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Sorry Joseph, I missed your post here earlier when I reposted this. Here's the timing from Youtube.

0:00 - What really happened on 11/22/63

5:40 - Working with Oliver Stone & being contacted by the NSA

18:03 - The biggest CIA mole hunt in history

27:13 - Suppression of John’s books & implications of truth about JFK

43:06 - The CIA's assassination / psychological warfare operations in Europe: Operation Gladio

46:24 - How the Russian sleeper mole in the CIA was activated

1:09:29 - Pyotr Popov

1:14:04 - Tracking the high echelon CIA mole

1:30:07 - Lee Harvey Oswald

1:32:25 - The Army General who wanted Armageddon: Lyman Lemnitzer

1:38:44 - The ‘Trojan Horse’ inside the Kennedy family: Maxwell Taylor

1:55:14 - JFK’s plan to pull out of Vietnam

2:05:03 - The military coup leading up to JFK’s assassination

2:17:22 - Lee Harvey Oswald’s meetings in Mexico in 1963 

2:36:10 - The KGB defector who claimed 2 former US presidents knew about the plan to take out JFK

2:42:40 - The missing letter Oswald wrote to CIA from Minsk

2:48:18 - The CIA mole inside Martin Luther King’s group

3:01:31 - John’s conclusion on JFK

3:04:52 - Kennedy’s speech on secret societies 

3:09:54 - John’s involvement with Oliver Stone’s latest documentary ‘JFK Revisited’

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The mods should cut the other thread.

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The stuff he says here about Belafonte is of compelling interest.

I had never heard that before anyplace.

From my understanding he is doing a major piece on that.

Almost 60 K views in three days.

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Very many thanks Joe for putting up this video.  A superb 3 hours spent listening to this.

The James McCord info was new and fascinating to me.

I highly recommend people should spare the time to watch this.

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On 8/13/2023 at 12:07 PM, Joseph Backes said:




Okay, at the expense of being attacked by everyone on the forum, I just have to say that the commentary Lt. James Walter McCord of the Office of Security being a KGB mole is next to being completely ludicrous.


The real moles in the Soviet Russian Counterintelligence Staff of CIA were Bundesnachrichtendienst agents SS-Obersturmführer Heinz Paul Johann Felfe, SS-Hauptsturmführer Johannes "Hans" Max Clemens, and Sicherheitsdienst analyst Erwin Tiebel.


Plus, the job that Lt. Col. McCord was doing in Munich, was the restructuring of BND intelligence after Felfe, Clemens and Tiebel blew the Counterintelligence staff of BND sky-high!


I know for a fact that former NSA officer Maj. John Newman has no hard documents concerning anything that links Lt. Col. McCord to KGB.


Not one hard document, whatsoever.


The bulk of the thin conclusions that NSA lacky Maj. Newman has are drawn from Tennent Harrington Bagley, himself a CIA Counterintelligence goon that was covering Allen Welsh Dulles' ass, when Lt. Gen. Arthur Gilbert Trudeau put Dulles on the spot, saying that there were KGB assets in the Gehlen Org, which there were, in the persona of Felfe, Clemens and Tiebel.


That last part is documented, by the way...


Maj. Newman is either out to lunch and needs to be certified, or he is a useful dupe to the legacy of CIA Counterintelligence agent Tennent Bagley.


Or Maj. Newman in an outright counterintelligence psywarfare officer on a mission to create a false narrative.


Very few men in the CIA were more violently far to the right, politically speaking, than Lt. Col. James McCord, and we are supposed to believe that he was KGB?!


Plus, where the hell does Maj. Newman get his information concerning the Francis Gary Powers U-2 Dragon-Lady flight, code-named "GRAND SLAM"?!


Capt. Powers did not deploy out of Turkey for that flight—he instead was flown out of a secret airfield in Badaber, Pakistan, called Peshawar Air Station, which was a massive covert listening post for a major communications intercept operation run by the United States National Security Agency (NSA), and not a CIA station!


I wonder why a former NSA officer like Maj. Newman would get that fact wrong—that Capt. Powers deployed from an NSA base in Pakistan and not a CIA base in Turkey?


Limited hangout, maybe?


These are simple historical facts that Maj. Newman is fouling up on and if somebody could just get me a half hour with the man over a phone call, I can set him straight.


Or course, that will not happen, because we live in a post-facts age of make-believe and we are now entering in a new Cold-War with the Ukrainians and Taiwan, so it's up to the intrepid NSA officer Maj. Newman to drum up support and rally the troops.


To turn a quote from Looney Toons:


Bricka-Bracka Firecracker, Sis-Boom-Bah, blame the KGB moles for handling Lee Harvey Oswald's files, Ra! Ra! Ra!




Edited by Robert Montenegro
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47 minutes ago, Robert Montenegro said:

These are simple historical facts that Maj. Newman is fouling up on and if somebody could just get me a half hour with the man over a phone call, I can set him straight.

Or course, that will not happen,



He's easily reachable on Facebook, probably reachable on email, and with some research is probably locatable in the phone directory as well.

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10 hours ago, Anthony Thorne said:

He's easily reachable on Facebook, probably reachable on email, and with some research is probably locatable in the phone directory as well.


I have easily sent Maj. Newman over forty messages, with support documents, demonstrating how his narrative is factually incorrect—this means that Maj. Newman is engaged in targeted disinformation, which is demonstrated by purposeful misleading & dishonest data he has provided and outright misinformation, in the form of easily identifiable incorrect data, that may or may not be accidental on Maj. Newman's part.


In any case, logical fallacies on Maj. Newman's part are completely inexcusable at this point—especially his utilization of CIA Counterintelligence goon Tennent Harrington Bagley, to infer (not document, by the way) that USAF Lt. Col. James W. McCord was a KGB mole!


Hell, Jim DiEugenio just about shut down all of my Jim Garrison Nazi hunt information a few weeks back because I utilized an FBI informant document from anti-Castro Cuban asset Sam DePino, yet Maj. Newman can infer information from CIA travel manifests and the word of a CIA Counterintelligence agent that McCord is KGB?!


That is called motivated reasoning, by the way, and it is not the sign of a dedicated researcher—it is a sign of a propagandist.


The question is, what narrative is Mr. DiEugenio and Maj. Newman playing at?


Because Bruce L. Solie and Lt. Col. James W. McCord were allegedly KGB, ergo their handling of the Dallas patsy's files means that KGB was indirectly responsible for President Kennedy's murder?   


Is that the narrative that is being pushed?


Correct me if I am wrong, Mr. DiEugenio, please.


I am literally begging you to correct me if I am wrong here Jim, and please, I ask you to be document specific—what sources, outside of CIA Counterintelligence goon Tennent Harrington Bagley, does NSA officer Maj. Newman utilize, and what is the end goal of this narrative accusing Bruce L. Solie and Lt. Col. James W. McCord of being KGB moles?


I am begging you Mr. DiEugenio, please, can you answer those questions.



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3 hours ago, Robert Montenegro said:

it is a sign of a propagandist.


The question is, what narrative is Mr. DiEugenio and Maj. Newman playing at?

Robert - I suspect neither Jim or John will be super responsive if they view the query as being a bit too in your face. If you've sent John Newman 40 messages, and he didn't write back after the first handful, he might have viewed the remaining 35 messages as being something to put on his ignore list, regardless of the content. It's called reading the room.

I don't want to be unhelpful. My suggestion is the next time Newman makes an announcement on Facebook, and he'll probably do more later this year, just join the thread there and post a couple of simple queries, and try to gain the attention of the other commenters. If a few of them go "Fair question, what's the answer there John?", he might have another look and feel the urge to respond. 

Equally, Newman has a few other researchers that he's in contact with, and a couple are named in the recent video, and I think he regularly names a few of them in the front of each of his books. Try sending them some friendly, concise messages and it might get somewhere.



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 I  agree with Anthony.

I have never known John to not reply to a question when it is put to him in a civil manner.

As per McCord, from my understanding, this material is not in the present version of UPM.

It will be in the e book version which is coming out this fall.  I will wait until then to analyze it.

BTW, I do not work with John. I only read his books.  Which I have reviewed at length and made both positive and negative criticisms about. But to me there is no debating the importance of the revised version of JFK and Vietnam.   Oswald and the CIA is another important book,  a milestone in a few ways.

 Every once in a blue moon I see him at a gathering or a seminar.

I recommended him for Daniel because John actually reads new documents.  The only other person I know that reads more of these than he does is Malcolm Blunt, but he lives in England.

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I'm familiar enough to know with certainty that @Robert Montenegro has contributed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of research to several authors close to Dr. Newman. Perhaps his frustration is that no one has made overtures with Newman on his behalf. If he has made dozens of attempts himself to no avail, I believe he now rightfully expresses anger on a forum that attracts Newman's admirers who might persuade the Dr. to talk to him directly. Otherwise, what exactly do we mean when we bandy about the term "community"?

I was present during a conference call that Robert participated in as well, during which he attempted to share a critical piece of research with one of the esteemed participants; it so happened that the material included revelations of Nazi involvement in a certain dynamic.  Robert was instantly, summarily and rudely dismissed with, "get that "Nazi" guy outta here ... shut 'em down."  In some convoluted way — using MAGA tactics I might note — I believe he has since been taunted on the forum as the "Nazi Guy."  Cognitive dissonance on steroids. 

Edited by Leslie Sharp
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