal cause protester viscously blew away two Trump supporters, Trump and his cult would be screaming for a quick and painful death penalty ruling.

It's all so GD perverse!

Edited by Joe Bauer
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JH, of course it is. 

This one noticeably different subject thread has been allowed for two years however.

It's a separate message one for sure where posters can express themselves ( even vent ) regards the unprecedented divided, stressed and anxious state of our country politically, socially, ideologically, pandemically etc.

Even though it is 90% disconnected from the strict focus JFK research and education venue you have to admit that in these almost unbelievable constant heightened division, anger, even violence state times ( topped by the Jan. 6 insurrection ) mixed with our equally unbelievable society shaking struggle with Covid, that even here on this prestigious JFK truth mission board maybe allowing this one single anxiety releasing thread is understandable and imo hasn't hurt the JFK R & E focus integrity of it.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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22 minutes ago, Jake Hammond said:

Ok no worries, I haven't been on for a while and wasn't aware of that. It does seem  a little ' liberal' though, are all views welcome ?

Are you kidding? Of course they're welcome, even invited.

I never confront or attack other posters no matter how different their views on this thread are. Personal attacks just ruin any debate forum.

I state my thoughts, beliefs and views and leave it at that.

Am I a Trump fearing and trashing liberal? Of course I am.  Easy to see with my thread postings.

Yet, I feel Trump supporters have as much right to state their views here and be as respected as can be. I still know that despite our current political belief differences we "all" deeply and sincerely care about the JFK truth and share the same mutual passion in this regards.


Edited by Joe Bauer
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